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  1. Love the mention. I’ve met MadDog, RWTD and CR. All were amazing people. I don’t know what they mean about the whole “don’t meet online friends.” Mad dog was generous enough to offer me a few snickers in his Van after the game. Now that is kindness.
  2. Dear everyone; hip hop hooray is lit. Love, me
  3. Ok this is a message for all of my older folks on this forum. What the fvck is this nonsense with getting old? I’m 28. I’m healthy. Work out 5 days a week. Play beer league ice hockey. Very rarely get injured doing anything. I just hiccuped while reaching over to plug my phone in and now I can’t move my back. The fvck is this sh!t
  4. Hughes through the legs drop pass to Gusev who froze the goalie and sent a perfect pass to Bratt. Bratt didn’t have a quick enough shot and the goalie made a phenomenal save but that was pornography.
  5. First flash from Hughes. Sweet zone entry, stopped on a dime and set up (zajac?) who couldn’t put it home.
  6. Over in Montreal, McLeod had a beautiful zone entry and fed Butcher for a top-cheese snipe over Price.
  7. Hughes has made 3 or 4 reeeeeeally bad d-zone turnovers. Like; soft passes to the wrong team.
  8. Miles wood with a great play to get himself a breakaway. Put a great shot on net, good save by the goalie. Most notably? He stayed on his feet and even collected his own rebound. Baby steps Yup this is the one I’ve had on as well
  9. Subban just twirled back into the defensive zone and the crowd went wild as if he just scored. Hes gonna be loved here man.
  10. I’m steaming to my Tv and it’s only barely below HD. You probably have poor internet connection
  11. First commercial break: 1. Gusev is the best player on the ice so far. Boqvist close behind him. 2. Hughes looks anxious. Fell over his own feet on the power play. He’ll settle in. 3. A Bruin tried to take a run at PK. Bounced off of him like a kid sprinting full sprint into a sliding glass door.
  12. Gusev is so creative on the powerplay. Two beautiful passes already.
  13. WHAT THE fvck CAMERAMAN STOP IT Boqvist great individual effort, almost had our first
  14. If the cameraman could stop flipping the end of the ice, that would be neat. Free stream linked in the thread
  15. Goose, Hughes, Boqvist and Subban all in the home game. Holy fvckstick I can’t wait
  16. We fight like a couple, we fvck like a wait what
  17. If Zacha hits 40 goals, you and I each buy jerseys with the other person’s NJDEVS nickname on it and hire a professional photographer to take romantic photos of us before a game.
  18. If Zacha scores 30, you buy yourself a Zacha jersey. Doesn’t have to be that one. Just a jersey you plan on wearing to games. if Zacha doesn’t score 30, I pledge $10 to the site. Since the odds of him hitting 30 are so dramatically low that’s a perfectly reasonable bet.
  19. When is he officially allowed to sign the extension? For some reason I thought it wasn't until Christmas-ish.
  20. MB3

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Trade 2 firsts and a roster player for Laine+extension. Trade Hall for a 1st and a prospect. Laine fits better with our young core. Also, Hip Hop Hooray is a fvcking awesome goal song and I'm going to be pissed if it's Howl. Don't stop me now is my favorite Queen song and my buddies and I always blast it when we're pregaming, but it would make a bad goal song. Yes you have absolutely nailed it, they "want to pick a blatantly terrible goal song", because "they're morons" and they're "insulting our intelligence." good lord get a grip.
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