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  1. Why is it that the Buffalo jerseys always get leaked? Didn't this also happen with the slug jersey?
  2. From what I understand of the two terms: A data plan is a flat rate fee for using data on your phone, typically a smart phone, so that you don't get ridiculous charges when you access the internet, etc. on the phone. Mobile broadband is for more of a laptop/netbook where you insert a card (or have a device with a built in card) that accesses the internet through the cellular network, 3G, etc. These are usually separate accounts, almost like another phone but are used just for data. In your case, if you were getting a Droid, you would go for a data plan. Which data plan depends on how much you plan to use. Probably best to get unlimited and if you find yourself not using it a lot you can switch to a more limited plan. Of course, every provider has some different terminology and there are things like tethering that come into play too.
  3. Does the software also support Tapatalk? I wanted to compare between Invision's app and Tapatalk.
  4. You can always put it in a 50 year CD at the SammyK National Bank. They offer 20% interest.
  5. I found out it was related to the gallery but I dont see a way to get to it.
  6. Mentioned in the update thread that it's working great. Couple of questions. At the bottom of the app screen (not forum screen) there is a camera icon as well as an author/write icon. Are these something that are activated on your end? Of particular interest is the camera icon. I'm wondering if I can take a picture and post it directly into a thread. Cool feature if possible.
  7. Looking good, DM! Writing this from my iPhone and it's working great! Would be nice if if the theme was red though. I'll check it out on the computer in a bit.
  8. sammyk

    Hedberg's new mask

    I like the concept but I don't care for Daveart's cartoonish style.
  9. I hope you don't delete the old ones. Even if they don't make sense they are part of our history and at least some of us will understand them. With that said, there has to be a lawn mowing related one, I think it was already mentioned though. Maybe a simple: "I mowed the lawn today" or "The lawn has been mowed".
  10. Shortest PK post ever not counting smiley only posts? "Don't worry about my death."
  11. Now we're gonna get a bunch of Korean posters signing up to tell us how he's such a great player and how he was cheated by an American team yadda yadda yadda...oh wait, this isn't speed skating...
  12. DM, do you get unsolicited donations throughout the year? The Isles board I frequent used to keep a thread for donations which would be updated everytime there was a donation (no names, just amount) and would also show the current balance of board funds. It would also show what was spent, whether that was for monthly expenses or to upgrade the software. Just an idea.
  13. Not just 'cause of that? So it does have something to do with it?
  14. Dew! How ya been? Just 'cause you won the board popularity contest doesn't mean the news stays because you want it to!!!!
  15. Yep but she was obviously going to the extreme to make a point. She looked fine without and would also look fine with a little makeup.
  16. Seeing how you're MrMoney it is expected!
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