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  1. Just watch. Pittsburgh won't qualify and by the magic of the league they will win the lottery.
  2. Tara Lipinkski is one tiny human being!
  3. An eternity on the internet.
  4. Wow, there really is a message board for everything.
  5. Pretty much the best part of this game.
  6. I knew that name sounded familiar. He posted here didn't he?
  7. Hey, don't mess with the Texas Stars! Actually, the Texas Stars are still owned by Hicks. A few months ago Gaglardi (Dallas Stars owner) announced that they would be buying the Texas Stars. I don't think the transaction has gone through just yet. It would suck if he bought them only to move them.
  8. If your image is of someone from say, Little House on the Prairie, then you are dead on!
  9. Sad to see him leave the Texas Stars. At least he isn't going to Pittsburgh!
  10. red, you should not have succumbed to the pressure. Your misspellings are legendary!
  11. You spelled Brodeur wrong.
  12. How do y'all not know what Hotstove is?
  13. So, who is the Devils fan at the Texas Stars game tonite? Hmm now I see two representing.
  14. sammyk

    NHL Gamecenter

    Have it, love it. Use it on Roku, iPad, Android tablet, laptop, PC, iPhone, Android phone, etc. Picture quality is HD level, at least to my eyes. Of course, this can change based on your internet connection. Yes there is a small delay so if you have alerts on your phone, turn them off if you are watching. I've only noticed that the NBCSN and NHLTV games are blacked out, but I am in Texas.
  15. Exactly. You root for the flag, not the players. When they wear the Team USA jersey they cease being Rangers/Flyers/Etc.
  16. Wow, it's not quite that bad here. There is at least one amateur rink here. Also, we have an AHL franchise here that seems to be doing rather well. At least on the surface. About 90 minutes away we also have another AHL franchise in San Antonio. Guess I'll stop complaining.
  17. Not in Houston but in Austin. At least you have a hockey bar there!
  18. sammyk

    Schneider Upset

    Oh Jehn, Iz what all zee kidz are zaying zeze days.
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