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Status Updates posted by Devs4LIFE

  1. Callahan signed....Frucking get Parise signed now!

  2. Stamkos is signed....lets the Parise rumours begin.

  3. Larry Robinson for coach

  4. One word to describe the Devils right now. Winning.

  5. Henrique had a goal in the A-Devs 3-2 win tonight.

  6. How come the AHL all star jerseys look like actual hockey jerseys and the NHL all star hockey jerseys look like crap?

    1. Scottie2Hottie


      I like the All Star jerseys

    2. TheMazz


      The red ones looked pink. The blue ones were OK though

  7. Josefson has 11 points in 11 games in the AHL.

  8. Let's vote to send Tedenby to the all star game.

  9. After this season and the last few seasons is it safe to say that as a whole we are an injury prone team?

    1. NJDevs4978


      We've been an injury-prone team since Bill Murray left :P

    2. Dead


      This year YES, last year not really. Feels like we have 5x injuries this year over last.

  10. hopes the Parise-Zajac-Kovy line doesn't stay together.

  11. So this new line is called the ZIP line?? Can they play at LEAST one regular season game together before they are considered name worthy.

  12. Cause of his comments to TG, he probably doesn't but I wouldn't be surprised if he did.

  13. So apparently langenbrunner reads what we say about him on the forum.

    1. Quinn01


      where did you hear that?

  14. Cormier breaking his foot makes me happy for some reason.

  15. wants/needs pictures or video from training camp!

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