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    What to do with #2?

    Edit: Had a few too many parking lot beers after our mens league game last night and probably didn't need to delve into all the gory details of my experience with him but I will just leave it at this.. Oliwa is a fvcking scumbag.
  2. fvck right off with this. You said that both Abbey and Chris Ryan have both come out and publicly stated that the Devils have threatened to take their media credentials away if they asked tough questions and you have failed to prove that it actually was said. That's literally it. I just want to see where this was said. JFC.
  3. It would be troublesome to me, for sure. But I don't know that that actually happened so I'm going to reserve judgement on it. You're saying they came out about it but I don't see where. I would imagine, like you said, that someone like Brooks would absolutely run with it but I don't see that either. I don't know man, I just take issue with people spreading unsubstantiated bullsh!t. I would love to join in on the outrage if you could just provide a tweet or a post or something. I certainly appreciated you sharing the Blackwood news with me. You were on the money with that. But do you see how this is different? I'm not saying your sources are made up. You're saying something was said publicly that no one else here has heard. Like when Sterio hears things on French TV in Canada (finger guns).
  4. Right right, you were saying that. But like, did it actually happen? That's a pretty serious accusation to run with and have no evidence of it.
  5. Well that's not entirely true. Vasilevsky gave up 7 goals on February 22nd, 2020. You may not remember that because that was the day that David Ayers beat the Maple Leafs. Got that reminder from Steve Dangle. https://www.hockey-reference.com/boxscores/202002220ARI.html
  6. Happy Fathers Day to all you dads, new and old. Finished with the festivities over here so now I'm sitting on my porch (alone) with an Arturo Fuente and a glass of Widow Jane.
  7. I don't think college hockey has any Khudomukamadullinovs
  8. I feel the same way. I'm not really one to watch the intermission but TNT makes it worth sticking around to see.
  9. Sounds like you don't stick around for the intermission reports but ESPN is absolute trash. They have those dinosaurs Messier and Chelios putting everyone to sleep while TNT has some actual character and it's actually fun to watch. ESPN has also been pretty terrible with replays not showing some of the action that you miss during the live game stream. But they do have those sick cameras down in the d-zone boards for the faceoffs.
  10. How many more games do we think the Devils would have won with Wedgewood? Or Khudobin? Maybe 5? So that would have put us in 7th place in the Metro instead of.. let me check my notes here.. ah yes, 7th.
  11. + Increased regular season ticket sales, STH registrations/renewals, advertising partners, merch, concessions, etc.
  12. Teams make way more money when they are winning and make the playoffs. I don't get this take when you say that all the owners are looking at is the bottom line.
  13. He has excellent vision here to see the trailer and slide it right in, but damn, he just goes right to sleep after the pass.
  14. Same with me, man. I had tickets to a festival for months before so I sold my game 5 ticket for about the same price of what I paid for the first two rounds.
  15. Crisis

    What to do with #2?

    Was going to say Gallagher believes Stutzle does that
  16. They're in desperate need of centers. Maybe we send them Zacha for Provorov and watch the draft revisionists lose their fvcking minds.
  17. They have $5m to sign 5 players to get to 23. Unless they are trading Hayes or Provorov, I doubt they can sign JG.
  18. This is it. He robbed me out of going to a game 7 because I'm going to believe we would have won that game.
  19. Centers are arguably the most valuable position. Nearly every top teams 1C are drafted and not signed/traded for. Elite defensemen are rarely ever drafted with the 1OA. It also sounds like you full on believe that Shero chose Nico because that was the consensus and not that maybe the consensus was Nico because he and so many others saw it as the right pick at the time.
  20. This is actually kind of funny/sad.
  21. That just doesn't fit the narrative we're going for here.
  22. My guess is that they are cool with going for the influencer angle. Nothing is accidental.
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