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  1. Kinkyisth3b3st

    GDT: Penguins @ Devils 7:00 PM MSG+

    He was victimized by being bad at his job.
  2. Kinkyisth3b3st

    Race To The Bottom II - 2018-19 Edition

    It would’ve happened if we didn’t finish the season on that crazy run. You act like we didn’t make the playoffs by *one point* last year.
  3. Kinkyisth3b3st

    Pick a futility streak for me to break

    The Devils win a road game against a playoff team.... not in overtime.
  4. Kinkyisth3b3st

    GDT: Devils @ Minnesota 8:30 PM MSG+

    Honestly the best thing to happen this season was Mfitz and I making stupid donation bets to eachother over a Zacha debate and turning it into a solid little donation ring for the site.
  5. Kinkyisth3b3st

    GDT: Devils @ Minnesota 8:30 PM MSG+

    DevilMinder about to wake up like “?????”. For some ungodly reason I saw we were down 4-1 and I said “ah I’ll just turn it on, whatever”. Glad I did. Congrats, Cory.
  6. Kinkyisth3b3st

    GDT: Carolina at Devils at 3pm 2/10 - MSG

    He has thirteen goals in two seasons combined, marred by injuries and disappearing acts. Hell yes it’s as nuts as I make it out to be! Ill be thrilled if we get a second for him. I don’t think we will.
  7. Kinkyisth3b3st

    GDT: Carolina at Devils at 3pm 2/10 - MSG

    Is this tongue in cheek? A first round pick for a few months of Marcus Freaking Johansson? He cost us a 2nd round pick for 2 years,before he found the injury bug.
  8. Kinkyisth3b3st

    GDT: Carolina at Devils at 3pm 2/10 - MSG

    For some bizarre reason I've decided to plan my sunday around watching this game. Go....Devils?
  9. Kinkyisth3b3st

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    In before Bob and Breadman take cheap contracts to play in New York because God hates me.
  10. Kinkyisth3b3st

    Boyle to Nashville

    I dunno man, vegetables are pretty expensive in my area.
  11. Kinkyisth3b3st

    Boyle to Nashville

    Hope Shero turns this second round draft pick into a hockey player, and not into a Grabner or Mueller.
  12. Kinkyisth3b3st

    Boyle to Nashville

    I just didn't like him taking ice-time away from the future generational talents on the team. You know, the Blake "Massive Wrench" Speers' and the Brandon "Gretzky" Gignac's of the world. In all seriousness, I didn't expect much more. I wish he won more faceoffs I guess? It bugged me seeing how slow he as, how physically outmatched he was against guys that were two-feet and a hundred pounds smaller than he was. He was having a nice season this year, for sure. And his fight thingy against Sergachev and Tampa last year was cool. I don't wish anything bad on him, I'm just not losing sleep because he's gone.
  13. Kinkyisth3b3st

    Boyle to Nashville

    Neutralizes the second round pick we gave up for Miguel Grubneer last year. I've been pretty vocal about loving Boyle the person and hating Boyle the player. This makes be extremely happy.
  14. Kinkyisth3b3st

    GDT: Kings @ Devils 7:00 PM MSG+ Boo Kovy Editon

    Jagknofe is routinely one of my favorite posters on this board. But boy you deserve a swift kick to the balls. The fact that John Hynes got his contract EXTENDED in the middle of this sh!tstorm of a season is a pure embarrassment.
  15. Kinkyisth3b3st

    GDT: Kings @ Devils 7:00 PM MSG+ Boo Kovy Editon

    HAHAHA Kinkaid is a JOKE

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