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  1. I'm reading The Road and a friend of mine recommended Blood Meridian. I hear it's a tough read but great nonetheless.
  2. What a blast from the past. Every time I hear this song now I'm going to be proud to know that she is the daughter of a former Devils goalie.
  3. Wow, I love how the Rangers totally abandoned their seemingly quick and successful "rebuild" just so they could get back at the Caps for that one game.
  4. So the full NMC turns to a 10 team NTC in the last three years. The last three years also have lower salary totals so it makes it easier for the team to buy him out in regards to cap recapture penalties. If I remember correctly, the team pays 2/3 the remaining salary (not including signing bonuses) for double the remaining length. So if sh!t goes awry and they can't trade him and need to buy him out after year 4, it's less than a mill against the cap for 6 years. Math: (check it) Year 5 salary: $1m Year 6 salary: $1m Year 7 salary: $5.25m ($7.25m*0.66) / 6 years = $797,500/yr
  5. Blake Wheeler and Justin Schultz are 2 others that aren't as recent.
  6. I'm listening to Wandering Star by Portishead and their hips are moving perfectly to the beat
  7. Sounds like an offensive black hole
  8. He re signed in Colorado for.. that's right, $7m a year. Just as someone here predicted.
  9. That's all we needed, thanks a lot! Oh and by the way, I'd like the mayo on the side, please.
  10. Can we not talk about Carolina beating the Devils last minute while we wait for this announcement?
  11. My heart can't take this. Physically, not emotionally.
  12. ESPN+ is streaming TSN PM me if you don't have ESPN+ or if you want a stream for SN, NHLN, or TSN
  13. How do you get this close to free agency and re sign with the Oilers for only 3 years? They must be handing him a blank check.
  14. I would not be a roll of transplanted grass, no.
  15. Wouldn't hate adding Saad either
  16. Would feel pretty satisfying to snag Hamilton and Bernier out from under Carolina and watch them sign the hand grenade that is Tony D
  17. I'm with you here. 18 holes is a long fvcking time. I often find myself playing the 9 hole Academy course at Neshanic. The conditions are immaculate and it's pretty challenging (for me). But fvck, man.. sleep? The word seems to have lost meaning with me. My friends ask me why I'll drive to Phila or Brooklyn on a Tuesday to go see a show by myself. It's because it doesn't matter what the next day is. They are all up at 5 regardless.
  18. Yeah it's the years leading up to them actually being able to play that are the worst. I mean, I just made it hard on myself by having a bushel of children. It's impossible to get out of the house for 5 hours on a weekend because that would be cruel to my wife, but I do take a day off of work here and there to hit the links with the homies. My oldest is six so he is starting to swing the club and show some interest. I'm hoping that's my ticket out.
  19. Had one. Having children fixes that.
  20. Who is also arguably the most sought after UFA this summer.
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