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  1. That is one big tattoo. Had it been a sig I would have been bitchin'! You should have gotten a giant Eddie tat instead! Unless you already have one, in which case you should have gotten another one!
  2. sammyk

    Need a signature

    Signature is TOO BIG! It's at Attention Whore levels.
  3. sammyk

    Need a signature

    Your sig should be text only.
  4. In my mind, that is Lou's long lost cousin. If he can help the team we will look into his services.
  5. AAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH????????????????
  6. When the hell did Denise Richards turn 40!? (in before 2/17/11)
  7. Sorry, I've been busy. Wait, is that Tres Estrellas? Where have you been?
  8. $200M a year? $2B? Wut?
  9. So Rowdy, were you the guy that won the $300+ million?
  10. It's already in the 80s down here in Tejas.
  11. How's that been working for you? Weatherbug is spyware.
  12. What he say, what he say?
  13. Did you have them replaced? No way those seals are 100% after 20 years. Is it a Tappan?
  14. You should really get rid of a microwave that old. It's probably not healthy.
  15. Good thing they made bidding anonymous huh? Nah, I really only buy model airplanes and trains and such from eBay.
  16. Now that I think about it I did the same thing when it hit the 2s a few years back...I posted prices in the 1s. This happened on this very forum!
  17. No way you are still in the "2s".
  18. Yah, same here, around $3.39 a gallon. I guess that is around £2.ll a gallon or 80 cents a liter and if my math is right £0.56 a litre.
  19. Slightly related, a lot of companies are utilizing iPads which is basically an oversized iPhone without the phone part.
  20. sammyk

    delete please

    I didn't call YOU a coward, the OP man, the OP! Sheesh.
  21. Oh right, everything is rather dull there isn't it? Much better here in the land of rebels!
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