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  1. Great win for the Devils tonight. I think this team is showing us how important a coach can be to a team. And a world class goalie. This team is making me care about wins and losses again, which is great for me as a fan but bad for my mental health. I keep thinking we're due for a string of losses but watching these guys compete every game has given me hope.
  2. This Devils team seems to struggle against bigger teams. Watching last nights game reminded me of the WPG, WAS, and CLB games where you could just see those teams had a size advantage on us. I'm not trying to kill the guy, but Merrill seemed to play a little soft last night.
  3. I admit that I actually jumped up from the couch and gave the fist pump/f**k yeah combo when Stemp scored. Luckily my kids were upstairs.
  4. I've accepted that this season might not go well for the Devils so I don't get as upset over this team's losses, but I'll always find solace in beating the rags and the flyers. This win was nice.
  5. Let's Go Devils! I'm pretty psyched for this season, even with the low expectations.
  6. I don't understand why if the Devils knew they were going to split these games between the goalies that they didn't give Kinkaid the home game vs TOR and let Schneider play tonight. Anyway, Let's Go Devils!
  7. Let's Go Play A Decent Enough Game Where We Don't Embarrass Ourselves But Still Lose In Regulation Devils!
  8. During the player introductions, did the announcer say 14 when he introduced Gionta? I thought that's what I heard.
  9. Here's a fun little rumor I heard about from a kid who lives in Montreal: http://roughingafterwhistle.freeforums.org/new-jersey-habs-talk-tinordi-t9456.html
  10. Hoeffel was a second round pick I believe. It sucks when you see guys picked that high but make no impact on the team. What was once one of our strengths has really been dismal for a long time now.
  11. another defenseman. i don't know anything about him but i know we didn't really need another one of them.
  12. I'm not saying that I would want to trade for him, but I was a little bummed to hear we might be on Spezza's no trade list. It sounds more like it's a guess from a different agent. Still, I wonder what the perception of this team is to people who have no affiliation with us. http://nhl.si.com/2014/06/18/jason-spezza-no-trade-teams-list/
  13. it was also written in Puck Daddy that Schneider won't sign an extension unless he gets 60 games. i'd give him 70 just so he knows he's the man. I love Marty with all my heart, but i really wish he'd retire. I think, ultimately, he will when he sees how little interest there is for him.
  14. I thought all season long that CLB would be a tough team to play in the post season. I think they could really give PIT a hard time even though they didn't beat them this season. While I wish both of these teams would fall of a cliff, since I work with a bunch of douche bag Rags fans I have to pull for the Phailures this series.
  15. What an effort tonight. And it looks like CLB is going to lose. Hope the injuries tonight aren't too bad.
  16. Let' Go Devils & Cory tonight! We finally had a favorable OOT scoreboard last night so let's take advantage of it.
  17. Not if he's just a rental before he goes to MIN next season.
  18. I don't mind Marty not being moved, but then why the hell is he playing in such an important game tonight?
  19. I would love a prospect and pick for Marty, but who exactly will be our insurance policy in case CS tweaks a groin or hurts his back?
  20. I don't see Marty being traded because he would just be a backup for someone else when he could just stay here and be the backup. fvck the Isles and their goons. I'm just glad no one got hurt.
  21. Let's Go Marty and Let's Go Devils! This is the kind of game we have to get two points from.
  22. I'd like to see him get at least another season, maybe with some forwards who aren't the oldest players on the team who can consistently score for him. And a full season with Schneider as his goalie. Losing Parise and Kovalchuk would devastate almost any team. Some of this has to come on Lou also. I love Lou, but the Devils haven't seemed to draft very well and this is when it shows.
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