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  1. Excited to watch that for hopefully the next decade+
  2. That line is probably your best bet if you're by Penn Station. If you find yourself down by the World Trade Center or pregaming in the Village before the game, you can hop on a PATH train.
  3. I feel like when Willman got the call up instead of Tyce, it was pretty much over for him.
  4. Imagine the league gets pissed off when a bunch of players do this, then they up the fine and leave the maximum player fine at $5k for taking someone's head off.
  5. I have a good feeling about this game.. Mostly because I went heavy on NJD -1.5
  6. Not sure if it's the same group but in the thread this was also posted. Keith Dolan Group Photo? Looks like some Flyers fans also did this at some point?
  7. Andreas Johnsson (PIT) on unconditional waivers for the purposes of contract termination
  8. Looks like it, unfortunately
  9. Yeah sure, but I didn't say that so whatever. I think the most damning thing against this guy is the previous, clearly intentional kick when his check got past him. That was also reckless and dangerous and these two situations are eerily similar. The PIMs thing is just another piece to consider that seems to describe his play style. Nobody is talking about that here so it's whatever. No need to even bring it up.
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