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  1. Anyone think this is a possibility for a line? Parise-Zajac-Henrique See what Henrique can do with some talent aiding him, Typically I don't like players playing on their off wing but as it stands the majority of out RW's are lefties.
  2. I'm surprised no one mentioned Larsson's Flock of Seagulls haircut.
  3. As far as the forwards go I think this is a pretty realistic preview: Kovalchuk-Zubrus-Tedenby Parise-Zajac-Palmieri Elias-Josefson-Clarkson Henrique-Steckel-Zharkov Extra: Pelley Obviously it has its problems such as Zubrus playing such a large offensive role but he's also reliable in our own zone, also I feel like Zubrus would be the best bet besides Zajac to play center with Kovy since I don't feel as though Josefson is ready to play 1st line pivot. It also kind of puts Elias in a weird position on the third line, if we roll through 4 lines and Elias gets first unit PP/PK time it should even out though. Also if you couldn't figure it our Rolston is gone, however the hell that happens.
  4. That's a great price for Doughty. I'd say the Kings could compete with the Sharks, They're stronger on D and probably in net too. Also although their offense isn't as good as the Sharks, the Kings' centers can play better in the defensive zone.
  5. Still in shock that he slipped to the 4th spot.
  6. Should be interesting to see what kind of points he is capable of putting up in the NHL years from now.
  7. I honestly thought Larsson was gone in first two picks. Tallinder should be a good mentor for Larsson, I can't wait to see this guy play.
  8. So basically are we at the general consensus that Schenn will be as good as if not better than Richards but not for another 2-3 years when his contract is up?
  9. The development of Giroux softens the blow of losing both Richards and Carter. Guiroux was their best forward last year and now he has the opportunity to take the number 1 center position and run with it. Also Voracek will be playing with a better supporting cast so it'll be interesting to see what he can do on the Flyers. Add to that the fact that Schenn is probably ready to make the jump to the NHL and should fit in nicely on the third line where there won't be too much pressure on him to produce. I think the Flyers aren't as bad as everyone says they are after this trade, only time will tell though.
  10. Larsson or Landeskog if one of the two is available, which I doubt either one will be, In which case I say Dougie Hamilton.
  11. Same type of deal that I expect Andy Greene to be offered.
  12. The move does give more ice time to Giroux which I would assume is good for him and the team. It also clears up their log jam of centers, Briere and Giroux as the 1/2 pivots doesn't sound too bad and Schenn at 3 should help him develop the right way. They are pretty small down the middle now though.
  13. It's weird to say but I love the offseason, the beginning of it at least. Wonder who is being shipped out of Buffalo? Tyler Ennis, the rights to Connolly and a crappy draft pick would seem like a fair trade...all speculation of course.
  14. Larry Robinson for coach

  15. I'd be pretty happy if we picked him, he's still 17 so he has time to fill into his large frame.
  16. I wouldn't mind seeing Scott Gordon come over and coach a nice forecheck style of hockey similar to Sutter.
  17. Good numbers in the A, it'll be interesting to see what he's capable of at the NHL plus he's a right handed shot which can only help his chances of making the team.
  18. I believe in addition to playing juniors for two years the player must also be 20 in order to play in the AHL, this doesn't apply to players drafted out of Europe though.
  19. If Drury agrees to play 4th line center/PKer for under 1.5 he'll find a home, he'll be successful in that role too.
  20. I always thought that Carter would have been the best center in the league to play with Elias, but now that Elias is a center I suppose it doesn't matter, wishful thinking at best.
  21. It'd be nice if he took over as the Albany coach again. I'd assume his coaching career at any professional level is over though, unless another franchise has him come in as the assistant coach.
  22. I'd like the Devils to draft Larsson, I could see one of the three teams ahead of us picking him though so I'm not gonna get my hopes high. Should be a fun draft to watch.
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