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  1. I said it before but I'll state my lines again now that Rolston is gone for sure.





    Extra: Hunter, Boulton.

    I feel like with all the talent/youth we have on this team, this is the best way to spread them out with Veterans without there being too much pressure on any 1 particular player. It also gives us three evened out scoring lines and a solid 4th line that can probably pot a few.

    We roll 4 lines anyway so I don't see why having Elias on the "3rd" line should hurt his production, he'll get top PP/PK time anyway.




    Call up: Larsson.

    Nothing too exciting about the Defense, it is what it is.

  2. As far as us fans know, Parise's biggest concern was the coaching situation and the fact that we can't seem to keep a coach. I'd imagine part of the reason he only has a 1 year deal is to see how he feels about De Boer as a coach.

  3. It all depends if he gets signed before the season is over or not. For all we know the fact that Parise is on a 1 year deal could mean that he'll have a career season.

  4. So I'm guessing we're switching Tedenby back to LW now. Or is the team too lacking in RWs, so we keep working on his transition to that spot?

    I think he can help the team more playing RW than he can playing LW.

  5. Zajac with Parise isn't rocket science. I think Tedenby along side Kovy could be good as well. Now I don't know the positions from head so will give it a go.


    Kovy-Elias-Tedenby(If so)






    I think it's foolish to even try and guess anymore. :noclue:

  6. So a few weeks ago I wrote a thread about Mark Fayne and where he stands with the team next season and what everyone thinks about him as a player. Today I decided to do everyone's favorite Swedish meatball, Mattias Tedenby.

    Where to start? There's really not much to dislike about Teddy's game except for the fact that he is a little undersized and could work on his play in the defensive zone (Something he worked hard at to improve upon last season).

    Teddy was drafted as a LW but was converted to RW when he made it to the NHL, something we should all be extremely happy about since he could very well be our best RW next season. Another good thing about him is that I think he will be able to play on any line and still be able to contribute offensively, he scores goals, he makes nice passes and he can dangle like it's his job....which I guess it is and he goes hard to the net or into the corners. He reminds me of a poor man's Martin St. Louis.

    Last year in 58 games played he had 8 GOALS and 14 ASSISTS and was plus 3 all while playing on an average of 12:32 per games.....not bad for a 21 year old. His TOI will probably go up next season by a couple of minutes which can only help him as he receives more ES/PP time.

    Off topic but if I was the coach I'd stick him on a line like this:



    Anyway what do you guys think about him and how will he contribute to the team next season?

  7. he should never have been qualified IMO.

    according to cap geek, we're at $5.4mil without Fraser's or Taormina's salary.

    A roster move is the only option now to free up space for Parise.

    EDIT: Unless Salvador stays on LTIR and we get his $2.9mil cap space.

    I'm assuming we keep Salvador on LTIR or send him down to Albany....either way he'd be getting paid the same amount while not contributing to the team. I don't see where he'd fit in especially after Fraser was signed, Sal was good in his time with the team but he's 35 and will be 36 at season's end and I don't think missing an entire season will work out in his benefit.

    Also as far as signing Fraser....I'm assuming it has something to do with the fact that Fraser was the captain of the Kitchener Rangers when Pete DeBoer was the head coach.

  8. I know this kid is good but i have that perception of him that hes just a goon. Mostly cause his big helmet is giving him a "big retarded kid look"

    Am i the only one ? Haha

    The goon thing probably comes from the fact that Pronger wears a ridiculously over sized bucket as well. I guess some players think it feels more comfortable.

  9. If Urbom doesn't make the team I'd assume Palmieri gets 22, I wouldn't be surprised though if he stays with 32 since as was stated before we are running out of numbers under 30 and so giving players (Palmieri, Fayne) numbers in the 30's seems like the next logical step to take.

  10. I'm liking the fact that his style of coaching is being compared to that of Brent Sutter...remember the 08-09 season? That was an exciting team to watch, especially when Brodeur went down and Clemmer had to take over. We were scoring 4-5 goals a game and only allowing 2-3, The team was playin an aggressive forecheck followed by a nice cycle down in the corners. I really had high hopes for the postseason until we were matched up against the Hurricanes. :puke::horse:

  11. I'm a Tao doubter but he did look good out there, very patient with the puck and he looks like he put on a few pounds....it is important to keep in mind however that he is out there playing against a majority of players who aren't even comparable to NHL talent. The Josefson line was probably the most talented line out there and it was on the same team as Tao.

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