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  1. Subban loudly and frantically calling for the puck, getting the puck, and then sending a 15mph whiff against the ice directly into the body of an already-laying-down player is peak 2020+ PK Subban
  2. You missed my very sardonic response, and then missed my nearly immediate edit somehow 5 minutes later lmao.
  3. EDIT: you misread my comment which caused me to misread your reply. scroll back and read the other posts in this thread which might make more sense.
  4. How the fvck didn’t they get thrown onto the ice from wherever they were standing? My favorite Zack story ever was, in bantams, with a 6-1 lead someone was doing a typical “fvck you” match with racial slurs mixed in that were over the top even for these sh!tbird racist kids, and Zack lit him up. The kid cried on the ice! Zack got a 5-minute major which was surprising since it seemed to everyone like a simple ho-hum roughing penalty. After the game in the locker room, in front of everyone his dad (the assistant coach) said “what happened, why did you get five?”. Zack said “the fvcking referee SAID i cross checked him in the throat and threatened his life in the parking lot”. Incensed that any ref would just fabricate a story, he yelled “what DID you do?” ”I cross checked him in the throat and told him i was going to kill him in the parking lot.” Lmao, Zack.
  5. Spencer Knight is a future franchise cornerstone at a position that’s far more premium than “left shot winger”.
  6. When I played hockey growing up there was a black kid on my team named Zack, and opponents frequently did the “monkey” gesture (rubbing your head) at him. By “frequently” i mean like, once a game. Anyone who’s even tangentially around the sport can tell you that rich white kids can be sh!theads. I’m glad that loser is getting called out, and I hope this follows him for the rest of his life. Is that specific enough for you JerryDevil or are you only going to get upset if I post his name and home address?
  7. if you think impending RFA Bratt, even in this breakout year, is even the remotest bit more valuable than Spencer Knight you’re mistaken. That isn’t an insult to Bratt
  8. despite being taken out of context it’s still alarmingly accurate
  9. I was so absurdly hard on Bratt to start the season and deserve all the flame. He’s a franchise cornerstone type player. Jack Hughes isn’t just a franchise cornerstone player. He’s THE franchise. I think we’re a year or two away from him shattering team records. What a spectacular, special hockey player he is.
  10. Jesper Bratt is legitimately turning into a star.
  11. I don’t think Fitz has done a very good job. BUT — it’s hard to blame him for Bernier and Crawford. Both were great signings of goalies near the top of the UFA class; and both blew up for totally unpredictable reasons.
  12. who tf started a game thread off a devils win???! that’s a ban-able offense!
  13. I’m like 80% sure mercer just scored….?
  14. the only thing that will make this night better is if Subban slew-foots Trotchek before the night is done
  15. Zacha has had an unmistakably strong game. He’s been a play driver all night.
  16. Jack Hughes was always going to be that electric forward who racks up a ton of points on speed and hockey sense alone. If he’s added an elite NHL shot to his arsenal? He might just be the best forward in franchise history one day.
  17. team is playing well tonight and I’m not trying to be a debbie downer, but what does kuokkonen bring? he’s not particularly big, fast, strong, or skilled. He seems to want to play a finesse game but his hands aren’t even NHL-quality. He’s usually in position-ish on defense but he doesn’t have the ability or seemingly the desire to actually make a play when he’s positioned to do that.
  18. if your last name is LaFontaine and you’re not a hockey player, you must be an absolute loser
  19. hope hughes has 3 goals and the devils lose 14-3 with fans chucking jerseys on the ice. force their hand!
  20. didn’t say it was anyone else’s nightmare.
  21. had a nightmare scenario happen to me today. on pace to shatter my personal best in golf, sitting at a cool 2-over 70 through 17, with only the short par-4 18th left that’s nearly always a birdie look for me and almost a guarantee to par. My personal best is a 77, so I just need to not make a triple bogey and I’m headed home with a new PR and a big smile on my face. Get to the teebox and lighting strikes. Horn sounds, we wait in the clubhouse 45 minutes and are then sent home. Technically I’m supposed to take the aggregate score on Par-4s that day to finish out the card, so “technically” I shot a personal-best 74. But ain’t nobody want to set their personal best on a technicality, and because I never sank that last putt and shook my buddies hands on the 18th green, it just doesn’t feel like it happened. am big sad
  22. So I've been checked out of hockey for weeks now, and my buddy from Philly was texting me that the Flyers now have TWO different 10-game losing streaks this season. Which made me laugh. And then I looked at the standings. Which made me cry.
  23. of fvcking course it matters. carter hart was a top goalie prospect in his year. spencer knight was taken 30 picks earlier. that’s not remotely the same level of prospect, regardless of what revisionist history bullsh!t you want to try to use.
  24. carter hart was taken in the second round. askarov is 19. if you guys are giving up on him that quickly, yikes.
  25. I understand the whole “unproven” thing, but this is a 20-year old kid who’s one of the highest rated goaltending prospects of the past 25 years. Him NOT turning into a perennial Vezina candidate would be shocking.
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