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  1. Yep. Went through that when I worked for the IRS. They, the FBI will likely send a questionnaire to everyone you list. Might freak some out getting mail from the FBI. The entire process can take a year but they give temporary approval so you can start working.
  2. NZT, what are you referring to about post editing? Are you saying I don't like it when people edit their posts? ---------- DMs a nice guy but I hope he limits digs to maybe the lines if TEXT ONLY!
  3. The real reason behind the Kovy situation is because the league doesn't want DM to upgrade the software!
  4. What? You didn't know this was going to happen? You're slipping!
  5. They are supposed to be making an Android app too. Anything's better than a Blackberry. I can't stand those things.
  6. They are posting that everywhere. Here, the Isles board, you name it.
  7. Hayyy guys, it's gonna suck with Kovy playing in his 40s...what was Lou thinking here? Now we're stuck with him!!!11
  8. sammyk


    The Euro normally has two lines through it. Not sure if it's written with one line like the dollar. That looks like some sort of Celtic style E.
  9. sammyk


    He's still a tool so it should stay!
  10. Sweet! Although, this app would have been very handy today as I was away from my desk most of the day!
  11. Oh it's there: : hail : Oh you meant the other kind...nevermind then!
  12. http://www.invisionpower.com/suite/iphone
  13. You should suggest to the show Undercover Boss to approach CVS' CEO to do the show and use your store. How does one send...or shoot, as you say, a DM?
  14. I mowed the lawn three times since this all began.
  15. I just want to report the lawn has been mowed.
  16. Yah man, why so many damn managers? Is each one a manager of the other?
  17. Yah but you're always thinking of Stubbs.
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