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  1. Yeah this might be a “turn off for mental health” game. Wake me up when Palmieri isn’t leading the wings in TOI, thanks.
  2. Because he hit the post. Palmieri didn’t hit the post. Post is bad. Boooo that post. Insane pass to Palmieri from Hughes; I was almost surprised he didn’t score.
  3. What did we give up for Johnsson? It was too much. This guy doesn’t even look like a fringe NHLer out there.
  4. Holy sh!t can one of you turnstiles crosscheck that guy? He’s about to pay mortgage on the blue paint.
  5. People who want Kyle Palmieri to see ice time: 1. Kyle Palmieri 2. Kyle Palmieri’s family & extended family that’s it, that’s the list.
  6. Don’t limit that to just the offensive end. Bench his fvcking bum ass.
  7. Provorov able to easily step into that shot because Kyle Palmieri is inexplicably responsible for that box. Nauseating.
  8. I know nobody knows my stance on this issue, but holy sh!t i am desperate for Palmieri to get benched / replaced on hughes line. at this point we’re pretty much begging for Palmieri to be “almost” anything, yea?
  9. “Hohoho has he been good? Yes, I know.” -Daneyko, seemingly to himself.
  10. Oh my god this got a loud laugh out of me
  11. Devils have been doing the whole “we have a decent lead, let’s just sit in our own zone all period” thing so far this season and it’s making me dizzy.
  12. Kyle Palmieri sees a chance to make a 2-on-1 forecheck in the zone, collides into both line a bowling ball and starts and islanders rush. ok “Kyle Palmieri is an NHL hockey player”
  13. Scott “MacKenzie “Martin Brodeur” Blackwood” Wedgewood
  14. DUDE HIT THE fvckING NET PALMS For the second time in the last 3 minutes of gameplay. Him being on the ice is becoming inexcusable.
  15. Dobson is one hell of a hockey player already.
  16. Back to back possessions ruined by a kyle palmieri brutal missed shot and then an offensive zone turnover. fvck
  17. That was my attempt at tongue in cheek chirping SD. Didn’t he say Andersson in pregame?
  18. So yeah - when you’re playing bad it amplifies your “meh” bad plays. But holy fvcking hell, Kyle Palmieri, you fvcking suck. Gusev has shown flashes. Andersson has been invisible. But Kyle goddamned Palmieri is still getting obscene minutes and prime power-play spots to have eleven turnovers a game and one (1) primary assist. You wanna get him going, I get it — but it’s time. Please don’t let him ruin another powerplay.
  19. I’m gonna start calling my adam’s apple a Ty apple with all these assists my man is picking up. That goal happened because of: 1. a good hard shot on net after a great move from Zacha, 2: merkley crashing the net hard enough to drag two isles with him, 3: pavel zacha being cute af
  20. idk if you came up with the phrase “space jammed” but when I tell you i just snort laughed, hooooly sh!t that’s good stuff.
  21. This is the.... 4th TMM penalty already this season? fvckin midget hockey sh!t
  22. I think Jack’s played a pretty solid game. Seems all over the puck in the offensive zone, at least. Islanders are a tight defensive bunch, not surprised we haven’t seen him be as flashy.
  23. Severson has a sneaky fantastic wrist shot. Wish he used it more.
  24. I think the Devils should cut or trade everyone on the team over the age of 25. The vets are a smelly, stinky disaster.
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