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  1. I think that’s cute and all, but that’s Pavel Datsyuk’s nickname (magician / magic man) and it should stay that way. His vision is excellent. His defense and finishing ability blow chunks but he’s getting used to the NHL game and I think he’s a fine player. Hope he stays with us.
  2. I like all three. I’m lower on Bratt than most, and higher on Boqvist than most. Gusev is a solid hockey player that should be with us for a while, but he’s 27 years old. Hard to compare that with the guys that are 6 years younger.
  3. playoffs will get cancelled and now the high market rangers and canadiens get MONUMENTALLY better odds at 1OA than if they hadn’t had this predetermined “first draft” nonsense in the first place. THIS. SPORT. IS. FIXED.
  4. I hope the playoffs are a clusterfvck. I hope that the virus stops them 9 times. I hope the league loses sponsorships and we watch illegal chinese streams of HGTV to watch the season next year. I hope the winning team has seven replacement players and no officials because of COVID and i hope the stanley cup breaks in their hands. i hope the league gets as butchered as it deserves to get with this clown show that runs it. wake up, you morons. we’re watching the WWF. if ya SMELLLLLL what the gary is COOOOOKING! i don’t care who we draft. see you guys next year for the same dog and pony show with our paste eating organization.
  5. The day someone hits gary bettman with a vehicle is the day this league gets 20 times better. Until then, i’ll wake up every morning hoping to check my phone and see that it’s happened. I don’t even think i’m a hockey fan any more. I’m a devils fan, and i hope every other team folds.
  6. I’m sorry but if you don’t think this was fixed for television views, you’re a fvcking clown.
  7. it’s a stupid league that a team now has a chance at the playoffs AND a top-3 pick. cant wait for bettman to die so i can piss on his little pathetic patch of dirt
  8. devils 1 ottawa 2 and 3 is a great result for me.
  9. thanks for asking! i’m 100% now, and my wife never tested positive.
  10. 2 lotto wins in the past 3 years. I know it's all random but it just doesn't seem likely. I just hope there are 0 "play-in" teams. When the Rangers season ends, I want them to know it was for nothing.
  11. If there's one thing I hate more than anything in the world, it's comparing players across different eras as if they're on the same sheet of ice. I don't give a good damn that someone was a PPG player for a decade, if that era had nearly half the fvcking league playing at a PPG pace for their careers. The fact that it was recent makes it easy for us to throw away Johnathan Cheechoo's 56 goals in that one weird season where teams weren't allowed to play defense and goalies all had to dress like Marty, but for some reason hockey fans won't look with the same quizzical and critical set of eyes when evaluating stats of players in the 60s and 70s. Gilbert putting up 70 points while a dozen players are scoring over 100 in a league with 18 teams just doesn't interest me. It's like people talking about all the winning the UCLA mens basketball team used to do. Wow, they had 3498304243 Final Fours in a row! That's so impressive until you also mention that half of those final fours were in NCAA tournament fields of 8 and 16 teams!
  12. This is like asking a rangers fan to give you his top-5 goalies of all time and not expected Richter to be #1 and Hanky to be #4. Wish i didn’t give the article a click.
  13. I mean the post literally already says "he is recovered". I think we'll see a Cup winner this year, and I'm really excited to watch it. I don't think it's garbage. It's a legitimate attempt at bringing sports back, which is more than baseball can say.
  14. https://www.nhl.com/devils/bigread/the-collective-we I know this place likes to stay away from politics so I won't say much, other than the fact that I am more proud to be a Devils fan right now than I have been in a long, long time. Brilliantly written (and a not-so-subtle dig at the rangers hidden in there to boot.)
  15. Haha holy cow that is about as close as you can possibly be. One more point or 1 fewer game played and it tips my way. I'll let you choose. Either I'll venmo $20 to the site right now, or we can say same bet holds for next season except I'll owe $40 if I lose, you owe $20 if you lose.
  16. I'll say there's about a 75% chance the phrase "All Lives Matter" is spoken at some point.
  17. Anthony Deangelo and Brendan Lemieux announced today that they’re releasing a podcast together that “pushes the boundaries (spelled incorrectly) of political correctness” Interesting timing for two blue skirts who’ve had documented patterns of racism in their early hockey careers. Even more tone-deaf, the official rangers twitter page retweeted it.
  18. Teams who lose in the first round have a 3% chance at winning the lottery. That means there is a 24% chance a PLACEHOLDER will be pulled as a "lottery winner". If that happens, there will be a second lottery event held after the qualifying round (distinctly not called the playoffs, this is a play-in round of regular season games) to see which of the teams who was already eliminated gets that pick. So no, there isn't "E" team and "F" team or anything like that -- it's "play-in loser" and a separate lottery later. This kinda sucks for any of us losers, because our chances of winning the lottery just dropped and our chances of dropping in the draft order just increased pretty significantly. But I'm so tired about giving a sh!t so I'm choosing not to. I hope the Rangers lose, I hope the Panthers lose, I hope the Flyers lose, and I hope the Devils aren't looking at lottery balls my entire adult life.
  19. i knew my nipples got hard randomly in the middle of the day today for some reason.
  20. If there's no lottery at all, which seems to be sort of possible, does that mean we get Vancouver's pick regardless (even if they lose the "play-in round") since technically it is "lottery protected" and not "top-xx protected"?
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