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  1. No, I know. But it seems more to me like it was his lingering and unending hip issues that did him in; not the yips
  2. You spelled “hip” with a y, any reason?
  3. "This guy might literally die but if I stop a fast-break in a regular season game in November the home team will boo me." Tough decision for the zebra.
  4. OK, how about this one: Cory Schneider (50% salary retained), Taylor Hall, and a lottery-protected 2020 first round pick for Bowen Byram.
  5. No we have not. We've got the worst goaltending in the league, some of the most cap space in the league for the foreseeable future and we're sending him to the minors. There is a less than 0% chance Toronto picks him up.
  6. End of an era. The timing was just awful. He was incredible when we were sh!t. He was sh!t when we were competent. players like Schneider should remind everyone just how spectacular brodeur was.
  7. Devils were in NJ two nights ago, Montreal the next night. somewhere in between those back to back games PK found the time to visit the Montreal children’s hospital. what a prick.
  8. I would do any of those deals with a pitched tent in my pants, but no chance lol
  9. Short of the devils winning like 16 straight and immediately thrusting themselves into the league’s elite tier, the only way Taylor Hall should finish this season in a devils jersey is if he agreed to an extension.
  10. oh so that’s what you wanna do today. lol. Y’all talk about whatever. We had “NHL RUMORS DOT ME” deleted ad nauseam in the offseason so it seems silly to discuss what a 14 year old thinks about the whole topic. No, I don’t believe Hall has demanded a trade to Edmonton and no, I don’t believe hall’s dad has negotiated with the fvcking oilers.
  11. It’s a discussion forum Devils fans come for news, it’s also one that’s banned hockeybuzz in the past. All offseason we were inundated with that trash 14 year old’s blog that literally fabricates information so it’s getting tiresome acknowledging its existence. my cousin worked as a security guard outside the locker rooms in the 2013-2014 season but nobody would be thrilled if I started calling him a source.
  12. “I know this is a garbage website” so don’t fvcking post it? I’ll go make a fake rumor page if you want?
  13. Hall ++ for Caufield would get my nipples hard. Thinking of Jacky passing to his best friend for the foreseeable future? hnnnnnnng
  14. It isn’t entirely unfair to wonder if whatever is infecting Taylor Hall has a hold of the rest of the locker room too. if anyone’s not listened to spitting chiclets I think it’s a must-listen for hockey fans; but MackKinnon (I think?) talked about the duchene trade and said even though we lost an incredible player, one of our best, it took a big weight off the locker room because there wasn’t a daily “I wonder if he’s being dealt” thought process in the room. It made the locker room feel more settled and allowed for new leaders (him) to step up.
  15. Is the photo just weirdly pixelated at the crest or is there some terrible graphics around the logo?
  16. MB3

    GDT: Sens @ Devils 7PM

    This post — from you — made me actually sad. rock bottom
  17. MB3

    GDT: Sens @ Devils 7PM

    The longer the Hynes experiment continues the more I start wondering about the Shero experiment.
  18. MB3

    GDT: Sens @ Devils 7PM

    Ewwwww. Coleman is doing his patented “I do not exist for three weeks” stretch already. give me a first round pick and a defenseman who’s marginally better than mueller. I’m starting to actually hate Taylor Hall.
  19. MB3

    GDT: Sens @ Devils 7PM

    Taylor Hall, probably: “you know it’s really not cool the fans booed my terrible turnover and all around horrible game again. This is their fault.”
  20. MB3

    GDT: Sens @ Devils 7PM

    I’m coming home for thanksgiving and I just listed my tickets on stub hub. only chance I’d have at going to a game this season. 10 million percent done with this team. If Hynes is still coaching tomorrow I’ll jump aboard the fire Shero train.
  21. MB3

    GDT: Sens @ Devils 7PM

    New Jersey Devils Cocktail: 1.5oz Bourbon. 1.5 oz bleach. 1.5 oz battery acid. directions; dump this gross cocktail down the drain and shoot yourself in the face instead.
  22. MB3

    GDT: Sens @ Devils 7PM

    I genuinely hate half of the players on the team. It’s an entirely unwatchable group of fvcking chumps.
  23. MB3

    GDT: Sens @ Devils 7PM

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