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  1. Wow, what old news, If you guys didn't know about this already...
  2. Anyone here like CKY? I've known about them for a long time, and had most of their songs on my computer. I just bought their CD, Infiltrate, destroy, rebuild yesterday, one of the best purchases I've made in awhile. Next time I go I'm gonna get their older CD volume one, and I'll order volume 2 from somewhere since my record store doesn't seem to ever have them in. I will also have some demos of my songs up within the next week incase any of you are interested. I know RD said she would be interested in hearing some of my songs. Oh and RD, I also bought how to start a fire, but it's a christmas gift from my grandparents, so i have to wait til then. I've heard most of the songs though. Now I'll really be able to tell if I like Chris or Jason better.
  3. HA, I was up til 2 playing SOCOM 2, I was gonn pull an all nighter, but I got tired.
  4. Turn the AI up to difficult. Then they get less easy. On easy and medium, I could score just by walking it over the blueline and taking a slapper with a good shooter. On difficult, you have to work for goals. Passing not being crisp is intentional. This way you can put passes off the boards, lead guys, etc. You have to learn to aim your passes. Yeah, I play on Difficult, you may have to work for goals, but I still score at least 6 goals a game, sometime up in the teens. I haven't played the one player game at all, so it might just be online that the game is easy (even on difficult) but I did play my friend a couple times and I beat him pretty bad. Do you play online for PS2?
  5. Call him a sell out if you want, but remember, the Devils were right there with a similar offer.
  6. I'm sorry, but the goalies are rediculously easy to score on. At least it's not like ESPN though, where the goalies are impossible to score on. There are a lot of problems, especially with the computer AI. The passing isn't crisp, the guys on your team skate right past the puck all the time, and they don't do anything on defense, they just back up until they're behind the net and let the guy get a breakaway.
  7. This game is amazing, if you have a PS2 and an online connection for it, you owe it to yourself to purchase this game. The new levels are amazing, plus it has all the levels from the first game. 22 maps in total, and once the HD comes out for ps2, there will be more maps available for download. Anyone here play it?
  8. I'm so disapointed, with both hockey games this year. I got NHL 2004 for the ps2, and I play online. My name is Barnaby4prez, so if you play online hit me up sometime, although I'll hardly be playing considering I got Socom 2 now.
  9. Last night's third period between the devs and cryers was the best 20 minutes of hockey I think I've ever seen. I wish I could've watched the game, but you know, I can't miss out on the Rangers to watch a Devils game.
  10. Killian's Red or Bass Ale are good.
  11. You think if the yankees lose game 6, does Georgey boy dismantle the team? Most of the pitching is gone after this year. And we still have a weak pen. PLus we need someone in right field.
  12. Jester, if you want some heavier stuff, get some stuff from Thursday: Understanding in a Car Crash Concelaer Cross out the Eyes Paris in Flames Standing on Summer's edge For the workforce drowning Between Rupture and Rapture Signals over the air War all the time This song brought to you by a falling bomb
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