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  1. Can anyone else not see the picture?
  2. Would anybody happen to know if William Paterson University get Vs. or FSNY? I'm going there in September.
  3. Also, we have to remember that Gretzky revolutionized the game. He was playing modern day hockey over 20 years ago.
  4. I this Rach is getting 23, I hope Lou let's the players just take any number they want, I can dream.
  5. I don't think he is the next Gretzky, the next Mario Lemieux yeah, but no one can touch Gretzky.
  6. If the Devils don't sign Martin after a certain amount of time will he become a UFA?
  7. In case you're interested .
  8. Can't trade him if he isn't signed, they probably would have given him an offer sheet by now if they wanted him.
  9. Weird how many people know Matt and Joe, I don't think I get to play pizza mill I was checking the schedule, if we do play (I'm on the Rockets) I'll be the dude in the Maroon jersey with a white intake and no face mask. Unfortunately I'm not the best at roller hockey, I'm an ice hockey man (Which I'm also not amazing at).
  10. O sh!t, do you know the Helgesons?(spelling) I play on the Rockets, C league.
  11. I was watching FSN today and they had on the Devils/Rangers game where Avery knocks down Brodeur. I'm sure they will play it again, anyways my point is if you get a chance to watch that game, keep an eye on Oduya. he played better then Any other Defenseman out there that night except for maybe Paul Martin.
  12. Did they say how much longer until the box office opens? As in how far into the season?
  13. I hate the Flyers the most, I can stand the Rangers a little bit.
  14. He just needs more experience is all, let's face it for a first year defenseman he did very well. I think Andy Greene is better though.
  15. I didn't mean to offend anyone and I know that European players are just as good as American players, I just have a personal belief that come playoff time the American player want the cup more for the simple fact that they grew up watching NHL hockey. I'm sorry if I offended anyone.
  16. I live in Union county and I play in a house league in Inman.
  17. I don't think he would fit into our style of play, and besides in all due respect do we really want another European player on our team?
  18. Elias-Parise-Gionta Zubrus-Zajac-Langs Pando-Rupp-Clarkson Brylin-Madden-Janssen/Marshall Let's face it Madden and Brylin are getting too old and not contributing enough.
  19. This has certainly made my day! Go Devils!
  20. Well that's good that he got paid, now he just has to find a line in need of a center.
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