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  1. I mean I've said "few" to mean 5 and counting as recently as sunday. "Hey honey, how many holes do you have left before you're done golfing?" "A few" (I was on the fifth hole) and then later that afternoon: "Are you wasted? How many drinks have you had?" "A few". (I was on my 11th beer).
  2. mfitz was making a pun. Stein said "back skating" and fitz said "he needs to forward skate also". the best jokes are always the ones you have to explain.
  3. I mean, alright, I guess that makes sense. I just think people forget how early it is in the season. Losing the second game of the year is like playing a bad 2nd quarter in the opening game of the NFL season in terms of overall effect on the year. I hope the boys play well, of course. But if you're going into a tuesday night game against the Kraken saying any variation of the phrase "MUST WIN", you're setting yourself up for massive disappointment this season. It's a young team, they're going to win a lot of games and they're going to lose a lot of games. Give it another year or so where the team is good enough that you can feel like the world is ending after losing the second game of the year.
  4. i love you guys to death but i’m not ready to call the 2nd game of an 82 game season against a nonconference opponent a “feels like a must win” game. it’s a hockey game and there will be plenty more. if you have that kind of vibe in October it’s going to be a hellish year.
  5. MB3

    Why only 1 A last night?

    Wood and Severson were both assistant captains last year, seems like there’s a good chance that’s why we only saw one on the ice last night — especially if they’ll both be back for our next game.
  6. i said this before and it just needs to be repeated: watch the replay and ONLY look at jack’s footwork. there are zero players with edgework like that. he looks like barry sanders in cleats on turf.
  7. Kane looks like when you’re playing NHL on the XBOX and your controller batteries run out. bizarre.
  8. i agree that it’s absolutely ridiculous that the referees awarded a 4 minute double minor for a run of the mill high stick that didn’t draw blood.
  9. hughes is passing taylor hall this season, which is absolutely fvcking terrible news for all of you and most importantly for jack hughes.
  10. penalty kill stunk but more people need to talk about the bogus 4 minute call. from what i know, a double minor can only be assessed if blood was drawn. they reviewed it — as allowed — to see if it was INTENTIONAL, which would be a 5 minute major and an ejection. the fact that they gave chicago a 4 minute powerplay for a run of the mill “happens every game” high stick is something Ruff needs to ask aloud publicly. Bratt’s penalty was absurd. No call on the boarding at the end of regulation was absurd. Horrific game by the zebras tonight made this game closer than it should’ve been. 1-0. Let’s go.
  11. i throw elbows, spit and poop on people until it’s mine if it touched my hand. sorry kid, it’s mine.
  12. that jack hughes goal was special, spectacular, incredible, amazing. the edgework with his skates; you watch that play and say “why can’t anyone else do this?”. it’s because they can’t. the ability to change direction, stop, and start on a fvcking dime on the ice is out of this world good. game-breaker good. best fvcking player in the national hockey league in a few years good. we are so lucky to watch this budding SUPERSTAR. that’s what he is. a fvcking superstar.
  13. my brother had to scalp tickets outside because his usual “walk to the box office 5 minutes before game time” trick didn’t work. they were sold out. not everyone who has a ticket goes to the game.
  14. subban’s been absolutely brutal. not only slow, but he’s also whiffed on like 4 shot attempts.
  15. Siegenthaler has had a really active stick so far. He's made a few solid plays.
  16. Mercer has first game jitters. Totally expected but he'll have to snap out of that quickly if Ruff is going to keep him up. Twice he had the chance to make the simple play -- get it deep or get it out of the zone -- and both times he futzed around trying to make a great pass. The second one cost the Devils a PK.
  17. not going to overreact but dougie hamilton is on pace for 1,240 goals this year and that would be dooooope.
  18. hearing arlette makes me miss my season seats so much. ALL RIGHT ARLETTE!
  19. https://www.streameast.live/nhl/new-jersey-devils-chicago-blackhawks/ this has HD right now
  20. lol it’s being broadcast on NHL network so it’s not on ESPN+. i have to illegally stream the first game of the year, neat, can’t wait.
  21. Devils win 5-2. Empty net goal caps a 3-goal third period. Hughes with 3 points. Zacha with 2 goals. MB3 with 1 trip to the ER for an erection lasting longer than 6 hours.
  22. wasn’t us! i was worried it might be
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