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  1. probably not, but a 30-year old UFA goaltender probably gets a few "holy fvck" offers from other teams in a way that a 30-year old RFA goaltender wouldn't.
  2. Also, I'm just going to say this and hope I'm not jinxing anything. The Rangers are about to be in cap hell. Not "oh no, they can't afford to pay their 3rd line center!" like Tampa. More like, "they... might be fvcked." I know SD will pipe in here and say "but I thought you said there's no such thing as cap hell" and he'd be right, but I didn't see the kind of silliness the Rangers fvckled themselves into. They're going into next year with $12m in cap space. Right off the top, they need to find/sign a 2nd line center, and almost an entirely new bottom six. They need a 6th and 7th defenseman. They owe a bridge deal to Kakko and they need a backup goalie (or they need to pay Giorgiev, but he's unlikely to give them much of a discount since he wants a starting role). The situation for next year alone is pretty dire. They'll likely lose their 2nd line center (Strome), 3rd line center / swiss army knife (Copp), and the rest of their entire fourth line that was so successful in the playoffs (Vatrano and Motte). They're all UFAs and will not be cheap. But the situation gets MARKEDLY worse the next season, where they will owe massive raises to Chytil (he'll want his big ticket as their 2nd line center), Lafreniere (who looks like he might explode next year) and -- most importantly, K'Andre Miller who is developing into one of the best defenseman on their team. They're uber talented. Which is obviously a good problem to have, but I don't know how they'll be able to fill out a bottom-6 or a bottom-pairing. (I also sorta didn't realize Shesterkin was only signed for 3 more years before he's an unrestricted free agent. Kinda feels like their window is between now and 2025.)
  3. Also, who is going to trade for Panarin? He's 30 years old and he makes 11.7m per year. He produces, obviously, but he's a winger. You'd basically be paying for that "ew yuck" back end of a UFA contract without getting the "ooooh shiny" beginning part. Ironically enough there's probably a fit there for the Devils, but the Rangers and Devils wouldn't ever make a trade of this magnitude.
  4. How the fvck is this a real article lol. "IF there's a rift he COULD ask for a trade." there's 'clickbait nonsense' and then there's whatever the hell this is, lmao.
  5. This happens pretty frequently, but I'm sure it stings. The worst has to be Ryan Whitney (host of spittin chiclets). Drafted by the Penguins. Plays there during their terrible years. Signs a long term deal. Anchors their powerplay. Best friends with the entire team. Makes (and loses) a Stanley Cup Finals. Takes on a leadership role. Works out in the offseason with half of the team. They all vow to get the job done. Great start to the year, playing a ton of minutes and always drawing the team's best scoring line. A on his shoulder. ....traded at the deadline. Watches the player he was traded for become a huge piece to help the Penguins win the Stanley Cup a few months later. Watches that same player win another 2 after that. ouch.
  6. I'm catholic. Not fully practicing, but we baptized our son and I probably go to church 4-5 times per year, plus the big holidays. What a generationally stupid, monumentally embarrassing day today is for the United States. There's nothing else that can be said about it; today is a dark, pitiful, embarrassing day to be an American. My wife wept. I cry for my wife. In the United States, she is a third class citizen -- behind men and now unborn fvcking fetuses. I don't have a daughter, but all of those who do are going to have to explain to them one day why the United States government decided they're unfit to make decisions about their own body. Fun fact: if an early-term child dies (which happens all the time), the Catholic Church does not recognize that it's ever been born. If a full-term baby is stillborn, that baby cannot be buried in a catholic church. The bible defines the start of life as "the child's first breath", and that's as far as they'll go. Would love to hear why that same logic isn't applied consistently.
  8. i hate so much about the person that you choose to be.
  9. this happens 900 times a season. if he’s taking himself out of the play it’s no discussion. he’s taking himself out of the play, so — again, no discussion.
  10. the idea of henrik lundqvist passing a “crown” to shesterkin is so fvcking funny. he won…. one vezina trophy? did tim thomas (2 vezinas and a cup) pass down his crown to tukka? hanky wore pads from mattress firm, was a great goalie for like 7 years, won absolutely fvcking nothing and if you ask a rangers fan today they’d tell you without blinking hes one of the 2 or 3 best goalies of all time. If you look for any 5-year stretch, I don’t think you can use your CR-1976-level selection bias to spit him out as the best goalie in the NHL at that time. You look at Brodeur winning 4 vezinas in a 5 year stretch. Roy winning 3 in 4. Hasek winning 5 in 6. Even Vasilevski winning a vezina and making 4 finals and 2 cups (possibly three?) in a 6 year stretch. Find me something similar for Queen Ringless? there isn’t another franchise in sports — any sport — that jerks off into their own mouth trying to invent a storied history that doesn’t exist more than the Rangers. I’d almost feel bad for them if I didn’t loathe those cockroaches too much.
  11. MB3

    Who are you, anyway?

    time for the biannual bump. any of our new members want to share? anyone previously too shy to post a photo want to show off? i’ll post a new photo — everyone meet Lucas. he takes massive smelly poops and absolutely hates the rangers.
  12. no you have to start complaining that the owners will be too cheap to ever sign hughes to another big deal in nine years and spend all day looking for puppies to kick. pay attention.
  13. are you saying it’s premature to get outraged about the devils violently stripping our new beat reporter’s credentials based on weird fan speculation??????
  14. you nailed it. jesper bratt is showing up to the table with a reasonable offer and fitzgerald is probably just waiting for fun.
  15. I know 4 people who had breast cancer, including my godmother. I know of 4 success stories, and I have no doubt I will know 5. the whole forum is here for you if there’s anything faceless strangers can do.
  16. my very first father’s day! he spit up into my coffee. 10/10 would have this kid again.
  17. from what i remember it lingered, like, a lot.
  18. he’s providing quotes from the front office and from Bratt’s agent. Even if he hasn’t broken any news yet, it’s refreshing to have someone covering the team with the type of access that he has providing information, even if it’s not groundbreaking. The devils haven’t had that since TG. Would you trade Bratt straight up for Spencer Knight?
  19. jesper bratt is the type of player the devils need to acquire. they’re not letting him walk.
  20. So the Panthers are aggressively shopping Bobrovski, to the surprise of nobody. And, to the surprise of nobody, it's going to cost Florida a LOT to move a mediocre goalie who makes $40m over the next 4 years who has a full no trade clause. If you're the Devils, does this make sense? Would you do Bobrovski 20% retained + Lundell for a 5th round pick, or something like that? You're picking up an elite young forward who just notched 44 points in 65 games played as a rookie. He's a natural center but plays a ton of wing, or could slot wonderfully as a 3rd line center pushing Dawson Mercer into the top 6. Bobrovski isn't worth $10 (or the $8 it would cost the Devils in this hypothetical), but the Devils are dripping with cap space and 4 years from now is still before the Devils will owe the big-time contracts to any young player that performs well.
  21. the devils and the coyotes “ain’t that much different” if you choose to literally only look at season results. the coyotes are entirely devoid of talent on their NHL and AHL roster. their prospect pool is one of the worst in the nhl. they finally have several draft picks this year, but haven’t been drafting at all the past few years because of horrible trades and idiotic mistakes. the coyotes are in the position NJ was in in like 2014. the devils are building something great. even the cynic in me can’t see a similarity between the franchises.
  22. weber will be LTIR’ed, so this move was essentially just getting Dadanov’s $5m off the books. And nah, in 2023 I don’t think i want Dadanov on my team at all. 33 years old, scored 20 goals but it was on a loaded Vegas line and he literally does not play defense. vegas tried to trade him at the deadline. he’s just not a quality player any more.
  23. yeah the whole “no championships since 1948” didn’t do that to itself.
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