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  1. Oh yah, I have Tom Tom too. However, iOS6 is supposed to have turn by turn I think so I would wait before buying Tom Tom to see how it is. Forgot about mentioning Paypal. It's a nice app. You can even deposit checks to your Paypal account with it. Also, if you are a Slingbox user, you can buy their app and watch TV on your phone.
  2. Oh yah, get the The Chive app.
  3. sammyk


    If Willa Ford were to come to every game naked then sure. If Willa Ford were to come to every game naked then sure.
  4. SoundHound & Shazam for song ID Pandora Flashlight Tapatalk (to read this site, among others) IMDB Redbox (if you use it) Fandango HBOGo (if you have HBO) Netflix, Hulu if you have them Starbucks, Walmart, Amazon if you frequent them News apps...CNN, Fox, etc...plus NJ.com Sports apps, Fire & Ice, CBC, TSN, NHL Airline/travel apps if you travel For Games, right now I'm playing Flow, Words with Friends and Draw Something.
  5. Probably shoulda waited for the iPhone 5! Anyways, what do you have so far?
  6. sammyk


    Why do you idiots keep quoting the damn picture!?
  7. sammyk


    Why can't I click next!? I want more dammit!
  8. sammyk


    Hey hey hey, y'all are gonna get this locked or moved!
  9. Either way, they're putting in an insurance claim so what's the difference?
  10. Lou will give up the pick next year so he doesn't have to put a #13 jersey on a player.
  11. We'll just have to find another source of fiber.
  12. What are the chances of having two weather geeks on one Devils message board? Look up the user ThreeStars if you haven't already!
  13. Obviously Daddy #1, ahem, came first...
  14. You're in the remake of "My Two Dads??" Kidding of course, congrats!
  15. That thread turned out quite interesting. I don't think it can be repeated with the current crew though!
  16. You'll have to save them to your computer and upload them in a gallery here (not sure if that's been turned off to save bandwidth at the moment) or upload it to something like Photobucket.
  17. Well, he seriously can't post a link!
  18. Holy crap, a Zamode sighting!
  19. Well, sure, but every pornographic "actress" is called a "star" so it really means nothing extraordinary.
  20. Taylor Stevens is an ugly ass porn star.
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