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  1. Oh and if you like rotisserie chicken stop by Swiss Chalet. Their chicken combined with their dipping sauce is AWESOME!!!
  2. I once stayed at the Marriott downtown on Bloor. Nice hotel! Check out the CN Tower and if you want eat at the revolving restaurant there. HHOF of course, as you mentioned.
  3. sammyk


    Not really, the Pontiac in question, the G8, is based on an Australian Holden Commodore. So they are probably going to wrap up production but I think they are continuing with the Commodore that it is based on. Stop being a perv!
  4. I'm no fan of GM but I gotta say that Buick does have some nice looking vehicles these days. They don't look like their designed for the 60+ crowd anymore although that still seems to be their market.
  5. sammyk


    Unless you go to Australia and bring one back.
  6. There's nothing random about hump day!
  7. I'm pretty sure Greene's signature is a thing.
  8. See if you can use rkill to stop it and then run Malware Bytes.
  9. So you'd rather they put the ad, that is aimed at people that don't buy the newspaper, in the newspaper itself?
  10. Why do you insist on messing up this thread?
  11. ...this is just trauma according to...
  12. ...clicked on a useless thread...
  13. I don't watch Amazing Race but I always figured this was some old video. So it's from the current season? Guess it was a leaked video. Saw this lady and her friend on some show last night, I think Entertainment Tonight.
  14. sammyk

    sammy pr0n

    Yep, with a few 737 straggler. Pretty cool, did she get this job right out of school or had she been flying professionally before?
  15. Yep, I think some were posted earlier in the thread...
  16. ^^^ Yep...and it's Air Canada Jetz to be specific.
  17. Anyone got $600K? http://www.controller.com/listingsdetail/aircraft-for-sale/BOEING-727-247/1976-BOEING-727-247/1158061.htm
  18. sammyk

    sammy pr0n

    Nice, what will she be flying?
  19. sammyk

    sammy pr0n

    Seen 'em all already but thanks for posting them! 1. That's in Honduras. There was a bad accident there a couple of years ago, runway overrun. 2. Always a laught. 3. Fake, it was a commercial for something in Europe, can't remember. 4. Real...real scary!
  20. http://www.tapatalk.com/ This could be useful for non-iPhone users as I don't think the Android app for Invision is out yet.
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