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  1. I think Bell playing another year in the WHL could be a good thing since he has only played one year as a forward. I understand that this would be his 4th year but second  as a forward and a chance to really (potentially) dominate the WHL in scoring could be a good step for his confidence which, considering his past, could be a good thing for him before he turns pro.

  2. Good info fiesty.  I dunno, while it'd be nice for him to get more development as a forward in the WHL, he could do the same at the ECHL level.  Considering he is already doing really well at the WHL level as a forward, seems like he could be driven to some bad habits if he stays there.  The only advantages to Bell waiting a year is that if the Devils don't sign him until 2014, he gains another year of waiver ineligibility - if he signs this year or plays a pro game at all, he's waiver eligible in 2016-17, otherwise he's eligible in 2017-18.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't there a limit to the amount of pro contracts that each team can have? 50 I believe. And don't the Devils have 48 or 49 players under contract? That might be why someone like Bell or Black aren't playing in the AHl.

  3. When the Devils current jerseys came out they lookes very "90's" and extreme I gues for lack of a better word. 20+ years later they haven't changed and that's why they look classic nowadays.


    I think the longer you let a design stay the more vintage it becomes and I think that's a mindset that Lou must have taken with him from working with the Yankees.


    Instead a lot of teams want to make a new jersey every 5 years or so and add a third jersey ever couple of years and when you do that you end up with this disgusting Buffalo jersey.

  4. Looks pretty sick, flashy but not too much going on. Also a little off topic but, it just hit me the other day that whenever we play a team that decides to play their backup goalie against us it will be Brodeur or Schneider vs the other teams backup. Damn I can't wait for the season to start!!

  5. This is Class A defamation and libel over and over and over again, month after month. I don't understand how the organization allows this to continue, these reporters are actively destroying the organization's image.

    The media doesn't care, as long as people click links to their stories they will post anything. Forbes/NY post just want to get the story out before anyone else.

    Go to any hockey website and the Devils NHL ownership story will be on the front page and they will all have Forbes as their source. That means more traffic to the Forbes website which means more money.


    Step 1: Post story without thoroughly checking your sources or doing research on the topic.

    Step 2: ????

    Step 3: Profit.

  6. QUESTION: Does Vanderbeek own Prudential Center as well or does the city of Newark own it and Vanderbeek simply rents it?


    Also, one would have to assume that the signing of Henrique is directly related to the sale of the team, let's just hope that the finances are sorted out before training camp starts or I think we'll most likely see him signed to a cheaper/shorter contract, which I personally hope isn't the case.

  7. Why is Patty a lock for center? Yes, he played well at center when the team needed it and can play it again, but I think with how many center we have already;  Henrique, Zajac, Josefson, Carter, Loktionov.  Elias should be a wing.  Especially if we have Henrique, Zajac, and Loktionov can play on the top line with someone like Elias on their left wing.

    I don't think Patty is a lock for center but I do think that putting him in the middle and putting Henrique on the wing adds a whole new element/ number of line combination possibilities to the team.


    I also think that Elias at center and Henrique on the wing* will benefit eachothers playing style.

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