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  1. I'm a Tao doubter but he did look good out there, very patient with the puck and he looks like he put on a few pounds....it is important to keep in mind however that he is out there playing against a majority of players who aren't even comparable to NHL talent. The Josefson line was probably the most talented line out there and it was on the same team as Tao.
  2. If only us fans could fill up that arena.
  3. Probably signed on the advice of former team mates Kovalchuk and Hedberg.
  4. Devs4LIFE

    So, who's leaving?

    Maybe trade Rolston along with that pick we just got from Calgary to a team trying to reach the floor. *Ahem* Islanders.
  5. Good good signing, adds a whole new level of toughness to the team.
  6. I don't think you'd get a 1st or 2nd for White...maybe a 3rd. Think about your argument though, if we have a defenseman on the team who is worth a 1st or a 2nd with a good prospect, wouldn't he be more valuable on our roster as opposed to another team's? I think White is under* rated, sure he makes mistakes from time to time but so do most other players. White is a real steady shutdown defenseman, even Marty said you can't have enough White/Salvador/Volchenkov type players on the team. Besides White is the only D on our roster who has won a cup and he has a no trade clause, I don't think he's going anywhere.
  7. A lot of hockey players wear their socks like that, I'd give you a list but I'm too lazy.
  8. I think putting Zubrus with Elias and Rolston and putting Teddy with Zajac and Parise would have the same effect on Teddy's defenseive game. I think that if he plays on the Parise-Zajac line he will still be forced to learn a defensive game while still playing the the maximum of his offensive capabilities.
  9. Yeah I don't see him, according to this picture he is wearing # 36
  10. Yeah if his driving is anything like the way he plays hockey he's probably in a mini cooper swerving between traffic.
  11. Wonder why Tedenby isn't there....hopefully it's because his car broke down or something of that nature.
  12. PL3 used to be on facebook, I was friends with him and wished him good luck before his first NHL game, he's not longer on fb though.... I'm sure once Larsson signs his first contract he'll have to delete his twitter.
  13. This is true, I supposed it all depends on what the coaches intentions are.
  14. I agree that Rolston will get PP time and possible PK time but why do you think he won't be a 4th liner? Not only am I sure he knows where he stands with this team and their plans for him (being waived last season/topic of rumors about being dropped, I don't think he has much of a choice about which line he plays on. I'm sure that he's aware that he isn't playing up to what is expected of him and I'm sure he is also aware that there probably aren't many if any teams out there that want him so I think he'd take a spot on the roster regardless of where it is rather than being scratched. That 4th line with Steckel and Clarkson isn't awful looking either, that is to say it could be worse. I'm sure Rolston is a great locker room guy and vocal leader on the beach but he must know where his career is at this particular time in his life and he should just be happy that he is playing on a team that could make the playoffs and so on.
  15. I know this is a dead thread but I figured I'd share my thoughts on next season's lines. Forwards: Kovalchuk(A)-Zajac-Palmieri Parise©-Josefson-Zubrus Henrique-Elias(A)-Tedenby Rolston-Steckel-Clarkson extra: Pelley The first line will play well if it plays like it did last season, The 2nd line could be nice since you have both Zubrus and Parise playing a nice cycle game down low and Josefson dishing the puck out, it should also take some pressure off of his play since he'll be playing with 2 veterans who can handle a pretty good workload. I like the 3rd line because it has a playmaking center and two goal scoring wingers. Hopefully Elias can play mentor to Tedenby and groom him to be a devils scorer, also I know henrique is a natural center but he seems like more of a goal scorer but that doesn't mean he can't take defensive zone faceoffs and cover for Elias in the D zone from time to time. And the 4th line is what it is, they all belong there. What I do like is that is allows us to roll 4 lines with spread out talent, it also gives the team 4 centers who can play good defensive skills in addition to a lot of flexibility as far as switching players up goes. Defense: Tallinder-Fayne Volchenkov-Greene White-Corrente Extra: Taormina I put Corrente in over Taormina because I like Corrente's game, if only he could stay healthy. He dishes out big hits, can skate well, get the puck out of the zone and has a decent shot. But if he has a bad game he could be replaced by Taormina.
  16. Devs4LIFE

    Mark Fayne

    Exactly, he did all of the small things right and seemed to improve as the season went on.
  17. There aren't really many good free agents left and like what was said before we don't really need a utility man but, if I had to chose someone who maybe gets a tryout contract and a chance to earn a spot on the team I guess I'd go with....John Madden, why not?
  18. Devs4LIFE

    Mark Fayne

    So since I'm bored I figured that throughout the summer I would start threads dedicated to random players on the team for everyone to talk about. We can discuss their value to the team whether or not they will make the team next year, favorite moments, you name it. I decided to kick things off I would start the first thread on Mark Fayne. Stats: GP:57 G:4 A:10 +/-:4 PIM:10 TOI/g:17:50 I thought that in his rookie season Mark Fayne played above and beyond what we could have expected from him, almost immediately Lemaire put him on a top D pairing with Tallinder where he helped shut down the oppositions' top lines and was an integral part of our almost magical race to the playoffs. He had rookie moments that's for sure but he was also a fairly steady player in all three zones. I like Fayne because he can do a little bit of everything from hitting to blocking shots to scoring flukey goals, he seems to have a knack for getting the puck on net even though he doesn't have the best shot but as we all know just because you can shoot fast doesn't mean you're going to score lots of goals (I'm looking at you Brian Rolston). Anyway what does everyone think of him? Was his impressive rookie season just a fluke? Will he play as well under another coach? Does he have a spot on the team or will another prospect push him out? Discuss. Mark Fayne clip:
  19. I'm not sure if there is a place for Sal on the team at this point, I think Fayne is capable of playing the same role for less.
  20. I wonder how a Parise-Zajac-Tedenby line would look? Parise already said he'd like playing with Teddy, Maybe Tedenby's dangling will inspire Parise to try some moves.
  21. We should just turn this into a Tedenby appreciation thread.
  22. I don't know anything about the kid but, damn! That's determination right there.
  23. He'll get more than 2 mil, I'd say he gets 3.5-4 mil for his next contract.
  24. Tyler Kennedy wasn't qualified, anyone think he'd look good with Zajac/Parise? That line needs a new "Langenbrunner"; A grinder/energy type player who can score garbage goals, work the corners and always looks to pass it to Parise. I'm not sure Zubrus/Palmieri/Clarkson can fill that role.
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