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  1. Heh, I got quieter even before that. When I moved down here my job didn't give me time to surf so I was kinda forced into it. Then when I switched jobs and was able to surf I never got back to where I was. I never cared for the name "NJ Devil" for the mascot. Wish they were more creative with it.
  2. Oh so all you wanted to say was you have a hot piece of ass at home. Big deal. Even people with hot girlfriends still look at others. Just human nature. If you say you don't, you are lying. Simple as that. --------- Also, why does everyone make it look like these cheerleaders are interfering with the game or something? It's not like they stand in your way and block the view of the game. If you are that easily distracted from the game because of cheerleaders then you need to be watching the game on TV.
  3. Congrats! Nice job getting on the A380. I've been to LA but never to that In n Out, found out about it later. Seen some great shots from there though. If I ever go back that is definitely on the to do list. Can't wait for the plane porn...here or FB?
  4. There is for the iPhone, probably others too.
  5. Well, who would want your opinion? I think you're safe. I miss those PMs.
  6. Who is Paige Boszhardt? When I first clicked the FB link on his website it took me to her FB page. Worked the second time though.
  7. Dammit, we need an update on the fridge drama!
  8. Kid seems mentally handicapped but I'm no expert. He was probably convinced to give it back which is probably why he dropped it instead of handing it back to her.
  9. I see your Newman and raise you a Newman.
  10. If it is local you will most likely get away with it (once or twice) but if it's from city to city then they will likely hold it then trash it or something. Either way, it's mail fraud and a federal offense and you really don't want to mess with the US Postal Inspector.
  11. Dooo eeeeeeeeet! http://www.gizmag.com/go/1132/picture/166/
  12. Dude, get yourself a nice new fridge. Fix your current one to acceptable levels and put it in the garage to make it a beer fridge! Problem solved! /thread
  13. Dunno what DevsMan84 is talking about.
  14. OK, who dropped the Snapple cap during the press conference?
  15. The Classic's have hard drives but otherwise it should be flash memory. Dunno about any lasers inside.
  16. I thought Lou didn't care for the number thirteen. EDIT: Bitch you can't be serious!
  17. Where are pics of her shooting the puck. I saw one of her holding the stick so I'm hoping she wasn't just holding it for him. Even I wouldn't go to sammyk's Paris and I'm sammyk! Meh, they are obsolete after two years anyway. Consider yourself lucky.
  18. Oh sh!t, the French are plotting against us.
  19. I would like top open a separate thread to discuss the opening of separate threads. Who's with me?
  20. You need to post the full size version of your avatar in AH. I will even create a thread for your convenience. Go go go!
  21. What if it's Paris, TX? Oh and nice avatar.
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