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  1. bratt out. zacha out. and for that reason, I’m out.
  2. Another year, another "I'm mentally checked out halfway through and dreading looking at the scores of games." but, still fvck the rangers.
  3. You're allowed to hug your teammates and also try to beat them in a professional sporting environment...
  4. Isn't this that "generational" goalie they've been talking about for a few years?
  5. It's a meh move, but a 3rd round pick is a meh pick. The Devils have a total of two (TWO) players drafted in the 3rd round in the past 15 years that have played more hockey games than Siegenthaler. That's 2 out of 21.
  6. Kind of a weak return; hopefully he'll come back next season. It seems likely Edmonton will win a playoff series. They'll draw the Jets, who are pretty bleh.
  7. Oh come on dude, lol. The Devils have obviously been trying to shop him. A 7th round pick is "absolutely nothing" anyway; what a miniscule reason to get upset.
  8. If only there were a clause you could negotiate in advance of signing with a team to help guarantee they didn't trade you. You could call it "Clause of No Trade" or something weird like that. Thoughts?!
  9. i hope fitzy realizes in the context of this whole quote that i was very much just joking around with him. EDIT: also, who the hell uses ink and blueprints old man?!?!?
  10. So, I think there's a good chance a team will offer a 1st round pick for Miles Wood. He's scoring, he's gritty, he's fast as hell and he's signed through next season at a tiny cap hit. Is it crazy that I think I'd rather have Miles Wood than another 1st? He's one of those a$$holes you really want on your side.
  11. no but it's funnier when you do
  12. @mfitz804, This thread still makes me laugh, in my little pond filled with guppies. Glad he's back
  13. You didn't add a qualifier, prick.
  14. Nah, I got you. But there is a contingent of fans (just look in this thread) who repeatedly overrate the value of a mid-round draft pick.
  15. It's impossible to state how important it is to stay behind Vancouver. It seems likely at face value; but then you remember how poorly the Devils played post-covid and by all accounts Vancouver got the bug wayyyyy worse than we did. If Vancouver does finish behind us in the standings, it's time to use that extra 1st and jump them. This draft has to be for Luke Hughes.
  16. Ya know, I thought your profile pic was a keg. But honestly, it's really helpful to have a trash-bin as your profile pic for continuous trash-bin takes. "Unacceptable move", lmao. Yeah, if we held onto that pick we might've lucked ourselves into another Connor Chatham!!!!!
  17. You hope your 3rd round pick turns into a guy like this. Obviously the jury is still out on some of the more recent picks, but the last time the Devils "hit" on their 3rd round pick was literally a decade ago, when they drafted Blake Coleman. Since then, a bunch of nobodies. Ben Johnson, Ryan Kujawinski, Connor Chatham, Blake Speers, Brandon Gignac, Fabian Zutterland... The Devils need defensive defenseman. Will Butcher isn't playing, because Will Butcher is a decent right-wing playing defense.
  18. if someone goes back in my history, in 2018 i was like 100% convinced he’d end up in boston. he mentioned it on spittin chiclets like 4 times how much he loved that city. dont be surprised if he signs way under market value for a long time in bean town.
  19. I said "the entire forum is sick of how complacent the Devils are in losing". If anyone doesn't share that opinion, that's.... alarming.
  20. CR, you're way too smart to put any stock into fvcking +/-. "Minus man" is such a cringeworthy nickname, and he's been our best defenseman this season not named Ty Smith. He's also one of the young leaders on the team. This entire forum talks about how much they hate the complacency with the Devils being a bad team year after year, but when one of the leaders on the team steps up and says it we're now going to mock his +/-? I love what Severson has to say. And I agree with it wholeheartedly.
  21. I follow him on instagram. Or, I did follow him last summer. All of our guys were posting photos of workouts and ice time. Goose was posting photos/stories of himself on vacation with his wife/gf, out at bars, etc. It's easy to look way too much into that, but t seems like this guy stopped caring about hockey the second last season got cancelled. And he never really started caring again.
  22. Mfitz is about to look gorgeous in his new 37 jersey.
  23. I'd avoid looking at any draft boards for the next several months, they're pretty much useless at this point anyway. Right now scouts disagree on the top-10ish players, but by draft time there's always a handful of players that emerge. Just the way it goes.
  24. The Devils should immediately decline that trade. Jack Hughes fits better with the Devils window, and Eichel has 5 years left on his contract which goes up fast on a rebuilding team. I think there’s a good chance Eichel and Dahlin are the two best players in this trade, but I think the Devils have to dig their heels in and build around Hughes, Hischier, Smith and hopefully Luke Hughes after this draft.
  25. MB3

    Zajac & Palms to NYI

    it’s been a whole (0) full seasons since that happened. See Vatanen, Sami.
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