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  1. They haven't. However, now that you and others are complaining about it so much, Rangers fans now have another button to push.
  2. Is this thread serious? I understand liking or disliking a jersey design but petitioning to change it? Do you watch the team or just pay attention to what they're wearing? "Sorry, can't watch, there's a stripe missing on the jersey."
  3. It's public info anyway.
  4. Spent around $1k a week ago, did it go through?
  5. Well whaddya know, the goal light wasn't broken after all.
  6. Claimed by Nashville Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. http://www.northjersey.com/blog/fireandice/
  8. Ah Downtown. I find the suburban bars are more likely to have hockey on. Even Pluckers (chicken wing/sports bar place) shows hockey. I have seen college, AHL and NHL there on several occasions.
  9. His presence wasn't enough. She lost.
  10. Nice. I'll get to see him when the Monsters are in town.
  11. sammyk


  12. It might not be one game but it is one series. Also, since when do we want to do things like the NBA?
  13. You should have had the scoop on this!
  14. So they are moving money from one pile of cash to another.
  15. It's all that's ever mattered...in everything.
  16. This sucks. Hope it's an early April Fools joke.
  17. This thread is now awesome. This thread is now awesome.
  18. VPN to the rescue. Tonight I pretended to be in York, ON.
  19. So what is this look all about? Not that I mind, but it's different. I guess it's designed for touch devices.
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