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    Doc Emrick Retires

    Chico loved, loved, loved to talk. I got into a habit in 2008 or 2009 of seeing him on the concourse between intermissions and striking up conversation. He loved to talk to fans, he loved to hear what they had to say and he loved to give his input. He remembered my name by the end of the year, and even invited my dad and I to go sing happy birthday to Stan Fischler before the game with a cake. Such a bizarre and fun memory.
  2. MB3

    Doc Emrick Retires

    Working so I can’t find the video right now but one of my favorite doc voice cracks was the final game of the 2006 season, when they came back from down 2-0 or 3-0 against Montreal to win the division on the last night of the season as part of that awesome win streak. The go ahead goal was unreal. Top of my head, something like: “Here’s a 2-on-1, may be a THREE (crack) on one. Langenbrunner moves on innnnNnnnNnNnnnnnnnn..... SCARRRRRRS” with chico whooping and hollering in the background.
  3. MB3

    Doc Emrick Retires

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but what made this extra special was that it was “Doc Emerick night” at the Rock.
  4. MB3

    Doc Emrick Retires

    Back in 2009, when I had season tickets, the Devils has this goofy little area setup right at the top of the escalators of the north entrance tower (now i think it’s a liquor bar or something?) where they’d have stuff to do at intermission. Sometimes it was videogames, usually there was table hockey. Well this one time there was a fake play-by-play booth. There was a green screen behind you and you did color commentary for “Doc”, who was recorded, and you had lines you could read or you could improvise. Doc’s lines would also show up on the screen so you’d know what to say. I was pu
  5. It’s an absurd point on a terrible hockey team with a terrible coaching staff and terrible linemates, and no amount of you internet bullying changes that.
  6. Lol that is an absurd strawman’s argument that isn’t worthy of further discussion.
  7. Boqvist has looked infinitely better in the AHL and in his NHL cup of coffee since he’s been drafted than McLeod, even if the points don’t show it.
  8. I’m not gambling that anderson won’t get marginally better, but skills wise it seems like Anderson’s absolute ceiling is Andersson’s ‘now’. This doesn’t happen without a stagnant cap, and the Devils are taking advantage the way they should.
  9. Great start to this offseason. That’s a bonafide top-9 winger for a complete “meh” of a player.
  10. I actually really think the devils will bring in MAF if he’ll allow it.
  11. and there it is! at 1 hour and 24 minutes, someone makes the first WAAAAAHHHHH WHY DIDN'T WE DO ANYTHING post. you win a tee shirt!!!! 42 million dollars have been given out since the start of UFA. Compare that with last year? 393 million. Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelax.
  12. most teams aren't comfortable with a starter and a terrible backup anymore. For a playoff-likely team, they need a reliable backup / 1A/1B situation.
  13. This will probably get buried but I'm an architect and I helped design Hank's apartment a few years ago. The nicest dude you've ever met, but there's this one story that always sticks with me. We're in his kitchen with his wife Therese and he comes home from practice. He's wildly attractive btw, but that's unrelated. So we're mid conversation and he's kinda pawing at his shirt a little bit all awkward, he's in obvious discomfort. "Go ahead", his wife says to him. He smiles and nods and says "excuse me" and heads over to the kitchen sink. At this point I'm watching him like a hawk bec
  14. Not to mention, if we catch lightning in a bottle and he actually is healthy next season and he plays how he’s capable (he’s been a legitimate top-4 defenseman on a playoff hockey team for a few years now), he immediately becomes one of the best players available at the deadline. seriously, if you’re a devils fan and your reaction to this is anything other than “let’s GO!!”, reevaluate your expectations.
  15. The Devils traded 7 games of Wayne Simmonds for what is now likely their best LD. He’s injury prone. But there’s legitimately zero risk, and the reward is a “oh holy sh!t yeah” type of reward. Phenomenal job, Fitz.
  16. I'd also love the Devils to kick the tires on Dadanov. If Palmieri is still trying to get some mega-deal from the Devils, take advantage of the fact that a 30-goal score sniper on a cheap contract will be a hot commodity come trade deadline and sign your replacement this offseason.
  17. From every interview, it sounds like Torey Krug is looking for a payday more than he's looking for a winning team. If he even picks up the phone for NJ, the Devils should excitedly overpay the fvck out of him. He's a right-handed shot, a play-driver, has a nastiness to his game that's easy to love. At 29 years old he's still young enough to fit with this prime. Is he worth 8m/year? fvck no. But who cares, the Devils aren't going to be near the cap for a few years anyway.
  18. It's weird because I'm sad but I'm also not sad, and it's totally not his fault. Before his injury in 2016, he was probably the best goalie in the NHL and unquestionably a top-3 goalie in the league for 3 or 4 consecutive seasons. But that has a bitter taste in my mouth, because it prevented the Devils from ever really bottoming out when they should've. They got Quenneville, McLeod and Zacha instead of Laine, Marner, and Draisaitl. That's obviously not Cory fvckin Schneider's fault but it's painful to think about. I'll remember him as a sensational goalie who got hurt and was never
  19. I was being very tongue in cheek, I thought my post read as such.
  20. A choice of what? He doesn't have an NMC/NTC.
  21. I don't give a crap about Schneider. The Devils are currently 6 million below the cap floor and 27 below the ceiling. They can afford to pay a goalie $5m in bing.
  22. Rumors that Vegas is offering a 2nd + MAF for a 7th (and retaining 50% of his salary). This is the kind of move Detroit has been doing and needs to be something the devils are all over. It’s money for a draft pick; spend it.
  23. I would like to direct everyone to this post. It has made history. For the first time in the creation of the forum www.njdevs.com, someone has said “maybe i was wrong.” instead of tripling down on their point. this is a day that will live in the history books of this great forum.
  24. I think teams submitted to the nhl who was on their first round draft board and the nhl sent jerseys to those guys. the reactions are way too genuine for that i think.
  25. He’ll be an upcoming UFA on the wrong side of 30 for the majority of the season, his agent and Fitz have made no progress on contract talks and the Devils core is nearly a decade younger than he is. i don’t want you to gtfo, i want that trash take of “just because this one hockey writer doesn’t love him i’m going to say he’s at best a third liner” out. because it’s trash.
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