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  1. I understand the rule about keeping facial hair under control but I don't see the problem with players having facial hair if they keep it groomed. look at Gionta in MTL, he has a goatee but it's well kept so it doesn't look trashy.

    I too have noticed this, maybe it has to do with the fact that Kovy probably gets a 5 o'clock shadow by noon so the other players feel they can get away with not shaving for a couple of days.

  2. Looks like Corrente was injured at the :58 second mark.

    I like Corrente's game personally, I thought he brought a nice physical edge while playing a safe game in our own zone. Give him a couple of seasons and he'll probably be a solidified #4 defenseman.

  3. I'd go with Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, they've compared him to a Joe Sakic type but I see him as more of a Duchene type player. He is quick and has soft hands that can make plays and is also apparently good in the defensive zone. He is listed as 6 feet which is a little small for a center but he seems to play with a lot of heart and is already considered a smart player in all three zones.

  4. Brian Lee, a right handed defenseman for Ottawa, drafted 9th overall and a former teammate of Travis Zajac is on waivers. Should we take a chance on him? He put up pretty decent numbers in college but never really became what the Senators wanted him to become, maybe a change of scenery/system would do him good. It's a low risk move. What does everyone think? Pick him up?

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