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  1. Anyone know the difference between single ticket prices and flex membership prices? Trying to see what is best for a family of four. The single game prices are too high. If anyone has actually switched and know the monetary difference. Thank you in advance to whomever can help!! (May be hard to say because each opponent has a different price rate, in single price tickets at least).
  2. Awesome. Thank you. Bookmarked!!
  3. Hopefully Ryder is traded and Bernier demoted. Let Matteau, Boucher, Gomez, Josefson, Gionta, and Carter battle it out in camp. Obviously voted on Ryder trade. Let camp start already and get these questions answered!!
  4. So anyway, what are the rules to the fire and ice lounges? I always see someone checking tickets going in and never bothered going in. Are the lounges only open to certain tickets holders during the game? Are they open to anyone? How is the food? I have tickets in section 3, row 17.
  5. ^^^^^^ what he said ^^^^^^ (righteous smoke goal song)
  6. Would be nice if they agreed to construct the walking path from the train platform to the front of the arena like the original design called for!! http://www.nj.com/newarkguide/index.ssf/2007/10/newark_goes_all_out_to_assure.html
  7. Yeah, one guy is asking $100, looking for something more reasonable. But thank you.
  8. I have Daneyko's and Niedermayer's mini retirement banners. Does anyone have a spare Steven's banner their willing to sell me? Or point me in the right direction to who may have one. Appreciate anyones help. Go Devils!!
  9. Great thread, keep it up, will check back for updates, thank you!!
  10. White home jersey with old green, #1 Sean Burke!!
  11. No, this was a straight-up trade of picks with Edmonton, we gave them our 22nd overall and 68th overall for their 17th overall.
  12. sean1827

    RIP Derek Boogaard

    RIP Derek, thoughts & prayers to his family and friends!!
  13. Not arguing with you, but your example of Pitt would be non-existent in this idea, they would not have been able to draft such players if the draft was changed appropriately, if this idea was started in 05 of course. I do understand your argument as a whole though, just wanted to throw the idea out and get some feedback, thanks.
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