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  1. Marshall would add alot of grit and a good scoring ability to the 4th line.. Maybe even send him up to the 3rd line with Maddog and Pando if Brylin is struggling (if that line is even together again this upcoming season)..

  2. Ok wait im confused.. I go to newjerseydevils.com and its their old site.. i go to the link posted in this thread and its a different site.. :blink:

    edit: oh BTW Chimiara - the main banner switches from Brodeur to Elias.. just refresh it if you got Marty

  3. They were hot the first like 4 games of the season and i stopped watching.. Now they are 7-5 (not bad but not that great either), fortunately they in first, but only by a point.. I guess I'll start watching them again

  4. I never heard of him (don't pay much attention to semi-pro leagues such as WHL, ECHL, or any of them.. AHL i do with the Lowell Devils but not on a consistent day-to-day basis).. Johnny Mac does deserve the job but he's still got time, im sure he'll remain with the organization for awhile and eventually (possibly) be Head Coach.. I wish most that Burns was back to coaching though :(

  5. Yeah its good to re-read it to get understand it all again before the next one comes out.., damn i shoulda did that lol kinda too late.. unless i can re-read the whole thing in a week, which is very possible.. i still kind of remember alot of though since i only finished reading it like 2 months ago

  6. The closest seats i ever got for a game was like 3 rows behind the glass at CAA for Game 5 of the Devs/Sens series this past playoffs.. i really didn't like it all since you could only see the action on 1 part of the ice

  7. i like the how the devs got bigger and tougher....last year we got abused by ottawa...but we still remain finese with parise, elias, gionta, zajac, and langenbrunner...however we are seroiusly lacking someone who can score from the point
  8. That seems like a stupid trade.. first off why do we need defenseman? We have enough! And why offer up a great forward? Then who fills Gionta's role..?

    Bad deal!!

  9. The road trip isn't that bad.. At least we face some crappy southeast division teams (florida, tampa, atlanta = yuck).. I only find Ottawa, Philly, and NYR threatening on that beginning road trip

  10. Vishnevsky has excellent raw skills but aside from one season in Anaheim has never been able to put it together.

    If true, I like the signing a lot. I think Vishnevsky hasn't been in the right situation in a long time and that he's got a mean streak to him, something too many Devils lack. He throws a ton of body checks and makes life miserable for opposing forwards - look for him to put one in Briere and Gomez's teeth next season (again if true).

    Of course, I'd like a PP QB - I think the new Devils coach must think Elias a suitable one. Oh wait, we don't have a coach...

  11. Im trying to search him on NHL.com.. and its not working.. why must it not work out of all the times..

    Edit: oh and if he really is a defenseman i guess that might mean forget about souray..?

  12. I dont think Brodeur gets paid much.. someone posted the Devils player salaries in another topic i think i remember Brodeur had around 5.3 mil/year or something around that.. hes worth alot more than that, and no way you can pay someone like Gomez alot more than that (which the Rags did).. im quite suprised Marty wouldn't want to sign with another team for more $$$.. just goes to show you he's a true Devil, probably the most deserving of his jersey retirement when he retires

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