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  1. There is only one team I will always and under any circumstances root against. You all know who I am talking about Once they are eliminated, which is usually rather early, I can follow the rest of the games pretty relaxed. As for the Islanders, I don't really like them, but since they got two german players on their roster, I hope these guys do well. Just like I hope Grubauer and Draisaitl do well. For example, it would be really great to see Grubauer backstop Colorado to a Stanley Cup. Wouldn't mind that at all. If the Islanders win, I would have no problem with that either. That does not mean that I will ever root for a Devil opponent.
  2. I watched it all the way through, because I wanted to know what would be worse: Watching the Devils play or getting mauled by the ENT doctor this afternoon. The game will be hard to beat, that's for sure.
  3. And yet, he is playing 19 minutes a game for Boston and leads them in +/-. Moore is a better player than Lovejoy, Greene or Mueller any day of the year.
  4. You the guy that took the photo of Blake and himself? Must've been an awesome night for you, one that you will never forget. LGD!
  5. You really have to wonder how tough it must be for a team to climb back into games, only to see another softie go in on your end. With flipped goalies, what would the score yesterday have been? 5-1 maybe? 4-2? Imho we would never have lost the game.
  6. Time to put KK in goal in important games. Cory with 10 losses in a row, enough is enough.
  7. Seems to me as if this team is finally running out of gas. Especially the young guys hit a wall. This imho is not a question of willpower, but more a question of mental and physical drain. We might have to accept pretty soon that we'll probably miss the playoffs, but overall there finally is a positive outlook. Once guys like Hischier, Bratt or Butcher get a little stronger and get used to playing that many games on this high a level, we will have a real good base. Also, the injuries to MoJo, Gibbons and now Schneider have been pretty devastating. With those two we'd have a lot more options up front, could sit a guy like Bratt, who has come really down to earth lately. Next week will be really tough. I still have minimal hope that we can turn this thing around, but the flame isn't much more than a flicker.
  8. They are really good at creating odd man rushes and finding the open man. Those fast counter attacks are very well structured.
  9. Lundquist as well. As a goalie you are always less of a team player and somewhat more on your own. And you are always more in the spotlight if you make a mistake because goalie mistakes almost always result into goals. There is no additional line of defense. The former german soccer coach Max Merkel once said it's a good idea to stay away from goalies and left wingers, because these guys are weirdos. Their surely is some truth in this, at least for the goalie part.
  10. No doubt he was bad. Yeah, he went to a knee just like Nico did in Columbus. Hischier was hit by the puck and Greene wasn't which makes Hischier a hero and Greene an idiot. Sorry, but hockey isn't that easy and it isn't black and white only.
  11. Greene is bad enough, I really don't get it why you have to fault him for other peoples mistakes as well. goal 1: A normal pinch, there is nothing ridiculous there. Santini makes the mistake, Bratt doesn't hustle back and lets his guy go. goal 2: clearly a terrible pass by Greene goal 4: this is where it gets really bad. There was no icing the shift before. The period just started. There was no d zone faceoff. goal 5: Yeah, right, he has another guy he tries to get away from screening Schneider, simultaneously tries to block the shot and it's his fault the puck doesn't hit him. Like I said, Greene is really bad this season, there is no doubt about it, and I know you hate him, but please try to be a little more objective.
  12. I wonder though why they don't send him to Binghamton to play and get his confidence back. To have him sit and watch is the worst thing you can do to somebody who is already down.
  13. There is absolutely nothing Greene can do on either of these two goals. He took care of Martinook on the first and on the second he tried to block the shot and it went through his legs. This happens, to blame Greene for this is just dumb.
  14. This is totally ridiculous. He looked bad on the first goal but did absolutely nothing wrong on any of the others. He was on the ice for two of the other four, but that's about it.
  15. One of these days the Rags will even have to play a road game or two. Their schedule has been super easy so far.
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