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  1. "That's a very large mustache", RIP Leslie Nielsen =[

  2. Ah I love your signature, who am I kidding. Not only is it going to annoy the hell out of everyone because of its size, it shows either your, or Strahan's AMAZING grammar. The education in America apalls me, how a 17 year old can say stuff like "come one," instead of "come on", and "him and Crayton". Wow.

  3. Away, unfortunately. But the watch party will be fun as hell. Avenge 02!

  4. Birthday in 9 minutes. Hellfvckingyes. Going out in 9 minutes. My 9am tomorrow is going to be a bitch.

  5. considering wearing a paper bag under a santa suit to the game tomorrow.

    1. adam85491


      thank you for adding your intelligent, well thought out ideas. Not only was your post productive, it really shows what a high-caliber fan you are : a true microcosm of the best fanbase in the NHL.

    2. njdevs89


      Maybe you should try sneaking some waffles in

    3. MB3


      clever, adam. see: I was just joking around, while the other guy was simply reposting the same horsesh!t he spews in every GDT.

  6. Dumb question, but when did I miss the drama of unknown poster being banhammered? Anyone wanna fill me in?

  7. Dumb question, but when did I miss the drama of unknown poster being banhammered?

  8. equallydverse up tonnight?

  9. going to my first Devils game of the season, their first game since I got back for winter breaak, tomorrow night. LET'S. GO. DEVILS.

    1. MantaRay


      Is it twit night? Do you get in free?

    2. MB3


      Hysterical. Hey, at least you use your own stuff (regardless of its entertainment level)

  10. Happy birthday jason arnott.

    1. Pepperkorn


      He woul dbe a libra! OH NO!!!! I forgot to wish my high scool BF happy birthday!!! I ALWAYS did... he'd cry about how he was obviously unimportant to me... I bet he'd still get all hurt and stuff to this day... sigh... to facebook I go..

  11. Happy Birthday, DM.

  12. Hey BITCH, your signature IS QUITE funny. I mean really... I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING.

  13. Hockey is fun to watch again

    1. moj8681


      Plus 1. Million.

  14. I won too... from Miami... hah.

  15. Johnny Knoxville will be riding a mechanical bull on campus at UM on monday. I love my school.

  16. kntoottttt thirsty any mroeee!

  17. lunar eclipse is amazing

    1. ice dog

      ice dog

      i wanted to see this... but it rained for 7 days straight in southern california.. think it might have something to do with the disappearing polar ice caps :o

  18. Scandrick is the worst player in the NFL.

  19. Site went down for a half hour. I was convinced it was Parise news.

  20. So apparently it was a ridiculous misunderstanding. That night in chat I was just talking to a junior in highschool, and we were discussing how I got in to Miami and what scholarship I got. And you post that-- 5 minutes afterwards. So if it was just a stupid coincidence, fine. But it didn't look like it.

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    2. Pepperkorn


      You were in NJDevs chat "Yesterday, 08:29 AM" when I updated my status? Was I there? Nnnnno.. SO yeah - it IS unreasonable or exquisitely paranoid of you to think I was mocking your chat. It's OK I g=forgive you for flipping. Scott Stevens probably would have at 18 too.

    3. Deke


      who cares, as far as i am concerned as a freshman in college you still haven't proved sh!t to anyone yet

    4. RowdyFan42


      Deke reminds me of part of a Denis Leary bit where he's pissed at the kid behind the counter at the 7-11: "You're 18 years old, you don't know sh!t about sh!t, and pull up your pants!"

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