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  1. I think last year. We also split a squad this preseason for the road game in montreal.
  2. I so badly want to agree with this but every single “injury prone” player in the history of sports has had the exact same post written about him at some point. He’s just injury prone and that sucks.
  3. you’re telling me the guy who can’t stay healthy got injured again? well I NEVER
  4. Fangraphs gives the Mets a ~80% chance to win the division. I have to imagine it's that big because they already own the tiebreaker against Atlanta? If so, winning 1-of-three against Atlanta probably does enough to win the division, considering the team you finish up the season with and the tiebreaker in your pocket. EDIT: Winning 1 in Atlanta gives you the tiebreaker. Which means all you'd need to do is finish as well as Atlanta in your last series. You'll face the easier team, you're at home, and you won't face a Cy Young finalist on the last day of the year. I know being a sports fans carries a good amount of pessimism, but it feels like Atlanta needs to sweep you guys to have even a remote chance at the division.
  5. why are you so obsessed with me
  6. will be busting out my mets hat from the closet and cheering you guys on this weekend! feels like the playoffs. should be an unreal series.
  7. he has to have the worst agent in the game. he could’ve had florida by the balls after this season. 3/12 for a goalie like him is pennies.
  8. just watched. holtz was all over the ice. marked improvement in skating. can’t wait to see him use that shot more. feels like a holtz-hughes-palat line is perfection. really like the mercer-haula-wood line too, which kinda locks in that bratt-nico-shango line 2. pretty excited about those lines to be honest. zetterlund is an NHLer. hope he gets looks over boqvist/bastian/mcleod/whoever the fvck else.
  9. I listened to the Ruff interview and while he wasn’t necessarily misquoted, his tone is certainly less dire/serious than the tweet makes it seem.
  10. (alexa voice): “And this is a Devils goal scored by number eight six Jack Huge oh god damnit I meant to type Hughes oh no this is still on god damnit oh.”
  11. The Devils have never won the first game of the preseason and missed the playoffs in the same year. and other funny stats i just made up right now
  12. I haven’t either, my brother told me about the youtube thing yesterday.
  13. the app still uses youtube to broadcast the game, so presumably you’ll be able to find a youtube link to watch it on your laptop/smart tv
  14. Now watch me juggle this bowling pin.
  15. If I say "Tim is great at juggling, watch this!", it stands to reason that Tim has spent several hours practicing how to juggle. The fact that Holtz is playing the top-line in the scrimmages means he's been practicing well, even if CR didn't explicitly say so. I'm not trying to make myself look smart. I'm trying to make you look stupid.
  16. Since we don't watch practices, we just have to try our hardest to squeeeeze our little braincells together to deduce that a kid getting significant playing time on the top line means he's been practicing well. And since there haven't been any preseason games yet, can we agree, then, that you're being pedantic for the sake of pedantry?
  17. I don't care about line names. I thought they were super cool when I was like 13. I'm assuming most people who get all giddy about line names are that age too. But, re: the bolded. He wouldn't be playing on the 1st line in scrimmages if he weren't playing well in practice. And if we're not allowed to look at practices or scrimmages to determine whether or not we think he'll make the team, what should we use? Dawson Mercer played his way onto the roster last year because of how well he played in practice, how well he played in the scrimmages and eventually how well he played in preseason. It would be a disappointment of colossal magnitude if all of this good press and great "eye test" stuff didn't result in him making the roster and playing a top-6 role off the jump next year.
  18. I’m not ready to say playoffs or bust. The devils are adding 2 MAJOR pieces to the blue line next year. Their “contention window” should start then. This year I just need to see solid improvement across the board. Big steps towards being a competent, middle of the pack NHL team with tremendous future upside.
  19. it ain’t that deep man. i sees a weird comment. i comment on the weird comment. dassit.
  20. there’s at least one degree of insanity between people memeing about a bizarre mid-season press conference last year and saying “our entire team could die in a bus crash and then we wouldn’t make the playoffs”
  21. mid-season form already from SD with the nonsensical gibberish.
  22. In the NHL it's standard procedure to give a watch and a steak dinner when you take someone's number. Usually Rolex. Seems way worth it to me.
  23. ok google how can i delete a post ironically enough I think this season is going to force the yankees hand in the other direction. There's no way the Steinbrunners can look at their fanbase and move on from Judge -- in ticket sales and marketing alone that would be a ludicrous move.
  24. In case anyone wants to get caught up, here's all 60 homers in a one minute video. The most effortless swing I've ever seen in my life. Two things to look for: first -- he uses the whole field. Every hitter is going to have a pull tendency but he sends plenty to dead center and plenty to right field. Second: he doesn't have a "hot" zone. Look at where the ball is going. Up, down, inside, outside, it doesn't matter -- he's demolishing it.
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