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  1. I'm afraid to ask what "group surgery" is.
  2. People boo because they don't know any better.
  3. The Ninja Chick movie is done downloading. I'll be back in a minute.
  4. So tell her and see what she says: helene.elliott@latimes.com
  5. Yah, the one in the Springbrook subdivision. Weird, why would an insignificant water main break in a town of 50,000 make national news?
  6. Wait, the water thing made national news?
  7. I would like to report that the lawn has been mowed. I repeat, the lawn has been mowed. Carry on.
  8. [quote name='Middlesex' date='10 July 2010 - 01:12 PM' timestamp='1278785533' post='904606' idk man, FanHouse is pretty legit. i agree that TG would be more credible since its local, but if FH says it their ususally rite
  9. Doesn't AEG operate Prudential Center as well?
  10. I can see him sitting there responding to his offers with just "Ten Million"... I got a new offer, Ilya. eez tane meeellion? No. Tane mmeeellion. You bring me zee tane meeelion.
  11. Heh working on a sibling for Miss Rebecca were ya?
  12. I thought everyone checks on air and casino quality when they decide on a place to live.
  13. Oh yah, Brazilian porn star. *proceeds to download her videos...for research*
  14. What is that scribbled under his signature?
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