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  1. Some real Houdini act being pulled off by Zack tonight, but I'll take it.
  2. I was just making a general comment after breathing a sigh of relief when that inning looked like it was going to explode on Wheeler. I've also frequently brought up Wheeler hiking up his GB% this season -- want to make clear *why* that's a great thing and shouldn't be just glossed over, even if his walks remain a big issue. Being a pitcher who gets a groundball for 40% of his balls in play versus 50% is a big difference.
  3. And that is why groundballs are so much better than flyballs; that and the fact groundballs can't go for homeruns.
  4. Meh, he had absolutely no chance on that wild pitch that scored the run. It was a 95+ mph fastball that Wheeler spiked low and way inside at the hitter when d'Arnaud was lined up on the outside part of the plate. Not making excuses for him -- his pitch blocking and throwing have been bad -- but I don't think he's at fault for that one. This is what Zack is right now. He has frontline starter stuff (how many fastballs have been below 97 mph tonight?), the only thing holding him back is his inability to find the plate.
  5. I feel for these teams that have middle of the road QB's as they're stuck in a tough position when it comes to these decisions. On one hand you have what maybe half the teams in the league yearn for -- think of the Browns and all the QB's they've run through year after year; they'd kill for just competent and above average -- but on the other hand, competent and above average typically only goes so far and that becomes even more agonizing with a big salary spike.
  6. Not that there is anything wrong with it, but the Abreu DFA does nothing for me. Regardless of how the playing time is divided up from here, the Youngs stink and Kirk is really not any more part of the team's future than Abreu is -- he's in his last option year, which means he's pretty close to DFA territory too. I don't think den Dekker is any better, hell he might even be worse, but I wouldn't have minded bringing him up, he was really hot in June/July. Even if they dump CY from here, whatever they do in LF will remain a disaster. They need outside help and that won't come until (maybe) the winter.
  7. Duda just got ejected, apparently. SNY cut it off right before it happened. Edit: Make it TC.
  8. Lagares! Edgin helps bail out Familia with the DP ball.
  9. d'Arnaud can't block Familia's pitch and then makes a terrible toss to Familia at the plate. Ugh.
  10. I proposed the idea of selling high not too long ago but to be fair, I don't think he had that much value; too injury prone, below average velocity, and the underlying numbers showed a pitcher was who getting by mostly on lucky breaks. Teams aren't that stupid.
  11. Yep, the fluky ERA is predictably headed south. I doubt the Met have the balls to non-tender him but I really hope they move him after tendering him this winter. He's just not good.
  12. I agree. I really hope Sandy doesn't try to sell us on Tejada's hitting-front-of-the-pitcher-inflated OBP. His AVG and SLG are horrendous. He's still been one of the worst hitting SS despite that inflated OBP as well.
  13. It's worth mentioning Reynolds is only a year removed from OPS'ing in the .630s in St. Lucie. A lot of his success at the plate this season looks very fluky: sky-high BABIP, meh BB and K rates in AAA, not much power.
  14. At Citi tonight. Pretty great atmosphere with the double no-nos going, glad we pulled it out... deGrom is deBomb!
  15. Did anyone notice the Mets entered the night only 5.5 back in the Wild Card race? The NL is so damn weak this year. It's really a shame they didn't have Harvey. Didn't really get to watch this one outside of the first few innings. Glad I didn't. At least Duda keeps mashing. 20 homers is a nice milestone. Syndergaard tonight: 6 IP, 0 runs, 0 BB, 7 K, 7 groundouts to 1 flyouts. He's at 107 pitches so he should be done.... very nice.
  16. Allen Craig was also an intriguing buy-low pickup we could've jumped on for LF. He is kind of better suited for 1B and he may actually be broken, but he was one of the best hitters in the league from 2011-2013. His contract is a bargain if he bounces back but a burden (on our payroll anyway) if he remains awful. Of course the Red Sox can take that risk since they play in a big city/market while we.......yeah.
  17. Also, to be clear, if I were a betting man, I'd say he's moved in August. If a team claims him, Mets could quite literally dump him for nothing and save the $11 million. I think that'll say a lot (in a bad way) about their finances if they're willing to do that, though.
  18. I really think the weight thing gets overblown - he's been fat for awhile. And despite his age, he's really no different than the pitcher he was last season besides the fact he's not getting the lucky breaks he had in Oakland.
  19. We also don't know if the Mets are planning on making a huge splash this winter with their young arms, in which case keeping Colon is even more important than the "you can never have enough pitching" spiel.
  20. Not surprised but I'm not unhappy. I still think this was *the* best time to trade him, but if they want to really compete in 2015, they need Murphy. Colon is definitely an August trade candidate or even in the winter for teams who miss on free agent starters. And if they don't move him at all, I don't think I'll be too upset either, especially if they fill other holes; no reason to eat money and get trash in return for a league average starter who currently has the 9th best K/BB among starters right now.
  21. Cardinals acquired John Lackey for Joe Kelly and Allen Craig, wow.
  22. I actually wonder if Boston considers flipping Cespedes for a starter this winter. If they do in fact move Lackey as well, they're really going to need some starters next season, even if they resign Lester. Cespedes is a gamble in that he's is a free agent after 2015 but he'd sure look pretty good in LF for us....
  23. Lester going to the A's, wow that's a shocker. Could open the Colon market for teams that were targeting Lester/Price.
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