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  1. I'm just gonna keep posting different line combinations whenever I think of ones that I like because why not? I'm pretty sure I'm on line combo #4.







    I like the second line a lot, classic playmaker in the middle and two snipers on his wings.


    This setup also takes care of the lack of righty shots playing RW.

  2. If our forwards stay as is, this is what i'm thinking:

    Elias - Zajac - Ryder

    Clowe - Henrique - Zubrus

    Josefson - Loktionov - Jagr

    Olesz - Carter - Bernier

    Barch, Gionta


    Elias - Zajac - Ryder

    Clowe - Henrique - Zubrus

    Olesz - Loktionov - Jagr

    Carter - Josefson - Bernier

    Barch, Gionta

    I don't think Jagr is going to play third line, although one could argue that when you roll 4 liones there isn't a true "3rd line", regardless Jagr probably joined the team with the understanding that he would be one of the go to guys on offense. I think he'll play on one of the top two scoring lines.


    Also not to call you out but I've noticed a lot of disdain for Gionta on this forum, which I don't understand. Sure he's small and doesn't have much NHL skill but he brings a certain element to our team that I'm sure most other clubs in the league would gladly welcome on their 4th line. Him and Zubrus are probably the two hardest workers we have and the Cart/Gio/Bern line is too good to break up, last season was a mulligan because they didn't play

    together too often what with all of the injuries and everything.


    I know I've posted a bunch of line combinations already though but how about this one:







    One more thing and I'll end my rant, I can't take credit for this but I was talking about line combinations tonight with someone I player inline with and he coined the Elias-Zajac-Ryder line as "EZ Ryder".


    Maybe this was already thought of on this forum but if that becomes a line can we refer to them as that because it's bad ashe.


    Who doesn't love a good line name?

  3. How about this, just for fun.....







    Extra: Josefson, Barch


    That second line seems like it would have such great chemisty, great combination of size, skill and work ethic.......same thing goes all four lines, but that second line :dizzy:


    My only problem with this lineup is having two lefty shots playing RW, I'm not a fan and I don't think Deboer is either.

  4. Line predictions....my favorite game. I still think a trade is coming, but with the roster we have now I see the lines looking like this:








  5. It would be nice if Jagr could do for Henrique what he did for Giroux, I definitely think that'll be a pairing for most of the season. Henrique is a smart hockey player and a natural goal scorer, he does the little things right. Jagr is a smart player who knows how to pass/make plays. I think that would be a good combination.

  6. Except Henrique was awful last year, and looked completely out of place at times without Zach and Kovy on his wings.  Granted, he had quite a bit of bad luck, or so it seemed, but still.  I think 30 goals is completely unrealistic.    


    This team doesn't excite me offensively right now - if you'd like to call Clarkson and Clowe a wash (which is generous for Clowe), then this team lost 70ish goals on the wings between Kovy and Parise the past two years, and have replaced that production with Ryder (who I expect scores around 20).  


    I expect Zajac to be less...useless this season, but hoping and praying one of the youngsters can make up that difference is a stretch.  Who honestly expects Teddy to stick?  And I think 15-20-35 would be great seasons for Josefson and Lokti.


    This team needs another scorer.  Doesn't have to be (and most likely won't be) a star player.  But just someone who can score some goals.

    If we can add a top 6 winger this team will have a good amount of depth. I think Tedenby can make the team this year, the opportunity is there, he's done his time in the minors, the way I see it the only person holding him back is himself. If he can put on some weight this offseason I really don't see why he can't make the team. He has the skill and the passion. He just needs some fine tuning and a top 6 scoring role, which is available for the taking.


    Also as far as Henrique goes, yeah he had a pretty lackluster season last year but I accredit that to a sophomore slump, he'll be back in form this year.

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  7. Henrique should really be on the wing and not a center IMO.

    I could see that happening, I would only do it if Elias moves back to center though, imagine a line of :




    Then again, keeping Henrique as a pivot so that we have a high scoring center isn't the worst thing in the world. I think with the right linemates Henrique can score 30 goals, he was on pace for 22 last year if it was a full season. Not many teams have a center who can score 30.

  8. The way I see it, we have a big gap at RW


    LW                       RW                        C

    Elias                     Ryder                    Zajac

    Tedenby               Zubrus                  Henrique

    Clowe                  Bernier                  Loktionov

    Carter                                                Gionta

    Olesz                                                 Josefson



    So if we ever do end up signing Brunner, or we end up trading for a scoring RW a la Stewart, we can have a decent top 6 with a real solid bottom 6 that can fill in on a scoring role. We'll still have to be a scoring by committee team but those are the teams that win cups anyway. (Optimism)

  9. Am I the only one who thinks Urbom is getting phased out of the organization? No, him not getting invited doesn't factor in my opinion.

    Yeah, it seems to me that his time his running low. If he doesn't make the team this year then I'm not sure what chance he stands in the future. I hope we at least trade him and get something in return instead of letting him walk like Corrente, whom I believe will be a pleasent surprise for the Hurricanes if he can stay healthy.

  10. I don't think the Devils don't have the assets to trade for anyone like Paul Stastny.  It's whatever teams are willing to dump off, or the free agent market.

    What do you think it will take? They need an upgrade on D so we can send them Volchenkov, the rights to Josefson to plug in the hole at center left by Stastny's departure and a prospect defenseman like Urbom.

  11. I still say we make a move for Stastny, I know we already have a decent amount of pivots but Stastny would give us our first 1st line center since Arnott was on the team. As far as the wings go I'd rather have Jagr over Vanek who usually starts the season off hot and then cools down, Jagr can't still play the puck possession game and I think that at this point in his career Jagr isn't a ME ME ME type player, he's more willing to buy into a team system, otherwise he wouldn't have been successful on Boston.





  12. Welp, looks like we'll have an even tougher time to convince a big name free agent to sign here. Oh well at least now we're guaranteed to see Tedenby full time, maybe he can become the next Parise....eh?

  13. As we stand right now our Defense is the exact same Defense we had when we made our cup run, the only two differences being....


    A) Salvador and Zid are two years older and badly in decline.


    B) Larsson has another half season (Lockout shortened) of experience and will eat up a lot more important minutes than he did the previous two seasons.


    So to reieterate, A is bad and B is very good. When you think about it the situation could be much worse, also when Zid fvcks up we just scratch him and have Harrold play. The beauty of a 1 year contract.


    Also I don't think Volchenkov is as terrible as everyone gives him credit for, or a lack therof. I think that Salvador is worse than Volch, his contract would be easier to move anyway. Regardless I think the D we have is what we get next season, I could see a situation where Greene or Volch or Sal go down and we call up Gelinas or Merrill and give them a shot over Harrold.







    That's what we're probably looking at.

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