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    New Captain

    I feel bad for Elias but I don't think he is vocal enough to be the captain, I hope this doesn't effect his play next season. I don't think we have anyone on the team who is worthy of wearing a 'C' (except Brodeur) I think we should have 4 alternates.
  2. My brother goes to college in Caldwell and he said that there is a pizza parlor there that Elias always goes to, in case anyone is interested.
  3. I am so pumped!!!!!! P.S. Who knows what time they will be practicing on Saturday? anyone? New photo gallery Anyone notice how Rachunek looks ALOT like Rafalski right down to the number?
  4. This is like when I went to a Devils/Rangers game and the Devils fans started chanting "Rangers suck" while the national anthem was being played, it was embarrassing as a Devils fan.
  5. I don't think chicago will make it this year, maybe next year. Colombus will and the blues will, also the Avs will do better then 8th place.
  6. Devs4LIFE


    You have no idea how happy this makes me. Especially in college with nothing to do.
  7. I think they need to work on their goal tending to be a threat.
  8. I can't see the Flyers wanting him or the Av's I don't really see where he would fit into their lineup, I think it's time for him to retire to the Euro leagues.
  9. It seems like we lose key players every year but we never stop being amazing.
  10. Devs4LIFE

    Sept. 17th

    I was actually looking to buy tickets to this game! Thanks for the link!
  11. Devs4LIFE

    Sept 21st

    Maybe we'll get our own station NPC (Newark Prudential Center) any takers?
  12. I was at the Newark Penn station that night and I didn't see anything
  13. When keeping it real goes wrong. But seriously, I wish the Devils players were more involved with the fans.
  14. Represent Willy P! ...I want a job there, why couldn't the arena be done in 4 years when I'm out of college?
  15. I hate how when people wear them without equipment it looks tight like a soccer jersey.
  16. In my opinion he doesn't deserve to have his number retired any more then Sarge, I mean i know Leetch won a lot of awards and broke records but other then that he didn't do anything for the team.
  17. It looks like a College jersey. And at least it isn't as ugly as their constellation jersey.
  18. He'll probably be like mario lemiuex, if you check NHL.com he is still on the roster.
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