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  1. i just watched a scott/westgarth fight during the recent CHI/LA game. Westgarth is tough as sh!t, but he got owned and bloodied. That was the first time i have seen Scott fight. He's a big boy.
  2. we haven't had a first period like this in a long time. hopefully they remember there is still 40 minutes to go.
  3. what a goal by tedenby! the devils definitely have some jump tonight. arnott with an almost goal on the very next time down the ice. elias has looked great tonight.
  4. what the fvck was the penalty on gionta? these refs must have money on the game.
  5. Let's Go Devils! i don't really care either way if it's JMac's last game(though i hope not), i really don't want to see lou behind the bench. lou has enough to worry about being a GM, you know, that whole orchestra philosophy he has. let's just pull for the devils tonight and whatever is going to happen will happen. i doubt any decision on JMac's future is going to be decided on the result of tonights game.
  6. he's been waiting 15 yrs for the devils to struggle and the rags to be playing well. it's finally his time to shine. he has always ripped the devils, regardless of how we were doing, mostly attendance jokes. i never take anything he says seriously.
  7. i admit that i'm one of those fans that sits and watches the game intensely rather than standing and cheering the whole time. but i have no problem with the fans around me getting hyped and loud as possible as long as i dohn't have to hear f bombs dropped every second(if my 6 yr old is with me, otherwise i don't care). and if the people in front of me were standing and cheering, even though i don't like doing it, i would have stood and watched and not asked anyone to sit down and relax. i understand that most fans aren't as understated as i am at a game. i stand and cheer for a good hit or a goal, but mostly i sit and suffer watching a game until they win. i don't think you did anything wrong.
  8. that shot was a laser. good for kovy. the devils needed that extra point.
  9. that's pretty discouraging, especially since doc just gave the stat they they'd been outscored 12-0 in the first period the last 5 games.
  10. the only way i can see parise not resigning here is if he doesn't want to. there is enough money comng off our salary next year and after that money won't be an issue. it all depends on whether he believes in this franchise or not to make a commitment.
  11. Let's Go Devils! i still believe in this team. it's time for kovy to step up.
  12. does anyone know how this will affect the lineup, meaning will we be able to ice 12 forwards or are we going to have to go short handed like before he got hurt?
  13. burnside is a dumbass. but i don't think zajac has taken that next step to be considered a #1 center. i think he's benefited more by playing with zach than the other way around.
  14. i'm not saying this is the problem or doing this is going to help any, but he's got to get this rolston/cap situation taken care of. rolston is going to come back and when he does it will affect the roster and players know this. this is something that needs to be addressed. not that it will make our defense play any better. but maybe this is taking a toll on the guys.
  15. i've probably watched that dvd a thousand times since my 6 yr old loves watching it. he recreates the stevens getting hit in the head with the puck and sliding around on the ice leaving a trail of blood. he won't move from the floor until either me or my wife acknowledges him. he then gets up and tells us everything is ok then he scores a goal just like scott did(albeit the next game, but still).
  16. i feel like punching something right now.
  17. the 2001 SC final is the most painful moment in devils history.
  18. jesus christ this team can't make anything easy. it's nice to get a win before we face the rangers. hopefully marty is ready to play.
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