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  1. I'd like to see him get at least another season, maybe with some forwards who aren't the oldest players on the team who can consistently score for him. And a full season with Schneider as his goalie. Losing Parise and Kovalchuk would devastate almost any team. Some of this has to come on Lou also. I love Lou, but the Devils haven't seemed to draft very well and this is when it shows.
  2. I get the UFA thing and I'd only look to trade him if we could have a deal in place for him. I don't think we'd have to move Henrique though, I was thinking we could slide him in between Elias and Brunner. I don't know if Gelinas and Josefson would be a good start to that trade. I'm not looking to move Gelly but out of Larsson/Merrill/Gelly, he would be the one I'd move.
  3. I post on another board where there are few COL fans who hate their defense. I wonder what it might take to swing a trade for Stastny.
  4. There seems to be a lot of Devils sweaters in the stands there. MacKinnon is so fast.
  5. I think I'd rather see josefson instead of loktionov at this point. Let's Go Devils!
  6. That's a great write-up about Messier's time in Vancouver. I knew it was bad but not that bad.
  7. Too bad for Tedenby, I'm always bummed when one of our 1st's don't pan out. I was hoping we had drafted Carlson at that draft, but only because it's my mothers maiden name and he was from Jersey. Looking at that draft board, there weren't any guys we missed on towards that part of the draft, except for Carlson and maybe Ennis. We don't have a good run on 1sts after Parise and Zajac: Bergfors, Corrente, Tedenby, Josefson, though I'm still holding out hope that Josefson develops into a useful NHLplayer.
  8. Fiesty, what are the chances a guy like Whitney gets called up instead of someone like Sestito? I know he's not some young prospect but he seems to be having a nice season and has shown more offense than Sestito.
  9. even though the link to the article that started this thread referred to the winter classic game, and even though I mentioned two other winter classic games being played, I thought it was obvious. I will make sure to dummy it up for you in the future.
  10. I was referring to the winter classic games, which have nothing to do with our arena.
  11. I've also heard that ANA/LAK & VAN/OTT are having a hard time selling tickets too so it's not just a Devils thing. Overpricing and bad sight lines are the biggest issues.
  12. I can't believe Marty is in goal tonight. Schneider should be getting every start unless he's injured. It's not like Marty's been killing it lately and Schneider is young enough to play as often as he wants. This is the kind of sh!t that makes no sense. Anyway, Let's Go Devils!
  13. Since we are so bad on the shoot out maybe the devils try some different shooters. Maybe this is where Tedenby can shine.
  14. Have the devils ever employed a more useless line than Carter/Gionta/Jansen?
  15. i'm so happy msg+2 is in hd. it was nice listening to the devils announcers this past game instead of having to make the choice between devs announcers or hd.
  16. he probably got a hat trick against us once
  17. is Suter really that good that Zach would base part of his decision on playing with him? Is he a cornerstone type defensman? It would seem likely if Suter signs there that Zach may follow. I would hate to lose Zach, but him going out west makes it a little easier to deal with. And please say no to Semin. Do not want.
  18. very proud of this team. none of us could have seen this coming. didn't end how we wanted but the team truly stepped up when they had to. looks like we have a coach who'll be with us for a while. i'm already waiting for the draft and the cba/parise stuff to heat up.
  19. Tonight it's do or die time boys. Always keep the faith! Let's Go Devils!
  20. there is no reason to beliueve we can't win game 3. and right now that's the only game that matters. there's no reason to lose faith yet. now 3-0, well...
  21. the last time this was posted the %'s were 70/30, so we're making up some ground!
  22. does mark fayne look a little like colin white?
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