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  1. i've probably watched that dvd a thousand times since my 6 yr old loves watching it. he recreates the stevens getting hit in the head with the puck and sliding around on the ice leaving a trail of blood. he won't move from the floor until either me or my wife acknowledges him. he then gets up and tells us everything is ok then he scores a goal just like scott did(albeit the next game, but still).
  2. i feel like punching something right now.
  3. the 2001 SC final is the most painful moment in devils history.
  4. jesus christ this team can't make anything easy. it's nice to get a win before we face the rangers. hopefully marty is ready to play.
  5. i don't know that kaberle is the answer to the devils scoring problems. if TOR is having a problem scoring goals with him, what makes people think he'll automatically make us a better scoring team?
  6. the devils haven't been getting outmuscled so no, i don't miss him.
  7. qft i hope he has fun posting on the isles board. true fans suffer with their team. and we may have to suffer this year. but i'll never root for another team. i wouldn't even know how to.
  8. i like what i read about white and langs. i really don't want langs moved, and it sounds like he is acting like a captain. i think people need to realize he can only do so much though. good read i don't necessarily like everything i read, but it seems to be on point to what's happening on the ice. i wish JMAC would show a little more emotion. if he's not showing it, i think that rubs off on his players.
  9. that urinal thing is stupid and offensive. i can't believe you thought that was creative. even if the devils did that with avery i would have been a little embarassed by it. it seems very amateurish. i guess you may consider it "creative marketing", but it just shows the classlessness of an organization who've been sh!t for so long and are now finally enjoying the fruits of years of being an afterthought in the LA market. it's not as if Kovy ever played for that team and left them to sign with us. stay classy LA.
  10. aside from parise's condition, we won't really know how good or bad this team is until salvador and volchenkov return and the rolston situation is finally dealt with. i know sh!t looks bad now, but there is too much season left to play before people start panicing as if this is march or april. other teams are going to have hot and cold streaks and have to deal with injuries too. we are taking our lumps now, but this team has too much talent to be considered the worst in the league. on the other hand, having the number one overall pick in the draft could be a new , exciting experience.
  11. doc just said there must be something up with clarkson's edge because he fell down twice on the same shift. yeah, it's his edge.
  12. i think it would be kind of funny if arnott is centering our 4th line. josefson has to at least center the 3rd line when he returns.
  13. the devils need to give marty the night off tomorrow. moose was brought in just for a game like this.
  14. we'll take these two points. let's carry this over to LA tomorrow.
  15. i'm thinking at some point tonight andy greene will actually get a shot on goal.
  16. xxchaznjxx

    NJ/Tor talking?

    i know tri said this already, but there is no way the devils could fiscally make this work unless TOR was willing to take rolston. which they won't.
  17. I still have hope. Let's GO Devils!
  18. yes, mike mottau is the glue that this defense needs. good grief. if he was still here, we'd all be ripping him for his play and lou for re-signing him. his being here or not is irrelevant. not having salvy and volchenkov is the big deal here. and i was never on the andy greene bandwagon. i always thought he was average. i just hoped he'd step up but i think what we see is what we're going to get from him, and if he wants to stay next season he should be paid as such. i was wrong about corrente, though i'm still pulling for him. i'm anxious to see how eckford does.
  19. i believe that while rolston is out these two can be brought in to play. the problem will be when rolston returns.
  20. i don't think we can say what our defense is going to be like until salvador and volchenkov are back. you can pair them with greene and tao and let tallinder/white pair up. i'm not saying that's the answer to all the woes but let's see how our defense looks without the rookies. does anyone know anyhting about salvador's return?
  21. kovy is absolutely not the problem for this team. he's just a convenient scapegoat. last i checked, lou went out and signed the top defensive free agent this past off season. and he also signed tallinder, who was a well thought of defenseman, regardless of how he's played so far. who are all of these other defensemen we didn't sign due to the kovy contract?
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