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  1. I'd take Turris but for the minimum asking price i.e. not Josefson or a 1st.
  2. 3 assists in 5 games for Urbom, not a bad start.
  3. Devs4LIFE


    My opinion on Kovalchuk is this, there are times when he looks dominant and times where he's a wtf type player. So far I think he's been more dominant than WTF so to speak...I also think he has bought into DeBoer's system quite nicely, he's been cycling the puck down low and fighting along the boards, both are things I never expected to see out of him. My biggest gripe is that it seems like he's been on the ice for a goal against in EVERY SINGLE GAME. That's bound to happen though when you play upwards of 30 minutes a game.
  4. 10/9/11 Devils vs. Flyers 3-0 LOSS Edit: OK I can't get the numbers to line up the right way so here's a link to the TOI stats. My link New Jersey › Pos G A P +/- PIM S EV TOI PP TOI SH TOI TOI 5 A. Larsson D 0 0 0 -1 0 3 15:14 6:20 0:12 21:46 6 A. Greene D 0 0 0 -1 0 1 13:25 0:45 4:38 18:48 7 H. Tallinder D 0 0 0 -1 0 2 12:50 0:07 4:19 17:16 8 D. Zubrus C 0 0 0 -1 0 1 12:10 2:15 4:37 19:02 9 Z. Parise L 0 0 0 0 0 3 7:54 5:12 5:11 18:17 11 B. Mills C 0 0 0 -1 2 1 7:03 0:00 3:34 10:37 12 N. Palmieri R 0 0 0 -3 0 1 9:38 2:51 0:20 12:49 14 A. Henrique C 0 0 0 0 0 0 8:56 0:00 3:46
  5. I go to school at William Paterson so I'll definitely stop by for a few games.
  6. Unbelievable how composed he seems out there. At times he looks like the best player on the ice.
  7. Better to get these issues out of the way now rather than later on in his career.
  8. Why did it take all the way until the end of his career for this to become a known fact? Either way it's awesome.
  9. Keep it up and the NHL is gonna put "STOP" signs on the back of the jerseys like in peewee leagues.
  10. My opening lineup predictions: Kovalchuk-Josefson-Palmieri Parise-Elias-Bernier Tedenby-Veilleux-Zubrus Boulton-Steckel-Clarkson
  11. I think Elias is going to center one of Parise or Kovalchuk and I don't think he'll work on a line with Kovie.
  12. My guess is that it'll probably be a radio PBP guy from another team, just to throw out a random name....Nick Nickson who does radio PBP for the Kings.
  13. Figured I'd bring this thread back to life since Zajac will miss the beginning of the season and I'm getting antsy as the summer wears down. Kovalchuk-Zubrus-Palmieri Parise-Elias-Tedenby (This line = ) Henrique-Josefson-Clarkson Boulton-Steckel-Zharkov Tallinder-Larsson Greene-Fayne Urbom-Volchenkov
  14. Good luck beating out the youth movement battling for a spot, Sal.
  15. What's with all the love for Gionta? IIRC everyone (myself included) was pretty sick of him by the time his contract was up. Anyway the Devils player I miss who is still in the NHL... Paul Martin. He is such an under rated defender and I he would have really solidified our defense.
  16. I had Center ice and loved it, mind you the HD selections still are slim. It's still worth the money to watch all of the teams play as you'll always have something to watch on TV after a long day at work.
  17. It looks more like they are just in the woods being angry as opposed to working out.
  18. This is from the Junior team evaluation camp, looks like he's trying out a pair of the latest Bauer gloves, stick and skates. His helmet, which is a Reebok, looks like the only official piece of Team Sweden equipment that he's wearing. Normally players would wear Reebok or CCM gloves and sticks. Anyone hear anything about him getting a sponsor?
  19. I hope these aren't the real jerseys. NHL jerseys have been ugly ever since RBK introduced their edge jerseys, I feel like teams are all finally starting to get decent Uniforms. This would be a step in the wrong direction.
  20. Devs4LIFE


    Look at that...it just looks right. Elias is a perfect example of what a Devil should be, he has overcome adversity fro sickness to being one of the only Europeans on the team, he comes in clutch and doesn't moan or complain like some other players. He led the team in points last year and refused to give up, he will also be a great role model for our younger players looking to make the jump to the NHL, not to mention he is the only player on our team to win the cup (twice) besides Brodeur. Experience in the playoffs is much more important to a championship team than people realize and is un
  21. No hurt feelings I suppose....I'm sure that can only help in them trying to resign him.
  22. He didn't really do or say much but he did what we needed him to do....good bye Trent.
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