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  1. sammyk

    Nabakov Signed

    It would be interesting to see if Nabakov will now have "NewContractitis", and not play as well as expected.
  2. That's just a rumor. Lou has no comment on rumors.
  3. sammyk

    5-3 Lightning

    5-3? It's 4-2, or is that a prediction?
  4. I hear Irbe just had his wisdoms pulled a few days ago, and that he may play tonite...hope he's still groggy
  5. Ah, well thats cool. I saw that she (I think I remember the poster as being a she) had posted the same message on the other forum, so I thought maybe you two at least knew each other. Interesting, two Storm/Devils fans. Well at least there used to be! Oh, and consider it signed by me as well.
  6. ManchesterStormFan, are you, or do you know "kickice" from another forum? He/She seemed to be a Devils fan only when Kurt Kleinendorst was in a coaching position. Oh well.
  7. I think the Preds owner is making out like a bandit. He didn't make a big splash in the FA market, and if they don't make it he's out only $1 million(?). That's cheaper than paying some guys millionS and MAYBE making the playoffs. Now the STH will think he's being nice giving their money back, thinking he tried or something. Suckers
  8. sammyk

    Give Me A Break

    Are they not selling these caps anymore? Like someone said, why not just change the name? Now I bet people who have them will be selling these hats for more money because you won't be able to get them.
  9. Another article about it, in a LI newspaper oddly enough: http://www.newsday.com/news/local/wire/ny-...p-regional-wire
  10. This part is key. I think they had it in some of the pictures they had shown a while back. It would be nice for me to just hop the train in Middletown, get off at Penn, and walk to the Arena. No tolls, no gas, no parking, just the train and game ticket. Also perfect for concerts. B)
  11. What was said in the deleted thread? I kinda saw it earlier, I think...
  12. His teammate Belfour went undrafted I believe. Anyways, the point was, that since he was 28 w/ some expericence, I don't think you can compare it to teams passing someone over in an Entry Draft, who are unexperienced.
  13. Nope it's 13 pages actually. Someone sent me the link last night, but it was too long to read at the time. Here's the link incase you're registered: http://www.nytimes.com/2002/10/16/sports/h...TRANSCRIPT.html
  14. He went through the entry draft twice? I thought he was drafted in the first round by the 'Hawks. Anyways, it's still different w/ the entry draft than this. Lots of unknowns there. This guy is 28 and has played in the NHL, teams should know more.
  15. When someones picked off waivers doesn't the team lowest in the standings at the time get first chance? If so, someone on another board made a good point. If he was deemed as being so good, wouldn't some lesser team have grabbed him first?
  16. sammyk

    Fischler 10/15/02

    I think he would. He had let him talk to other teams (even the Rangers) in the past, why not now?
  17. http://www.washingtoncaps.com/games/nhl_ca...&cont_id=136945 Capitals Claim Right Wing Andreas Salomonsson Matt Pettinger Reassigned to Portland October 15,2002 - The Washington Capitals today claimed right wing Andreas Salomonsson off waivers from New Jersey, announced vice president and general manager George McPhee. To make room for Salomonsson in their 23-player lineup, the Capitals reassigned 22-year-old left wing Matt Pettinger to Portland of the American Hockey League, Washington’s top minor-league affiliate. Salomonsson, 28, began his North American career last season after New Jersey drafted the 6’ 1”, 200-pound, Ornskoldsvik, Sweden native in the eighth round, 163rd overall, in the 2001 Entry Draft. Salomonsson played 39 games with New Jersey in 2001-02 and recorded four goals, five assists (9 points) and 22 penalty minutes. In 19 games with Albany of the American Hockey League last year, Salomonsson had three goals, 10 assists (13 points) and six penalty minutes. Prior to coming to North America, Salomonsson played 11 seasons in the Swedish league and recorded 79 goals, 86 assists (165 points) and 350 penalty mintues in 381 regular-season games. He played 10 seasons with Modo before joining Djurgardens IF for their 2001 Swedish Hockey Championship run. Salomonsson will join the Capitals’ lineup Thursday at Carolina as Washington plays its second of eight consecutive road games before returning to MCI Center, Oct. 30 to face Boston. For information on Capitals tickets, please visit the team’s official website, www.washingtoncaps.com, or call 202.432.SEAT.
  18. These are the worst ads i've ever seen! I guess it wouldn't be so bad if they didn't show them every two mins. How many times will JR serve his roast and ask where the TV is??
  19. sammyk

    Nhl Trivia

    Yah it was 62. I just don't like remembering that season for another reason
  20. sammyk

    Nhl Trivia

    For number 3, what was the Wings' record? I thought the Habs held this record from their 76-77 season when they went 60-8-12? EDIT: Ah nevermind, I figured it out
  21. sammyk

    Buffalo Kicking Butt

    Well so much for that, 3-0 Chicago. I guess they used up all their scoring in the first two games.
  22. I thought it was Pavel that hated his dad? Do they both hate him now?
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