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  1. Great, this time I have to extrapolate the T. Can't we get a ninja chick with both T&A fully visible??
  2. Uhh shouldn't it be in Soviet Russia your represent agent?
  3. You don't know that, he's just being very public about it this time around.
  4. I saw part of A and extrapolated the rest. The mind is a wonderful thing.
  5. That depends, do you want her to carry your sword or hers? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  6. I didn't even see any proportions on her...I did see T&A though. Lara, Sara, fo Fara, I don't care what her name is. Oh, another internet Photoshop expert? Have you analyzed every pixel only to find that the image is not actually of scantily clad woman?
  7. No but it fits the current conversation. However, it WAS on The Final Countdown album.
  8. Did you know the Swedish hair band Europe sang a song called Ninja? Oh and I didn't care much for Shutter Island.
  9. I searched for Kovalchuk Parody and it was the first to come up.
  10. Next time don't poop in the ladies room. Or you can just search for it on YouTube!
  11. Mine has a cup holder...how can I put anything but beer in it?
  12. By the time he signs anywhere everyone here will have a nicely trimmed lawn.
  13. What's ol' Pavel up to these days?
  14. Lou won't fvck around like that. He'll put TWO severed horse's heads in Bettman's bed.
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