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  1. I'm actually excited to see what happens, like where he'll fit in on the team.
  2. Dude I would so go to this sh!t.
  3. haha pretty funny, imagine Jagr doing that nowadays, gay. Shanahan doing it, pretty funny.
  4. It will probably advertise upcoming events like that screen you see on the parkway outside of the PNC bank art center.
  5. My friend and I are going to take a road trip up there to see this game, anyone know when the tickets go on sale?
  6. This whole new jersey thing sucks, when is Bettman's term over?
  7. Shanahan for sure, one of the best players in the game, and he does everything, PK, Scoring, Passing, Checking and he gives the best interviews ever. Just an all out good guy.
  8. Funny how there was just an article on this forum about how our team has increased in size with all of our new players and now there is an article about our head coach teaching hitting drills! The Devils are going to be such a nuisance to play against next season. Maybe Sutter will call up Stevens and have him help teach some checking drills?
  9. hahaha, don't worry I know things get lost in translation.
  10. I think we're set this season as far as D goes, although.....this guy is a +25 player.
  11. I didn't realize this article was translated at first and I thought that Brodeur was retarded because of how he talked. I've noticed how almost all of our new players are gigantic or big hitters.
  12. Yeah, forget the skill we lost this summer, Sutter's coaching will make up for it.
  13. I don't see Matvichuck finishing his season with the Devils, he is pretty old but he is great at blocking shots so he will probably play the first half of the season.
  14. I am very excited to step foot in this arena, hopefully I get to a game before the floor gets sticky.
  15. I think this was posted in the other forum.
  16. This whole thing is disappointing, I hope these border guards are punished somehow or fined.
  17. In all honesty I would take any of our D over any of the Rangers D, we draft based on defense.
  18. http://www.nhl.com/nhl/app/?service=page&a...rticleid=335994 Pretty good article about the next few seasons for the Devils and what we can expect to see. Makes you excited for the future of the Devils.
  19. Are you all forgetting Chara? His neck is about a foot long.
  20. I don't mind them I actually kind of like them.
  21. Honestly I think Sutter makes up for skill we lost this past month. People often times don't think of the coach when talking about a winning team.
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