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  1. does mark fayne look a little like colin white?
  2. and let's not forget going through the flyers in five too. before the playoffs started, i never would have guessed we'd get through both of them to get to the finals.
  3. beat the flyers and the rags to get to the finals. i'm so proud of this team. time to celebrate.
  4. i read this on another board and thought it was funny:
  5. xxchaznjxx

    Jon Merrill

    i hope merrill and larsson form a nice foundation for us down the road.
  6. Let's Go Devils! not too thrilled with those 3rd and 4th lines though.
  7. the devils are going to have some nice depth at center when zajac and josefson return. i wonder if the team would let henrique center the 4th line. i know you'd like to get him more minutes, but i think he'd be a great 4th line center.
  8. i think i'd like greene/salvador & fayne/volchenkov better i'd love to see them start the game the way they did in LA. Let's Go Devils!
  9. i enjoy watching line ups like tonights. as long as it's in the pre-season. let's go devils!
  10. this is a nice stat. i always loved whitey. he was a true devil in every sense of the word. i think with guys like pando, brylin, and now whitey gone, that ring of fire is starting to sound better and better. i don't think he gets his number retired, but he deserves some recognition.
  11. while the wording i used was poor, the point was the offense we lose with rolston will be made up by the other players on the team. winky's offense won't be missed. neither will his cap hit.
  12. claiming that we lose offense with this trade is laughable. i expect more just from kovy and tedenby alone. and then you add a full season(fingers crossed) with parise. the offense will be there. i think this team will be dangerous this season. i believe a lot of our early season problems last season were due to mclean, as evidenced by the turnaround once lemaire came on board. and i read that deboer plays a similar style to sutter, which i think will benefit our forwards. i believe parise had his best season productivly under sutter. sure, if we start out slow there will be people jumping off bridges, but so far i like the team we will be icing. i don't know what kind of monumental changes we could have made to make us a "stanley cup contender".
  13. i was very bummed when i heard this today. he's such a class act and was a great voice for the devils over his career. i love listening to him and will miss him tremendously. we've been spoiled having him. i wish he had a number that we could retire. i know cangelosi's going to get the gig, i can't say i'm happy about that.
  14. i should have mentioned that i believe there will be a trade so we won't have that backlog. i thought it would be clarkson, but now i'm thinking zubrus. i'm not that worried about exposing pelley to waivers if we had to. edit: i agree the janssen signing is weird since lou clearly had his eye on boulton as well. i didn't really see the need for both. and i absolutely love cam, but we we have to play boulton over cam.
  15. maybe i'm reading this wrong, but all lou said was they'll be on the roster, not that they will be on the ice every night. if we have to choose between the two, i think boulton gets the nod over cam. i thought our regular 4th line would be something like boulton/steckel/zharkov, where cam might play against teams we need the extra muscle against.
  16. this signing doesn't worry me at all.
  17. this right here. i thought lou would have learned after the oduya signing.
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