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  1. Bieber BBQ? She's from Texas I think...
  2. Also try Rudy's BBQ. Freebirds is awesome.
  3. I thought it was a oversized Honda Element at first. Then the tail lights looked like an Audi. It did look a Land Rover to me too but no badging anywhere and I didn't notice an oval Land Rover logo on the sticker. I saw it on a truck in a random shopping center parking lot. There were two of them on there, the other black. There were three other random cars on the truck too but weren't new.
  4. OK, enough of the nonsense. Can anyone tell me what car this is? It didn't seem to have any badging anywhere. I noticed on the window sticker (could barely see it) something like VRS or VR6 and EVI or EV1? Not sure.
  5. No one's perfect. She's gonna be in the Three Stooges movie.
  6. sammyk

    Wendy's Owner

    Six hours too late.
  7. sammyk

    Wendy's Owner

    Pretty sure it was founded in Ohio... Anyways, didn't this guy also try to but the Islanders?
  8. The new version is terrible from what I've seen on other boards.
  9. Wasn't there a commercial like that some time back?
  10. HD worked on DirecTV last year too.
  11. Nope, they usually fixed it over the phone.
  12. I dumped DirecTV and got me a Roku as I rarely watch TV these days and found myself DVRing everything. So this season I'm going to be trying out GameCenter for the first time. Hope it's worth it.
  13. So when will the Avs retire his number?
  14. They probably wouldn't do that so you're safe.
  15. I had no idea you are a cross-eyed basketball player. Then you don't know me very well.
  16. Please post pics of your supermodel wives and girlfriends. Thank you.
  17. I couldn't access this site so I figured the whole internet was down.
  18. Awesome stuff 3*s! Thank you!!
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