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  1. I would guess because there are also 100 different android GUI's that manufacturers put on top of android and every device acts differently so they have to make sure it works on them. I remember my biggest pet peeve with android was that some android apps didn't work as well on my incredible as they did on other android devices.



    This, my friend develops apps and this is his biggest complaint about Android. Its just much easier for ios devices. Sucks for us Android users though.


    Interesting.  I had read that these days developers create an Android app first then switch it to iOS instead of the other way around which is how it used to be.


    Also, my wife and I have two completely different Android phones and all the apps work the same.

  2. You new guys are overreacting.  I am sure signature sizes are not that big of an issue in sammyk's life.  It is more of a pet peeve that has good reasoning behind it--the forum is easier to read if we don't have to scroll though tons of huge pictures.  The content should take up more of the page than signatures.


    Also, why would you want to draw so much attention to yourself? Unless that's your goal of being an attention whore. If your content is quality then you don't need a large sig for people to look at your posts.

  3. that better?


    Doesn't matter now, I blocked it! :) However, if you've made it smaller it is good board etiquette and will be good for others!

    if you are seriously that worked up because a signature was too big for your liking.. well then i guess that says to everyone all we need to know about you... get out more often and find a life... lol how someone can run their mouth and start a problem because they don't like the size of someone else's signature is fvcking ridiculous. ... official board drama queen sammy k.. someone make her a special signature!(but not too large in size please)

    Stop being an idiot.
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