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  1. If anyone has a stream for tonight I would appreciate it. Not sure why it’s broadcast on ESPN 2 but ESPN+ isn’t streaming it. @Guadana usually has a good stream.
  2. Wasn’t Zach salty at Lou because they chased Kovy so hard a d gave him that contract? Not saying he wouldn’t still sign with Lou but I’m not sure it’s a lock. He could still want to be closer to home and sign with the Blackhawks or something.
  3. Found this on a Red Wings news site: ”Might the Devils, with the fourth pick, unite brothers Jack and Luke? “I’ve been to the rink; I know the franchise pretty well,” Luke said. “Jack loves it in New Jersey. Really cool rink, really cool fanbase. “It would be unbelievable to go to the Devils. My brother clearly wants me to be there. It would be super-cool to play with him. At the same time, there’s 32 great teams and I’d be happy to go to any one of those teams.” https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.mlive.com/redwings/2021/07/red-wings-could-have-shot-at-another-hughes-brother-d-man-luke.html%3foutputType=amp Gotta draft Luke, I’m sorry. At the very least we’ll know someone on the team will be ready and able to take a pass from Jack.
  4. By the way the guy Bob Wischusin that’ll be working for espn is from Westfield. I grew up a block away from him. I think he eventually went to a private school though.
  5. This should be they song they play when the Devils take the ice.
  6. To me Jacks potential is still sky high but at this point that’s all his contract would be based on. Potential. I don’t think he’s been underwhelming whatsoever but I also don’t think he’s played up to the guy we’re going to eventually overpay for. I can see a shorter deal if he doesn’t light it up next season. Like 6 mil per for 1-2 years. Then I’m guessing once he starts putting up numbers he’ll get 8x8 or something. Maybe even 9x8.
  7. To me, we’re still struggling to score so drafting a playmaking defender is the way I’m leaning. Our defense isn’t great but I think it’s easier to fill in the stay at home spot with UFA’s and trades as opposed to the high end playmaking spot. We just shouldn’t be struggling to score like we do with this kind of talent.
  8. I think that trading up with Anaheim to draft Luke (if he’s still there) would send an important message to Jack and the core of the team that Fitzgerald/management believes in this core and are making the necessary moves to try and keep them together long term.
  9. What would you trade, if anything, to Anaheim packaged with the 4th over all pick to get their 3rd overall pick?
  10. Hell I was happy just to see that the Rags didn’t move up.
  11. Unless he goes before we pick we’re picking Luke. Why would we want to piss Jack off like that? Yeah I said jackoff.
  12. Good to see he’s embraced being a NJ resident.
  13. Well what I meant was that I don’t think the brothers are going to demand trades or sign RFA contracts that take them to UFA status ASAP to play with their brothers. I think Jack and Quinn would love for Luke to join their teams but if they miss out I don’t think it’ll change their minds about playing where they currently are. At least I hope that’s the case with Jack.
  14. For some reason I doubt the brothers will have any desire to play with each other until maybe the end of their careers. They probably get compared to each other all of the time and for now would prefer to make a name for themselves on their own. If we happen to draft Luke I think that would different but I don’t see any of them demanding a trade to play with their brothers any time soon.
  15. NHL.com and TSN both already have them ahead of us in the standings. Maybe it’s a mistake but I thought ROW was the tiebreaker they use after points and wins.
  16. I think Vancouver already passed us in the standings with the win last night. They have more wins than us and same amount of points.
  17. The season is done This ending can’t be worse than That of Game of Thrones.
  18. If they ever allow our players to have their own personalized goal songs I really hope Bahl goes with Big Balls by AC/DC.
  19. Mainly because I feel like Kuokanen is taking a top 6 role that he probably won’t hold for too long. Bastian is a prefect 4th line player. Big hits, fights, and has a slight scoring touch.
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