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  1. I think ESB covered that pretty well on the first page of this thread.
  2. Yah, I know he had the flu, and when he was put in against the Fins he was probably sh!tting his pants on every save. Even still, as sick as he was, he saved the game for you guys...IMO. I'm praising the guy, sheesh. Oh, and I watched 5 of the 6 games, gimme a break here. I miss one, and I missed everything?
  3. When the team you are rooting against loses, of course you're gonna be happy, just as would be happy if Russia lost. Why is this even a question?
  4. Yes, I did watch some of the games, and I stand by what I said about Fleury being the difference. I'm not saying the US was any better, but ya hafta watch the games objectively. In the game against the Fins, I think you guys would have lost had they not pulled LeNeveu.
  5. What does the make up of the Devils have to do with it? I didn't root for Canada during the Olympics, why should I now? Canada is lucky to even get the Silver. Fleury saved their asses.
  6. Sweet, finally someone I was rooting for won.
  7. YES will show this game at midnight...go russia!
  8. i agree, it IS fun to read about the rangers woes, etc. also, can't stand it when people get irritated about non devils talk in the hell forum, while the heaven forum collects dust. makes ya wonder why that forum even exists, since all the talk is here.
  9. sammyk

    Site Updates

    why is that? is it out of your control?
  10. sammyk

    Site Updates

    first off, nice job with the site. question about this page. why does it take sooo long to load? this is nothing new, it's always been that way for me. also, the "forums" logo looks a little crusty, but you might be working on that.
  11. sammyk

    Woo Doggy!

    sens must think they're getting paid per goal now!
  12. sammyk

    Panthers Pop Marty

    Try meverson@nypost.com That seems to be their format at the Post...@nypost.com
  13. sammyk

    Rangers Snippet

    you mean carl and bonnie won't trade him to us? if this happens, watch him stay on the rags and be their oldest player...like a kid who was left back in school or something.
  14. sammyk

    Pandolfo Snubbed

    no, you're right...on nhl.com they tell you who picked the stars, its not internet voting...it was WBZ radio 1030.
  15. sammyk

    Philly Lost

    well, they lost to nashville...that's something bad...
  16. sammyk


    how is observing burns' pp attitude being the same in nj as it was in boston being a homer?
  17. it's not a matter of having access to a phone to make deals...it's a matter of having your gm present when the team is down. not being around when the team is down makes it look like he doesn't even care, and that he puts his vacation time before the team. by your reasoning he should have conference call pep talks...bet they love that.
  18. sammyk

    Pandolfo Snubbed

    weird, on the radio i thought i heard them say it was pandolfo, grahame, and brodeur. maybe it was their (devils radio) own and not official.
  19. i think sather is doing a great job. he should fire trottier and bring back low!
  20. if any of you have center ice, try to watch it on the blacked out channel it might work. i was able to see a few games this way, and one was even on metro but they showed the other teams broadcast. me, i'll go to my dads house to watch.
  21. why not just say it? he can more than afford the fine.
  22. 1 Gordie Howe (1946-1980) 1767 2 Mark Messier (1979-2002) 1639 (37) 3 Larry Murphy (1980-2001) 1615 4 Ray Bourque (1979-2001) 1612 5 Ron Francis (1981-2002) 1604 (35) 6 Alex Delvecchio (1950-1974) 1550 7 Scott Stevens (1982-2002) 1548 (32)
  23. YES Network is going to broadcast some USA games as well: http://www.yesnetwork.com/network/index.cf...?cont_id=154380 As for Devils prospects, I think there are only two: Czech Republic: Marek Chvatal, LW, Sarnia (OHL) U.S.A.: Barry Tallackson, RW, Minnesota (NCAA) and this is the guy we gave up in the Anaheim trade: Slovakia: Igor Pohanka, LW, Prince Albert Raiders (WHL)
  24. What did it say? Seems to be different now...
  25. I think it's the other way around. Wasn't it Lindros AND a conditional 1st in '03 for Hlavac, Johnsson & Brendl? The condition being Lindros play X amount of games, which he did...so do the Rangers get their 1st in 2003?
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