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  1. 7 minutes ago, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

    Is anyone criticizing TC for going with his two best relievers?  Anyone who'd do that is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY off base.  You can question never bringing in Blevins during Reed's inning, but even then, Reed's been terrific against lefties all season.   

    In ways I feel for Familia...he's going to be made out to be a lot worse than he's really been because of last night...you could absolutely do a lot worse at closer than him...and it's not like he even blew a lead.  I'm concerned about him because he flat-out wasn't as effective as he was in 2014 and 2015 (though he did resemble that guy for stretches this season).  I've never been a huge fan of tightrope closers...hope that's not what he is becoming. 

    Besides your typical morons on Twitter, I don't think so. I hadn't read any posts in this thread since early yesterday before posting, so I don't know what the feel was here on that (I didn't think anyone would oppose, especially watching this team all year), but just wanted to get that point across since all Mets fans love to get on TC whenever possible (including me), and I'm sure there are Familia bashers out there because they only watched like a few postseason games of his the last 2 years and nothing else. Process was good, result was bad. It was just a case of sh!t Happens, like it is with all sports.

  2. 10 hours ago, thecoffeecake said:

    The post season is going to have a hard time topping either Wild Card game. I cannot wait for this Cubs Giants series. As bad as the Giants were in the second half, I think today they're the two best teams in the National League. As good as Thor was, Mad Bum was Mad Bum. He'll go down as one of the best post season performers of all time. You guys might hate him today, but you'll love him in March come the WBC (assuming he goes).

    Can't say I wasn't glad to see the Giants celebrate on your turf after the performance you guys put on in Philly for clinching an appearance in game 163. We'll see if the gap closes a little more next year between our clubs.

    They'll put up a better fight than the Mets would've, I'm sure. All of the Divisional Series are actually pretty intriguing this year. I don't really have any rooting interests besides seeing the Nats get knocked out. Cubs and Red Sox, which MLB is praying for, would be the best World Series outcome to watch, IMO.

  3. Well, that ends that.

    As this game went a long you could see whichever team got to the bullpen first would probably win. The Mets let Bumgarner cruise too easily through the first 3 innings and it hurt them big time in the end. Still, he's a hell of a pitcher, and hats off to him for an incredible performance. No shame in losing to him.

    Hats off to Noah, too. He got into enough trouble to where he just squeaked through 7 innings, but all in all, it was a pretty dominant performance. Bumgarner just outlasted him more, mostly due to the Mets gift wrapping quick outs the first time through the order. What can you do? The Giants also seemed to get a lot of gift ball calls behind home plate.

    Also, man, what a catch that was by Granderson. Not quite Endy Chavez, but sort of close given the scenario, right?

    TC did nothing wrong with going to Reed in the 8th and Familia in the 9th. That duo has been one of the best relief combos in baseball this season and those were 100% the right choices. Ironically, Familia gave up ONE homer the entire season. Poor fortune that this was the spot he gave up #2 instead of doing what he usually does (induce an inning-ending double play or a strikeout).

    Overall, I'm not dissatisfied with where this team went this year. This roster was completely turned upside down by injuries and they were in such a hole in August that it's pretty miraculous they overcame those problems to grab a playoff spot. Even if they had won this game, this team is not only injury-marred and drained but would be given the Cubs. Obviously anything can happen in a short series, but what are the odds they even win a game vs Chicago, let alone 3?

    Too much to digest and think about offseason needs right now... but kudos to this team for making do with what they had. Looking forward to brighter days in 2017.

  4. 1B was going to be a black hole regardless tonight against Bumgarner, but where it hurts is later in the game. Say what you want about Duda but James Loney is just terrible. This is a proven fact at this point. I feel like this is TC rewarding him for his "efforts" in place of Duda this season and him being the one who "deserves" to be in there.... but it puts the Mets at a small disadvantage and any kind of disadvantage in a 1-game playoff hurts.

  5. Giants have a pretty solid, deep lineup vs RHP. Outside of Belt, nobody has really been spectacular, but 7 of their 8 projected batters have a wRC+ of 100 or greater vs RHP this season (and Panik is close at 97).

    They're also a difficult bunch to strikeout - their 17.3 K% vs RHP ranked 2nd lowest in MLB. 

  6. Was honestly a bit surprised the O's didn't get hammered - Tillman has a HORRIFIC history against the Jays and in that ballpark. 

    No excuse for not going to your best reliever, especially in a do-or-die game like that. I have no idea what was going through Showalter's mind to go to Brian freakin' Duensing and Ubaldo Jimenez over a reliever who will get Cy Young Award votes this fall. Incredible.

  7. This team deserves a lot of credit for where they are. I know some folks haven't performed up to expectations, but considering all of the injuries, they've done a heck of a job to sit where they're at. Obviously they never hung with Washington, but we all knew before the season that the division winner would be decided by who was hit less with injuries... kudos to this team and what they've been able to do this year. 

  8. I didn't think it was a big deal to use Familia when he hadn't pitched in so many days. The Mets have an off day tomorrow, so I'm not terribly concerned about him being overworked. TC probably figured it was better to bring him in with a massive lead to get some work in as opposed to holding off until they truly need him, where rust may affect his ability to hold a 1- or 2-run lead. Familia has some ugly splits when pitching on 6 or more days of rest, for whatever that's worth.

    Remaining schedules for the WC-relevant teams:

    Mets (4 games, +0.5 ahead of all): @ Marlins x1, @ Phillies x3

    Giants (5 games, -0.5 behind Mets): vs Rockies x2, vs Dodgers x3

    Cardinals (5 games, -1.5 behind Mets): vs Red x2, vs Pirates x3

    Mets have the advantage of having the softest remaining schedule (I think?) while the Giants and Cards have the advantage of being at home in all remaining games. Based on the probable pitchers, it looks like the Giants may have to face Hill and Kershaw in their final series. The Cards face DeSclafani tonight, whose no pushover, but no clue who they will face against the Pirates, besides maybe Chad Kuhl.

  9. Not terribly excited about either of these moves; seems like chasing the past on a couple of guys who were interesting 2-3 years ago. At least with Spiller you can argue the Gailey factor and the special teams value, but ASJ is liability on and off the field in addition to being a poor schematic fit.

  10. I think this week will be tough on New England. Such a short window to get Brissett fully prepared against a strong defense (Houston leads the league in sacks and rank inside the top 10 in yards per play and points allowed), who knows if Gronk will play, and while Osweiler is meh Houston has plenty of explosive playmakers on offense in Hopkins, Fuller, and Miller. 

    They do get the reeling Bills (at home) after that though, and Jimmy G *might* be back by then (plus Gronk if not this week), so 3-1 seems do-able. 

  11. How about Seattle losing to LA? I had a sneaky feeling that game would be close -- hobbled Wilson, Rams home opener back in LA, coming off an embarrassing performance on MNF, the advantage the Rams' D-line has over Seattle's porous O-line, etc. -- but I didn't expect LA to come out on top (they still haven't scored a TD this season!).

    Seattle is 3-3 dating back to Week 16 of last season (including playoffs) and have scored just 15 points this season. 

  12. Not that he does himself any favors with his inability to slide but the dude is made out of pure glass. Pretty funny everyone had durability and "small stature" concerns over the QB that was taken 74 picks later in the same draft and who has yet to miss a single game.

    By the way, whoever has Gary Barnidge in your guys' fantasy league should be doing backflips over this occurrence. 

  13. Saw this stat on Rotoworld (for those who watched the entire game, you probably already know this): "Andy Dalton targeted A.J. Green 10 times in Darrelle Revis’ coverage. He completed all 10 passes for 152 yards and a touchdown."

    I could be citing the wrong place but I believe PFF also graded Revis very poorly in the second half of last year. How the mighty have fallen... 

    Really hope Watkins doesn't play this week or is limited, although despite Mehta and Schefter's comments he only missed 8 snaps this weekend, fwiw.

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