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  1. Yes the do.. aren't those the cheapest seats too..? Like 20 bucks per?
  2. Realistically: First Round/Second Round Dream: Cup Champs
  3. Okay so bye bye Rass I guess.. I really like Asham though, hes not bad at scoring and hes a gritty forward.. hes a really good 4th liner, maybe even a 3rd liner.. good sign
  4. Well they aren't just going to "bring him up" in the off season =.=.. wait 'til camps over.
  5. He did terrific for his first season.. just needs to kill down on the penalties and stupid mistakes.. but then again it was only his first season
  6. I actually really like the Panthers jerseys
  7. Dude I think that clip (#8) was him on the Capitals.. so that wasn't Marty
  8. Yeah i think its old because I remember watching this sometime last year.. I think it was made during the Lockout '05 .. but still nice to post anyway its always great watching again
  9. Calgary is TERRIBLE if thats the official
  10. It looks better than 2k7 but still not up to NHL 08.. I love the fact you can play the baby-Devils (Lowell) in NHL 08 (EA's game)!! Cant wait for both but I'll probably be picking up NHL 08 first
  11. Hope the ice is good (as are the boards).. but I'll miss that strange 'NJ Lottery' board ad at CAA
  12. You should wait until the new RBK jersey comes out then by a customized Brodeur one
  13. Ummm there was alot of drama July 1st if I recall.
  14. I don't think Simon's slash to Hollweg's was friendly.. Didn't bother me though since I hate him (Hollweg) anyway.. But I agree theres rarely bad occurrences in the NHL compared to other sports leagues
  15. Atlanta and Pittsburgh are those annoying places (to me at least).. I remember that regular season game 2 seasons ago where we lost a 3-0 lead in the 3rd in ATL, and ended up losing in OT thanks to the refs missing a blatant high stick to Gomez in the Thrashers' defensive zone.. ..oh yes i remember it all
  16. Thu Oct 4, 2007 Devils Lightning 0 - 0 7:30 PM ET - Win 7:30 PM Sat Oct 6, 2007 Devils Panthers 0 - 0 7:00 PM ET - Win 7:00 PM Mon Oct 8, 2007 Devils Senators 0 - 0 3:00 PM ET - Loss 3:00 PM Thu Oct 11, 2007 Devils Panthers 0 - 0 7:30 PM ET - Win 7:30 PM Sat Oct 13, 2007 Devils Thrashers 0 - 0 7:00 PM ET - Loss 7:00 PM Wed Oct 17, 2007 Devils Penguins 0 - 0 7:30 PM ET - Loss 7:30 PM Thu Oct 18, 2007 Devils Flyers 0 - 0 7:00 PM ET - Loss 7:00 PM Sat Oct 20, 2007 Devils Islanders 0 - 0 7:00 PM ET - Win 7:00 PM Thu Oct 25, 2007 Devils Rangers 0 - 0 7:00 PM ET - Loss
  17. This thread's title should be changed, its very misleading (and annoying to see that its not the real jersey)
  18. From the NHL 2K8 pics the Sens logo looks the same.. but from that ad banner you can tell its different
  19. The Sens logo is NOT different, the stretching effects from the game makes the logo look a little different.. Its the same logo as the one they have on their home reds, I guarantee it..
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