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  1. Plus Zubrus isn't exactly slow. And let's not forget Clarkson, 6'1 205 he isn't humongous but he likes throwing his body around.
  2. ESPN isn't killing the NHL. Gary Bettman's lack of knowledge on how to run a league and give fans what they want is killing the NHL. I guarantee if we had someone smarter then Bettman in charge we would still be getting coverage by ESPN. Lou 4 commissioner!
  3. He wasn't in the 06-07 season because of personal issues, but I don't think this guy would be a bad pick up even if it was to throw him in the minors and use him as a backup.
  4. I've been hearing people saying that as of now the devils biggest weakness is that they don't have any solid centers. They say that Zubrus is better on the wings, well if I recall Elias is pretty capable of playing center but if that doesn't do anything for you, why don't we sign this guy Jason Allison. Thoughts/input on the topic?
  5. Thanks, I'll be sure to check it out.
  6. Can we get some links? I'm all of the sudden interested in reading some of these blogs.
  7. Maybe he'll be slapped with a reality check and he'll sign for a much lower price, not only that maybe he'll realize he isn't as good as he thinks he is and he'll step up his game.
  8. Construction sites aren't necessarily hard to get into, once you get through the main gate. It's an open building.
  9. I think it is because of the fact that they want to make sure the team is set on a goalie before signing him to a long term high end contract.
  10. Wouldn't surprise me, that place is dirty.
  11. Well now that you cleared everything up with the jersey's I guess it isn't that bad (except for the fact that big companies are taking over hockey, that's a different debate though). As far as the telling players what socks/pants to wear. if you go to the RBK edge website it includes special socks and pants, so I'm not sure if everyone will be using them.
  12. If you ask me this is all a bullsh!t monopoly with RBK if the teams have to wear RBK uniforms, RBK socks, and RBK pants. That's kind of a bullsh!t move. I also heard another rumor that no team is allowed to have a third jersey, if this is true I'm angry because when teams wear their third jersey's its a special opportunity, also we never got to have a third jersey and I always wanted to bring back the vintage as our alternates.
  13. I think they needed some Electric Light Orchestra, then it would have been a worthwhile concert.
  14. I think we are gonna see a higher attendance rate then we did at CAA, not because there are less seats but because lets face it driving out to the meadowlands kinda of sucked ass, now we can take the train to the games, much easier.
  15. Devs4LIFE


    I think we should resign Jannsen and Lou tells him that he signed him because of his checking ability not his fighting ability.
  16. Devs4LIFE


    I think I would rather see more BIG hits then fighting, not just from our fourth line but from every line and especially from White who doesn't play physical enough IMO. But it would be nice to see Jannsen kicks Avery's ass.
  17. That's what we need, more media attention.
  18. I think he would be a great asset to our team if he plays smart defensively and he adjusts to our system of play.
  19. People have to remember that Newark is in the middle of a change. There is no way people would go to a Devils game in Newark 20 or even 10 years ago. The city is becoming safer and cleaner, and with the money this arena will be bringing in you can expect the city to become better over time. As far as tradition goes I think that whenever people ride the train to Newark to see Devils games they should all ride in the front car or the back car, just a thought.
  20. He was a good player, I'm sure if his contract had time on it and matvichuck's contract was up things would be different.
  21. Good luck Clemmy you have yet to show your true colors.
  22. Maybe if you get him on skates now He'll make it to the NHL.
  23. I don't think Parise would leave as easily as Gomez did, I'm not saying Parise is determined to die a Devil, I'm just saying I think he enjoys it here and would like to stay.
  24. I have to admit I'm surprised with the Islanders, besides the Sabres I would say they got hit the hardest, but they are bouncing back and might not be half bad next year, it's a whole new team.
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