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  1. Give Marty a break. Marty has a lot on his mind give him a break his sister-in-law, his mother-in-law and maybe his brother-in-law.
  2. Thank you PK, that was my point the other day about press coverage.
  3. Sheeps thanks again for the info. Attack all you want. The point that I made point in first post to this was it wasn't only the south that would hurt because of a lockout but that the north would suffer as well. Tell me you can't agree with that, Sheeps? So after that you can go where you want certainly your choice but don't put it me about average attendance or stats because that wasn't my point and if you read it again you see that. Have a nice day. And Sheeps you did react. You read what you wanted to read and wanted to show how good you are getting stats when that wasn't necessary because it doesn't alter my point. Again have a nice day. As for my many blanket statements, life is made up of blanket statements without facts to get the idea across and you asked for this, just ask G.W. or re-read Goerge's remarks.
  4. Sheeps thanks for the work, not required however, please re-read what seemed to send you into orbit, "Hey Brad in the north 10 to 11,000 fans at a game is a lot and is sometimes the norm." So so Stats on averages don't cover one game I didn't mention average, every game or team for that matter. Don't get like Triumph, and go into orbit, read first. thanks however for the stats.
  5. Brad Tapper said "It takes a lot to get fans into hockey in the south. And if we go into a lockout, we might lose fans there. Sometimes we only get 10,000 or 11,000. For us as players, we have to realize what's at stake here." Hey Brad in the north 10 to 11,000 fans at a game is a lot and is sometimes the norm. This issue is a power struggle with a lot to lose. Hopefully there won't be "my way or the highway" or an "arrogant stand off" attitude in the negotiations.
  6. GetReal

    Press Coverage

    Triumph, are you still on your high horse? TV rating in gerenal were off for NHL hockey and continue to be off. As for the Nets keeping Kidd, that move was a no brainer, without Kidd the Nets don't draaw on Yankee Net and therefore no money from advertisers, simple don't you think Triumph. Hockey fan base isn't growing Triumph, while they may grow in the expansion cities they lose in the core cities. If defensive hockey is the answer, your answer Triumph, why does the NHL continue to talk about taking actions that will bring about more scoring? Answer, without more scoring hockey will become boring, fighting is off so that's no longer an interest to the fan. WOW defensive hockey, played between the blue line will be the end of the NHL. Trust me Triumph on this one. NHL TV contracts will go away, fans won't go the the games, prices will have to increase, more fan loss, corporate tickets sale will go away, look at the Devils the Corporations can't give away the seats they sign up for to customers, so their employees use them, that a benefit not planned for and when they try to find an employee that will go to the game they have trouble so empty seats in the lower section on a continuing bases even during playoffs, these are already paid for seats Triumph. So you continue to champion defensive hockey and in time you won't have hockey to watch. Maybe before that the lockout, if it happens, will kill the game. Just not enough interest Triumph, no excitement, game difficult for some to understand. Lack of Scoring in soccer keeps the TV rating low and NHL hockey is tie with the TV soccer ratings and falling.
  7. GetReal

    Press Coverage

    One can't compare NJ Basketball and NJ Hockey game attendance to anything nationally. As for attendance records for the Nets vs the Devils the Nets are building a contender and spending money which is an interest to team, sport and NBA fans. NJ Attendance records for both teams is weak do to limited market and costs for going to a game in NJ. Basketball has more fans and therefore more people want more coverage. Hockey, the NHL, hasn't created a market for fans. As for complex.. how difficult is it for a hockey journalist to write stories about the Stanley Cup and the team that won it. Not difficult at all. It's the lack of hockey or team readers that doesn't get the stories printed in the press. The NHL and it's owners don't understand that. Hockey is dying a slow death it's not growing it's fan base. Expansion was wrong, quality scoring has gone down, defensive hockey is boring to more hockey fans except when the Cup is on the line.
  8. GetReal

    Press Coverage

    The Nets get more press nationally and locally just signing players than the Devils did winning the Stanley Cup. Must be the fan attention and interest difference between the NBA and the NHL.
  9. Stan has become an idiot but this is a nice piece of work. Nice tribute.
  10. Triumph, what's your point? "DeVries is no better than a #4" Are you saying he isn't any better than Scott Stevens?
  11. GetReal

    Can You Believe??

    Will Lou allow this? He is still Nets Chief Executive Officer? It's one thing during the season to have a player or players go after a coach, remember Larry, Robbie and Lemaire but at player contract time as a condition. It's happen before for sure but as open. Sports - New York Post KIDD TO NETS: BANISH BYRON Thu Jul 10, 3:46 AM ET By FRED KERBER In a bombshell demand to Nets ownership, Jason Kidd has asked the team to fire coach Byron Scott if they hope to keep him from jumping to the Spurs as a free agent, The Post has learned. The All-Star point guard, according to several league sources, delivered his request during a midtown meeting Tuesday night with his agent, team owners and club president Rod Thorn. Kidd and Thorn could not be reached for comment yesterday. One source said that Kidd told Nets ownership his complaint stems from Scott's in-game coaching and that the removal of the second-winningest coach in franchise history is one way to prevent him from going to the San Antonio. Kidd and Scott, on the surface, seemed to have a good working relationship. They are friendly and have golfed together, but during the season there were rumblings that Kidd disapproved of Scott's in-game decisions. After the Nets were ousted in Game 6 of the Finals by the Spurs in a game where Scott was criticized for his fourth-quarter adjustments, sources said Kidd told Nets brass his son "T.J. could have coached a better quarter." "Jason expressed concerns, ranging from team personnel, to life after basketball to the current coaching situation," said one of the sources. "This has been brewing for some time," maintained another source. Scott, contacted last night, sounded stunned by the development. "I have no reaction," said Scott, who won three title rings as a Laker player. "It surprises me." Asked if he sensed any ill feelings or animosity from Kidd in their two years together, Scott quickly said, "No, not at all." Scott's agent, Brian McInerney, who has been with the coach for 19 years, said last night that he spoke with Kidd's agent, Jeff Schwartz, after learning of the player's demands. "I talked to Jeff Schwartz frequently and we both believe that whatever is decided should be decided in a professional manner and not in a public debate," McInerney said. "I doubt the validity of this meeting without an official comment from Rod Thorn. These releases harm the franchise, harm the players, harm players' families. Everything should only be released through Rod Thorn." The Nets took the ultimatum very seriously but likely would not move against Scott until Kidd commits to stay. Team brass is expected to start reviewing possible coaching candidates, such as 2001-02 Coach of the Year Rick Carlisle, Mike Dunleavy, Doug Collins and Mike Fratello. In addition to his demand on Scott, Kidd also wants an upgrade in talent, so the Nets are seeking to lock up his friend, free-agent center Alonzo Mourning. Thorn had just returned from Miami, where he met with Mourning and his agent, Jeffrey Wechsler. The Nets feel strongly they can land Mourning for the mid-level exception, roughly $4.8 million, if Kidd stays. Yesterday, the path to Mourning became easier when Heat president and coach Pat Riley said he was not willing to go beyond one year for the center and it would take a "heroic" gesture by Zo to stay in Miami. The Nets, after the Spurs' whirlwind, two-day courtship of Kidd and his wife, Joumana, in San Antonio, are prepared to make every attempt beyond the six-year, $99.225 million maximum contract to keep him in New Jersey. Kidd presented his side at Tuesday's meeting, the first of several sitdowns planned for this week. Kidd would receive a management-level position with the Nets after he retires. There were other issues discussed, such as job opportunities in TV for his wife. More than one source maintained that Joumana, while admittedly impressed by the Spurs' presentation, is leaning heavily toward remaining in New Jersey. While the Spurs also can offer TV opportunities, San Antonio and the Riverwalk are not New York and Madison Avenue. If the Nets fire Scott, Kidd could emerge as a villain. But if the Nets continue winning - they've been to the Finals in Kidd's two seasons - who would care? Scott is 127-119 (.516) in three seasons. He coached the Nets to their two greatest NBA win totals - 52 in 2001-02 and 49 last season, landing in the Finals both times. The Spurs were pleased with their presentation to the Kidds but they are not getting overly excited, fearing the longer he's home, the stronger the Nets' chances become. "The purpose of the trip was to provide a feeling for the personality of our organization," said Spurs GM R.C. Buford. As for whether he thinks Kidd will sign with the Spurs, Buford said, "I have no reason to feel one way or the other." Mourning and Kidd grew very close with the 2000 U.S. Olympic team. Mourning has said he is watching Kidd's decision very closely. Mourning is being courted by several teams, including Dallas, with reports the Mavs have offered at least three guaranteed years. Some speculate he would prefer to stay in the East, and with the Nets, he would be close to Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in Manhattan, where he has been treated for the kidney illness that forced him out last season and for all but 13 games in 2000-01. One of his closest friends, former Georgetown roommate Dikembe Mutombo, is already here.
  12. Any time 70% of the teams make the post season playoffs something is wrong. Probably at least half of the teams will be less than 500%. It makes te regular season a waste. 5 teams out of 7 in a division is too many. 3 or 4 is more like it. It's all about money for owners. They are positioning themselves for the NHL lockout and fans switching to watch in person (not TV no contract for national viewing ) the AHL games. Smart move for AHL, there is a message there that Bettman is going to have a lockout and destroy NHL hockey.
  13. 5 of 7 how stupid why not 7 for 7 it's a move done for money for owners. Hockey Thursday, July 10, 2003 American Hockey League Changes Divisions HILTON HEAD, S.C. (AP) - The American Hockey League announced changes to its divisional alignments and playoff format at its annual board of governors meetings on Wednesday. The league will change to two, seven-team divisions per conference next season. There were three divisions in both the Eastern and Western Conferences last season. The Hamilton Bulldogs, St. John's Maple Leafs, Manitoba Moose and expansion Toronto Roadrunners will play in the Western Conference's North Division next season along with Cleveland, Rochester and Syracuse. Hamilton, St. John's and Manitoba played in the Eastern Conference's Canadian Division last season with now-defunct St. John, New Brunswick. The top five teams in each division will qualify for the postseason, with the fourth- and fifth-seeded teams facing each other in a best-of-three first round. Those winners will play the No. 1 seeds in their divisions while the second- and third-seeded teams will meet in the best-of-seven second round.
  14. Mr. NJ DEVIL, thank you for the ride. I sincerely hope that at your retirement announcement they announce that they will retire your number to the rafters immediately. I also hope you get some kind of meaningful job in the Devils organization after all the years you have given them. Best wishes Dano.
  15. GetReal

    Red Wing Problem

    All they need to do is throw a couple of million his way plus the original contract or better and he goes. He's in the drivers seat, I think. Red Wings won't go with all three and 8 million is a little steep for a backup goalie.
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