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  1. Crisis

    GDT: Christmas

    Kind of puts the league postponement in perspective
  2. I'm gonna check it out this week. I just discovered the Animatrix on HBO Max and it's fantastic. I'm not a big animation guy for no reason really except for maybe not a lot of exposure to it, but after falling in love with Love, Death, & Robots I decided to check this out and I'm really appreciating animation as an art form.
  3. Yeah I'm pretty bummed about this too. I had tickets to take my kids to Monster Jam at the end of January but my 6 year old isn't vax'd (he currently has covid), and I don't plan on getting it for him at this particular point in time. Guess I'm getting a refund.
  4. Crisis

    GDT: Christmas

    My three kids all have covid and I have to assume my wife and I will test positive as well. We've been barred from all family festivities this year but it's ok because my wife got me this sweet 3'x2' canvas.
  5. Dom Luszczyszyn has a pretty good NHL betting guide. Made enough there to pay for the sub. https://theathletic.com/2884733/2021/12/21/nhl-betting-guide-daily-picks-odds-win-probabilities-and-advice/
  6. I'm not having fun, guys. At the moment, I'm finding myself looking forward to training camp in September 2022. These last 3 months have been worse than the summers of no hockey. At least then there was hope. Right now, there is no hope.
  7. The only thing I believe in are those hips
  8. Jaros was put on the covid protocol list and Sharangovich was held out of practice (precautionary) so they're just filling the roster. https://www.nhl.com/devils/news/covid-19-protocol-monday-update/c-328960242
  9. "Let's get the Bahl puns rolling" would have been more appropriate.
  10. Thanks again for all the updates. I always look forward to catching up in this thread.
  11. This is your fault for wishing him away. I hope you're happy now.
  12. Who's the blissfully blind mother fvcker that thinks we are making the playoffs this year?
  13. So your beef is mainly with the owners. Understood.
  14. Why are you still a Devils fan? There have to be some really solid reasons that outweigh all this negativity.
  15. He dekes, he snipes, he does it all
  16. Can't forget he also said Buffalo was being offered Tkachuk+ by the Flames.
  17. Ahhh I see what you were going with there. Because Brendan sure looks proud of what he did!
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