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  1. I probably like Toffoli more than most but I think if the Devils were bringing him back, they would've extended him. How often does a team trade a rental at the deadline and then resign him in July? I'd be surprised if BOTH Daws and Schmid are still in the org next season; both are RFAs and you need a spot for Poulter in Utica. I don't know much about Malek's profile as a prospect but he does have one of the best SV% in the top Finnish league this year.
  2. I still think the Flyers will be difficult to catch, their remaining schedule is just SO soft: Blackhawks, Islanders, Sabres, Blue Jackets, Canadiens and Capitals in their 6 of their last 8 games.
  3. I'm not surprised why Smith is playing ("veteran presence", "locker room guy", blah blah blah) but it's unfortunate Hatakka can't get an extended look in place of him. Smith is gone after this season while Hatakka is still just 23 and a pending RFA. The Devils have outscored teams 11-6 with him on the ice at five-on-five (and are in the plus for other metrics like expected goals and high danger shot attempts).
  4. Jack has 8 points in his last 5 games, 19 points in his last 15 games. Overall, his PPG pace (1.25) is nearly identical to last season (1.27), granted his even strength production has been down. Still, pretty impressive when it's pretty clear he's playing banged up.
  5. Flyers have a cakewalk, but those other 3 have tough schedules. It's funny and frustrating that just when the Red Wings finally hit their expected regression wall, the Caps have taken their place as the terrible team getting all of the breaks.
  6. This is absolutely not a defense of Lindy but the Devils have been a much worse five-on-five team by the underlying numbers since Green was put in charge. The Devils are generating less shot attempts per 60 minutes while also giving up more: In terms of shot quality, those attempts for are weaker while the attempts against are stronger: Which, all told, has led to the Devils being underwater (sub-50%) in shot quantity and quality share under Green: By actual goal share, Green has been better, but that's being heavily driven by the new goalie tandem playing WELL over their heads. The Devils have a ridiculous .929 high-danger SV% under Green at five-on-five (next closest team is at .858, for comparison).
  7. Funny store with this one... as I live on Central time, games typically start "early" for me (6pm, 6:30pm) so I'm normally having to watch on delay after the kiddo goes to bed. I started watching this one on delay pretty late via Hulu instead of the ESPN+ app but at some point midway thru the 2nd period my feed kept reverting back to the beginning of the period when I tried to skip thru a commercial break (and I couldn't skip forward to where I originally was). Ugh. By then, the actual game had been over so I figured I'd just switch over to the ESPN+ app and watch the actual replay from where I left off... but unfortunately the only replay feed available at the time was the Spanish broadcast. It was getting late so I'm like fvck it, we'll just go with that. Even though I could only comprehend about 20% of the commentary (probably less), it was fun as heck. I like Steve Levy but I'm 100% listening to the Spanish broadcast next time we get a Sean McDonough game.
  8. Sounds like a parlay bet in the making!
  9. The Athletic has them even lower at 3%. As nice as that Isles game was, they really fvcked themselves by laying an egg vs Ottawa on Saturday. Ugh.
  10. That is Luke's third highest GameScore of the season. Additionally, 3 of his best 9 games (as measured by GameScore) have come within the past week (@ DAL, vs PIT, vs WPG). His play has picked up in a big way of late. Love to see it.
  11. How the hell does Akira Schmid go for more than Jack, Bratt, Luke, Timo, Nemec...? Did the bidders stop paying attention to hockey after round 1 of last year's playoffs? With he and Daws as pending RFAs, I'd bet he's not even a Devil next season.
  12. It's very likely over but fvck it, I'm all in. I'm riding Jake "the motherfvcking Snake" Allen as my new avatar until we acquire a 1A goalie in the summer.
  13. A "good, clean" hit? lol wut. This might be worse than the actual hit. Thank goodness this a$$hole isn't our coach. What a fvcking clown.
  14. It's weird that nobody tries to disrupt this in the neutral zone. I guess it's too risky, sure, but at the same time you *know* it's going to happen every single time if you've studied any film on the Devils' PP1 leading into the game.
  15. One thing I loved about this Gomez interview is instilling what he learned from not just Lou but Pat Burns in his current gig. My favorite Devils team was that 2003 team (I was too young for 1995, and although I got into hockey and the Devils in 1997 as a 6 year old, I was still probably too young to truly appreciate the 2000 team). Even after nearly 15 years of his passing, Pat's legacy lives on in the players he coached and I love it.
  16. Gomez is the best to listen to. Totally the dude you can relax with downing beers at your home with the BBQ going while listening to his stories for hours on end.
  17. Would be nice... granted, even if it does happen, I give it 1 period (less?) before Green breaks it apart for his panic button line (Jack/Nico/Bratt).
  18. I'd love to see the NHL adopt exactly what the PWHL is doing with the "gold plan" to determine draft order. Just imagine how much more fun a game like last night's Sharks/Blackhawks game would be? Anyway... here's The Athletic's consensus big board, I only snipped the top 15 players. Full article here (pay wall): https://theathletic.com/5298573/2024/02/26/nhl-draft-2024-macklin-celebrini-defensemen/
  19. And Nosek centering Palat and Holtz on the 3rd line. Just a disaster.
  20. Allen is in net tonight and Marino out per Kristy Flannery.
  21. Yep, here is 5v5 and 5v4: 5v5 5v4 (PP)
  22. Maybe it's just brutal puck luck but I'd love to understand what the heck happened to this team's ability to finish on scoring chances since the calendar flipped to February. As much we like to blame the goaltending for losses, this is just as responsible of late. Yikes. EDIT: Sorry, meant for this to be in the 2023-24 Devils thread, not here... whatever.
  23. Yeah, I have no issue if the Devils want to get more physical but you need someone who can also actually play the game. MacDermid is a total waste of space and thank goodness he's a UFA after this season - dude plays like 4 minutes per game, takes a ridiculous amount of minor penalties given the amount of ice-time he gets, and can't even find a willing partner to scrap with since he's been here. What exactly is he doing?
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