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  1. Crisis

    What to do with #2?

    I'm listening to the 32 Thoughts Podcast from June 3rd where they talk about the Scouting Combine and Jeff Marek mentions that Slafkovsky was asked by a few teams if he can play center. Two teams that Slafkovsky named were New Jersey and Vancouver. Friedman then chimes in that sure, Slaf is on the Devils radar, by why Vancouver? They're selecting 15th.. And that, my friends, is how rumors are started. 2OA for Quinn Hughes and the trifecta is now complete.
  2. I understand it's just some rando on twitter, but there is a guy posting all over that thread saying that his brother is an EMT at Health+ near MSG and the guy ended up dying in the hospital. Again, I understand it's just some dude on twitter so who the fvck knows if it's real or not, but he is posting it on a ton of replies. fvcking sad if true. Sure we will find out in a few days if it is true.
  3. I just want to take a minute to point out Kakko getting manhandled with some old man strength here from Bellemare during the scrum. Kakko is so much bigger but he can't do sh!t. https://13proma9.com/uploaded/1654655297.mp4
  4. Could one guy fvck a moose? I feel like you would need at the very least more than one.
  5. Hughes is playing on a line with Seth Jones today in the semi finals against Finland, Pretty promising that he's playing with their best dman, but then again it was a decision made by David Quinn so take it with a grain of salt. Joking aside, Luke looks pretty comfortable out there.
  6. And especially this
  7. Can't remember which game it was but when Canada was killing a 5 on 3, they put out Mercer, Severson, and Graves.
  8. Crisis

    What to do with #2?

    Yeah I would absolutely take Brady with the 2nd but there is no way Ottawa trades him for a possibility after making him their captain.
  9. Where the fvck do I sign?
  10. Yeah I've heard that too. I can see him leaving Calgary because his personality is way bigger than that city, but I just don't see it happening for us.
  11. I want a Tkachuk on this team so badly. Are there anymore?
  12. Crisis

    What to do with #2?

    Slafkovsky is playing right now in the game against Germany and this kid is a lot of fun to watch. His ability to protect the puck is just absolutely incredible. It seems like Germany is matching Seider up against him and Slaf is just pushing Seider away. His hands and reach are impressive too. He's able to feather passes around defenders while they are draped over him.
  13. It was the only way that seemed fitting. They say never meet your heros but you guys weren't so bad.
  14. Ah missed it. Got in late but here now.
  15. Lemme know where the beer meetup is @MadDog2020@Colorado Rockies 1976
  16. Going to be in section 21 tonight because I hate myself!
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