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  1. More like the media was dead set on bringing Roy in.
  2. Hey, he said OTOH, not OTAH...saved by the typo!
  3. sammyk


    One never knows when a light fixture will take the plunge!
  4. Yet somehow, with all that, they find a way to drive over to the golf course for the day in their S-Class Benz.
  5. Psst, hey guys, the pucks over here...what where? awww
  6. It is indeed snobbish. "OMG, mainstream music, turn it off, turn it off, I'm too cool to listen to mainstream, now I can't even watch this video for more than 45 seconds!". Gimme a break.
  7. Poor Kat Tappen picked the wrong day to wear a skirt...or right day depending on how you look at it.
  8. Wait, who are you and how do you know about that?
  9. Congrats! More important indeed! I missed Game 6 as well because I was celebrating my 2nd anniversary.
  10. Yes, but the idea is that he can't stop a beach ball.
  11. Stop being a music snob and just enjoy the video.
  12. I'm a just gonna sit here from now on. It make no difference.
  13. Wow, an LA sighting. So did you get to sit in the suite?
  14. Yep, Hurley came to mind when I saw him too!
  15. That dude is gonna get more vageen now than he's ever dreamed of.
  16. Devils Draw Something?
  17. Who will win? Crestor or Bacon Taco?
  18. What if Mr. Potato Head was a Mormon? Would he live on the border?
  19. Maybe he has a thing for Anna Faris.
  20. It's UTAH/IDAHO, how much traffic could there be?
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