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  1. Tedenby wore #9 when he played in the Swedish league, hopefully now that he has his old number back he can gain his old form back.....
  2. I think Bell playing another year in the WHL could be a good thing since he has only played one year as a forward. I understand that this would be his 4th year but second as a forward and a chance to really (potentially) dominate the WHL in scoring could be a good step for his confidence which, considering his past, could be a good thing for him before he turns pro.
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't there a limit to the amount of pro contracts that each team can have? 50 I believe. And don't the Devils have 48 or 49 players under contract? That might be why someone like Bell or Black aren't playing in the AHl.
  4. I knew what this thread was about before I even opened it, but yes, we all knew it.
  5. That Blues jersey looks like something a sh!tty travel inline team would wear.
  6. When the Devils current jerseys came out they lookes very "90's" and extreme I gues for lack of a better word. 20+ years later they haven't changed and that's why they look classic nowadays. I think the longer you let a design stay the more vintage it becomes and I think that's a mindset that Lou must have taken with him from working with the Yankees. Instead a lot of teams want to make a new jersey every 5 years or so and add a third jersey ever couple of years and when you do that you end up with this disgusting Buffalo jersey.
  7. Looks pretty sick, flashy but not too much going on. Also a little off topic but, it just hit me the other day that whenever we play a team that decides to play their backup goalie against us it will be Brodeur or Schneider vs the other teams backup. Damn I can't wait for the season to start!!
  8. I'm not sure Boston had a spot/money for him.
  9. I'm pretty excited to see Ryder play, I don't think he'll have a problem with DeBoer. Most players seem to enjoy playing under him.
  10. I like the signing a lot. In a season or two when Henrique has reached his full potential I'm sure he will be worth more than 4 million.
  11. The two best Czech players on the same team finally.
  12. I'm not sure how Sergei Brylin isn't his choice for Russia. The only forward to win all three cups with the team.
  13. I feel bad for the Senators, they've lost so many great players through free agency and now this. I've always thought of them as the Devils of Canada.
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