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  1. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    Because that's what he does. 7,500 posts exactly like that.
  2. Tavares or Carlson

    You wouldn't keep Vatanen? He's one of the two defenseman on the team that doesn't make you want to bleach your eyeballs.
  3. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    I’m so happy haha. Torts and that sh!tbag ex-rag group of embarrassments YET AGAIN fail to win a playoff series in front of their entitled, limp-nose fans.
  4. Tavares or Carlson

    So question. Let’s say you can either have Tavares at 12m or Carlson + JVR at a combined 14m per year... which do you decide?
  5. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    In that alternate universe, where Parise successfully convinces Suter to join him in NJ, and I think the Devils make a really solid run at the cup one or two times after that 2012 season. Especially if we still pull off the Schneider move.
  6. Sophomore Slumps

    Again, so many people say this as if he was just a flash in the pan. So this isn't directed at you, so much as those people who think Bratt is suddenly some gigantic question mark: The longest season Jesper Bratt has ever played professionally is 48 games. He hit a wall after that; his body wasn't ready for the grueling 82 game stretch. First 48 games played: 12 Goals, 19 Assists, 31 points (.65 Points/Game) Last 26 games played: 1G, 3A, 4 Points (.15 Points/Game)
  7. Sophomore Slumps

    Fair argument, but I remember him being injured. Regardless; if Nico follows a similar trajectory to MacK I think we'll be pretty okay
  8. Sophomore Slumps

    I can't name a single 1OA pick that had a sophomore slump. Literally I can not name a single one. Yakupov, I guess, but he wasn't lights out in his rookie year either. Nico's going to get bigger, stronger, more confident. He'll get more mustard on his shot, he'll develop more chemistry with Hall, and he will fvcking tear the NHL up next year. If he plays 75+ games, I would bet my house that he surpasses his point total from this year.
  9. 2018 NHL Draft Thread

    If McLeod is available around the 12-15 line, do you think the Devils try to go after Mikey’s brother?
  10. Tavares or Carlson

    I would. He’s at his lowest possible value right now. At 23 years old with a player who’s shown promises of developing into a top-4 defenseman on a relatively team friendly contract, there’s a ton of possible value there you’re throwing away too early.
  11. GDT: Devils @ Tampa Game 5 4/21/2018 3:00 PM NBC, NBCSN

    It isn’t, and there shouldn’t be. Zajac brings solid value. His contract isn’t even remotely “terrible”, and his defensive awareness and ability make him an invaluable part of this team.
  12. Tavares or Carlson

    Yeah I agree all the devils need to do is get Patrick Kane and Drew Doughty and we’re set. Teams love trading their multi cup winning superstars and Shero would be silly to not get both of them. Really think we should go after McDavid and Auston Matthews too.
  13. Tavares or Carlson

    Cap wise? Easily and it’s not even close. Financially? Nobody has any clue.
  14. Tavares or Carlson

    Whod you rather sleep with: ScarJo or Meagan Fox?
  15. Tavares or Carlson

    Would you rather have Taylor Hall or Adam Larsson?