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  1. Rango gets a shot at center tonight
  2. Haula looked pretty solid out there. I don't think Mercer was bad either playing at C.
  3. Here's the lineup. Mercer moved to center so it makes me think the Nico thing is a concern.
  4. Can you cast the stream through the app?
  5. Highest paid NHLer! But yes, you're right. He won a championship though. Would have been something if he got himself a Conn Smythe too. I wonder if that would have tacked on an extra $0.2m/yr.
  6. Jack did a great interview on 32 Thoughts. It's during the "Twelve Carat Rib Injury" episode; starts at 49:00. He talks about his brothers (obviously), makes fun of Zegras for being a NY country club boy. He praises Nico a bunch saying he's underrated because he plays against top lines and it isn't about the numbers for him. Plays through a lot of injuries. He also gets into what part of his game he has been working on the most and he says his shot. References how Matthews has that deadly toe drag snapper so I'm hoping we see Jack blast a few of those this season. In regards to Luke, he mentions that he is still battling the injury but should start skating next week (not sure when this was recorded). Also mentions that he is living by himself this year and is going to bring Luke in next season. Jack is a hype guy by nature but man, after hearing him talk about his brother's potential and having Nemec come in for them to be the 1/2 for a long time, you can't help but get an erection that last longer than 4 hours. https://podcast.sportsnet.ca/32-thoughts/ EDIT: Quinn also does an interview at 33:00. It's cool to hear his perspective on Jack/Luke as well.
  7. MacKinnon's was pretty fvcking great. Not saying it was better but I'm sure Nate had a helluva summer.
  8. I was definitely impressed by Brennan's play against the Boston prospects. He made some awesome desperation saves, good post to post movement, battled hard for a loose puck in front. He's two goals against were both from distance. One was a softie that beat him lower blocker, I think. The other seemed like an impossible screen. Not great in the shootout though. Let in 2 of 3.
  9. My guess is that he's going to be getting paid way more as a broadcaster than as a player. And at that point, if you aren't going to go to a contender (I could have seen him being a good fit in Tampa on the 3rd pair), then why bother further fvcking up his back for the rest of his life. Sad to see him go. He always seemed like a great dude to be around and the boys in the locker room sure seemed to like him a lot.
  10. Pretty sure his expectations were way higher than anyone else's
  11. The last game is streaming here on Twitter. No Holtz or Nemec https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1DXxyvwBVQvKM EDIT: Here's the YouTube feed
  12. Right? It's not just two first names. It's two nicknames.
  13. Rookies report tomorrow.
  14. Nico was on 32 Thoughts the other day and he did a great interview. Elliotte and Jeff started by asking him about the captaincy and how that affects his play. They asked how he feels about his defensive prowess and Nico was saying he doesn't care about not being known for offensive numbers as long as he is feared defensively and the team has success. The most interesting bit was the final question Elliotte asked "From a captain's perspective, who are the most low and high maintenance players to deal with?" Said Bratt was low maintenance. For high, he says it's Blackwood. He doesn't hold back that he has had talks with him all season and that it was really tough for him. Says he wants to keep the talks private but he thinks that he is going to come out and have a great season. So yeah, fingers crossed. All in all, Nico just exudes confidence. Crazy to think that he is only 23 after listening to him talk. I think he has spent a lot of time with Patrik Elias, I just get that vibe throughout the whole interview. Good stuff though, worth the listen. Just wish it was longer. (in b4 that's what she said) https://podcast.sportsnet.ca/32-thoughts/ "The European Pack" - Nico starts at 37:00
  15. Hope the Devils at least use the white Prudential logo on the jerseys and not blue like that Highmark Penguins ad.
  16. Gonna run with this narrative. Seems as though when the Devils get good, the Sens are going to be right there with them.
  17. Oh right duh, they look the same to me and I hate them.
  18. This is the best news I've heard all day. It's early, but still.
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