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  1. I'd go for Heatley over Vanek, we wouldn't have to give up as much to get him (Josefson/Urbom) but we'd have to dump more cap to get him as well (Salvador probably). I think it'd be worth it though, he's only got a year left so it's not a long term salary burden and he'd round oput our top 6 real nice being reunited with Kovalchuk. Edit: We'd also have to sign Henrique for real cheap this season, about 2 million. Heatley-Henrique-Kovalchuk Elias-Zajac-Ryder Clowe-Loktionov-Zubrus Carter-Gionta-Bernier Greene-Larsson Gelinas-Fayne Volchenkov-Harrold Merril
  2. I don't think Jagr would sign unless he was guaranteed a top 6 role on the team and he could play RW, unfortunately for him I don't think he fits into any of those positions on our team. It would be cool to see him play for the Devils but I agree with what was said above in that he'd probably be out of gas come playoffs.
  3. Thanks for all of your info guys! I can assure you all that this isn't hate mail, I'd never do that to Mr. Lamoriello (Unless he trades Elias). I'll be sure to write the letter out by hand as well as type it and I'll let you all see the response if I get one, thanks again. P.S. I haven't been on this forum in a while, at least a year, it feels good to be back on a forum and having real, thought out conversations instead of having discussions via facebook statuses with other Devils fans.
  4. I'm bumping this thread up because I want to write a letter to Lou Lamoriello but I couldn't find his PO box online and I couldn't find any old threads on this forum that had his PO box or email address. I know a number of people on NJDEVS have written both emails and snail mail to him so I was wondering someone could inbox me with Lou's contact info, it would be greatly appreciated. Go Devils!
  5. Devs4LIFE


    RFA usually takes a while, even if they're set to go to arbitration I wouldn't worry about it. Wasn't Zajac gonna go to arbitration a few years back and then about a week before it happened they hammered out a deal? Look at him now, locked up long term. As far as price goes I think Henrique will get about 2.75 for this year and probably somewhere around 3.5 next year although I'd like to see him sign for 2 flat this season just so we have some cap space in case we decide to bring in a player via trade as the season progresses.
  6. Go Devils! Shut the Philly fans up for at least the next few months.
  7. Let's not forget that before Greene was injured he was on pace for somewhere around 40 points so even though the team has done well without him it isn't as though Greene was having a bad season.
  8. Can't imagine the team without him.
  9. I think the question should be what does our D look like with a healthy Andy Greene? I'm guessing we dress 7 D with Greene taking Fosters regular spot and Foster playing PP/SH/4th line occasionally.
  10. Interesting, some time at home should be good for him anyway, can't imagine living in another country at 19 without any friends of family. Also, from the Shannahammer: "We reviewed this play extensively. The overriding factor in this two-minute minor penalty not receiving further supplemental discipline is the significant change of position to Larsson's head as he bends over and lunges for the puck just prior or simultaneous to the check by Erik Cole."
  11. Elias is the reason I became a Devils fan years ago, over the years as players like Zajac and Parise have stepped up Elias kind of took a back seat but he really has been the best player on the team the past couple of seasons and it will be hard to imagine this team without him.
  12. Where did you here this? I hope it's family related.....well you know what I mean.
  13. Fair enough. I'm expecting Tedenby and Zajac to heat up at around the same time if they stay together, Zajac is the type of player who makes his line mates better and so as Zajac gets his legs and a feel for the puck back I would assume Tedenby will probably start putting up some numbers.
  14. Just throwing names out there. But yeah I would send JJ down to the minors rather than mess with the chemistry of our top three lines if they stay consistent.
  15. Shame, the guy has so much talent that if he could stay healthy he'd probably be good for 80 points a season.
  16. If the lines keep playing the way that they have I would either send Josefson down to the minors or trade him for an upgrade on Defense. Say Josefson and Salvador for Matt Greene.
  17. My link For those who haven't seen said hit yet. I'd very much like to hear Shanny's explanation as to why this isn't a suspension, in my humble Devils' fan opinion I feel like the hit met all the criteria to be considered an illegal head shot, Larsson was in a vulnerable position that he didn't put himself into, the hit could have been avoided and the main point of contact was, get this, his head. I don't know I guess I thought third time would be a charm but I've been wrong before.
  18. I sure hope he keeps his production up and gets a nod, I've been following him for a while and it's nice to see that he's the real deal in the NHL.
  19. The fact that Elias got away with a penalty and scored a short handed goal proves that the hockey Gods exist, considering the way that game was being called.
  20. Vermette would certainly be a nice fit on this team. Wonder who they'd want in return seeing as they could use both a forward or a defenseman. Edit: If we're talking to the Blues I'm hoping for Oshie.
  21. I'd like to see Henrique play in Josefson's old position in between Kovalchuk and Palmieri, see what he can do there.
  22. I say go for it if the asking price is low enough, worst case scenario is that when Zajac and/or Josefson are back we move Turris to RW.
  23. What I meant was the more this drags on the more I feel like the kid has an attitude. I wasn't saying that going from NCAA to OHL was bad for his development I was just saying if he really does have an attitude problem then he'll probably be traded.
  24. Devs4LIFE

    Merril to OHL?

    My link The more this whole thing drags on the more I get the feeling that we'll never see him in black and red. Edit: It appears he won't be leaving the NCAA.
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