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  1. Upon further review I have to agree. Even the podcast is starting to lose steam for me.
  2. Jerzey


    Mogilny was pretty dynamic when he was playing with Gomez. Both of them really. But yeah I think Jack and maybe Luke are gonna go down as the most dynamic players in the history of the team.
  3. Dream off season for me: Draft Slaf Sign Gaudreau Sign Jack Campbell Trade for Fiala (2023 1st top 3 protected) Profit
  4. He yelled at them for not being able to chop a log like he could, haha.
  5. Alright Bratt Pack, where’s the announcement?
  6. Does anyone listen to the “Locked On” podcast? The guy who does the Devils Locked On podcast also does PBP. He might be a good choice. I like his takes on the Devils. Usually agree with him. https://thehockeywriters.com/author/tmatthews/
  7. Wouldn’t it be MSG who appoints his replacement anyway or do the Devils choose?
  8. Jerzey

    What to do with #2?

    I do feel like it depends on what happens with Blackwood. If they trade him then we need a new starter. If they keep him then they really just need a 3rd goalie who can act as injury insurance. Blackwood and Bernier were pretty good before injuries.
  9. Jerzey

    What to do with #2?

    I actually voted for Kakko over Hughes when we did this in 2019.
  10. Jerzey

    What to do with #2?

    Sorry about that. I thought you could change your vote for some reason.
  11. Assuming Montreal drafts Wright.
  12. So many options. Draft Slaf or Cooley? Draft Nemec or Jiricek? Trade down to draft one of them? Trade the pick. For immediate help?
  13. Ok we have to keep the pick now right!?
  14. Someone must’ve asked him about his cap.
  15. I mean I think we definitely would I just don’t see the other teams doing it.
  16. Nah I only go here and HF for hockey discussions.
  17. I hope we draft Jiricek or Nemec but if we’re to trade it I hope it’s for immediate young rhd or goaltending. Pipe dream would be to somehow get Wallstadt from Minnesota, Askarov from Nashville, or Knight from Florida but I guess there’s no reason for any of them to trade them.
  18. Value wise I get what you’re saying. I just don’t see trading for Fiala (or any winger) as a necessary deal to make when addressing goaltending and RHD is so much more important. I guess if it’s 1 for 1 it wouldn’t be too bad but I wouldn’t want to add much to Holtz and an extension better be in place. Holtz for 1 year of anyone would be crazy.
  19. Why does it seem like everyone wants to get rid of Holtz? He just had a great year. Scoring wasn’t even one of our main issues. Don’t forget Zetterlund and Foote both looked really good at the end of the season and there’s still Gritsyuk, Stillman, Clarke, and Thompson coming up. Just seems like an overreaction to trade young assets for a lateral move. Especially when we’re giving up 2 for 1. Trade from a position of strength. See what we can get for an LHD not named Hughes. Add a second or next years 1st which hopefully isn’t as low. See if they’ll take Zacha, Tatar, or Johnsson so we can add by subtracting. We’re headed in the right direction. Be a little more patient and don’t trade anything of value away until we’re sure of what we have.
  20. I believe we’re headed in the right direction. Just need another year or two of growth and making the right moves. I know it’s an unpopular opinion but I like Ruff and his style. Fits well with the players we’ve accumulated. They all seem to like him too. I think if we didn’t have all of the goaltending issues and had a better record to show for it people would be so against him right now.
  21. Can’t assemble a skilled group of guys like we have and then make them play the trap. Look at how Barzal’s production dropped.
  22. Hopefully Muk gets some ice time.
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