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  1. Donation made! DM, do you seriously still have an AOL acct??
  2. That's not gonna work, you'll need to host it on the internet somewhere. Picasa, Flickr, Photobucket, Imageshack, etc.
  3. Whoa, top banner got bigger.
  4. Your fat fingering helped the board!
  5. You have great taste in the classics! Were you in LA recently? Some of the plane pics in that folder look like they're taken at LAX. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Orkin ad giving me the creepy crawlies.
  7. I'm pretty sure people have been doing this before AGT existed.
  8. Yes, yes, I know, big Jersey hair...well, I was never a fan of it when I was there either...it's probably just extensions anyway.
  9. Well, these new pics are more flattering than that Devils photo. Get rid of that big hair though!
  10. Which Sarah? Don't vote for Austin Sarah, let her come back to Austin after failing in NY!
  11. Not TMI, more like TUM...as in Tell us more...
  12. Even though I live down here I would eliminate the one from Austin. She can come down and dance for the Texas Stars instead!
  13. Well, so do you but you still post here.
  14. He was 46/47 when he bought the team so he's probably around 51/52.
  15. I'd vote for Sara Veronica...and I really hope she's female.
  16. BTW, top ad isn't showing.
  17. Just right click and open in new window/tab.
  18. What does JVB's height have to do with this?
  19. Honestly, the only reason I saw the ads was because I redid my system and hadn't added ABP yet. However, the ads are not intrusive but I believe they are animated. I didn't even notice the lower ad (which is bigger) at first.
  20. Just noticed a banner ad. When did they start? BTW, not complaining. Just curious. Hope they help with funding the site!
  21. Damn, OK, way to get all graphic and stuff.
  22. You'd think he would ineligible to win a prize in his own tournament.
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